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Cheetah Girl Hits Lawyer After Nudie Pix Hit Net

11/10/2008 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several butt naked photos of a young, hot pop star have hit the web, just weeks after they were allegedly stolen -- and now, surprise, naughty Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon says she's sharpening her claws for a nasty lawsuit.

Her spokesman, Jonathan Jaxson, sent us this statement:

"The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and sent to several media outlets. These photos were taken in private. Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person or person's sending these private photos out.

Adrienne is deeply sorry for any pain this may have caused to her fans.


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IMO it was a set up to get her face out there and other things. she’s prob getting advise from kim and sisters. if this was serious, she would have had the cops there ready to bust the guy when the exchange was made for the $1000. who dumb enough to take their eyes off their laptop in an airport? the worst these pics are showing is her bear butt

2119 days ago


Classy! She is probably using the same PR firm as the Kardashian gals. Hard work and dedication to their craft is too much effort I guess.

2119 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Oh the pain.... Please hurt me more by posting a link to them!!!

2119 days ago

W. Jones    

RE: #4


Wow, I'm not sure why you chose to post your heartache in this comments section, but I want you to know I saw your post and sympathize with you.

I know what's it's like to be in the middle of a break-up where it is hard to see beyond today, right now. I wish I had a crystal ball to look one year into the future to see that I will, in fact, be 'okay'. Maybe better than okay. Maybe great! Friends and family assure me I will be fine.

Be patient with yourself as you go through this necessary grief process. Talk to people. Write in a journal. Listen to music. Cry. Eat too much ice cream. Find an online support forum.

Try to remember that others have been where we are and have gone through what we are going through. If they say, "It gets better", for the sake of my sanity, I have to believe them.

The thing that 'hit' you was not showing you your weakness. It was showing you how strong you can be. Strong enough that you were able to hold onto the relationship as long as you did...strong enough now to finally leave. Hang in there.

2119 days ago


She's dating a Kardashian, in tight with the Kardashian crew, so it's not a big surprise. If Kim can be famous for being naked, why not Adrienne? After all, she's getting too old for Disney.

2119 days ago


Her computer was "stolen" how long ago and these pics are only coming out now? Whatever she took them and release them herself or her boyfriend did. She knows from Paris Hilton or her boyfriend's sister nothing is safe.

2119 days ago


is that what you have to do in order to became a kardashian, post nude pics of yourself just to get fame? next thing you know she has her own show just to cry to the world that it wasnt her fault! i bet she paid some bum out in the airport to jack her computer so that he/she could post them online! what people now do for fame!

2119 days ago


To all the petty stupid commenters out there, saying it's her fault, no sympathy etc.
Aren't you a bunch of pathetic puritan pricks, you are so hung up on naked butts you overlook reality.
It's because of cretin losers like you that there is even a fuss, only moronic religious types have an issue
with a live human body. They certainly don't have a problem with dead ones they love plastering them all over
the media. We can see a dead body but not a live breast.

Look in the mirror and see the stupid person.

2119 days ago


Spoiled bitch!!

2119 days ago


Chad is another spoiled brat! What an utter idiot. Some sperm should not be allowed to swim!!!

2119 days ago


It's called being a slut and society should condemn it. These Cheetah Ho's are promoted as role models by Disney and millions of pre-teen girls are lining up to be just like them. Little tramps!

2119 days ago

Simply Put    

You know... these celebs amaze me. They ALWAYS cry when their NUDE pics hit the public. Simply don't take nude pics. How's that?
I've never had any taken of me out of fear they'd some day end up in the WRONG hands. It's just common sense!
Sometimes you just got to use your freakin brain.
Tough schit. Get over it and quit crying. How dumb can you really be???
So suffer the consequences OR ... was it done intentionally knowing that they could be leaked... because you ALWAYS know that they could get into the wrong hands.
These law suits are a mockery of the judicial system.

2119 days ago

northern gypsy    

omg...poke me in the eye with a rusty's less painful that reading about yet another no talent wanna-be... released cares ??? stinks of feeble attempt to boost your career...

2119 days ago


i wonder who gave her the tip?
sister in law? boyfriend??
she just want to be kicked out the virginity of disney
guess who's next.....

2119 days ago


Ding Bat --- Get lost!

2119 days ago
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