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Joe The Turncoat

11/10/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-GOP poster boy Joe the Plumber pretty much flushed his political allegiance down the toilet this weekend in NYC -- at least when it came to his choice of nightlife.

Spies tell us his big party stop in NYC was at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club -- Jay being one of Barack Obama's loudest and staunchest supporters. We're told the 40/40 welcomed McCain's boy with open arms -- and drinks on the house.

Joe's other stops were equally telling: He dropped by the Navy's USS Intrepid (McCain) and Coyote Ugly (Palin?).


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2171 days ago


Seriously...why is this guy famous??? Because he asked Obama a legitimate question about how taxes would affect him and McCan't blew it out of proportion. He really didn't even care, but he jumped on the bandwagon for a little fame. He probably didn't even vote for McCain. Poor McCain, just like Palin, Joe the Plumber rode his coattail...

2171 days ago


Who is Joe the plumber? This is some one that has come out the woodwork to make money off of people. Get a life and go back to plumbing. Sucker

2171 days ago


RJ, he didn't even ask a legitimate question to Obama about how taxes would affect him. In fact he flat out lied. He's not a plumber he's a carpenter, he makes somewhere around 40k per year, he works for a construction company that makes less than 250k per year, and he had no plans to buy a plumbing, construction, or any other kind of business. Fortunately his 15 minutes of fame are pretty much up.

2171 days ago


Who cares?

2171 days ago


The Obama Cult of Personality continues....

2171 days ago

chitown lady    

OMY! WHO CARES! This moron was planted by the mcCain camo anyway. You bet your butt he never thought they would check him out. And what did they find out??? The truth about this LOSER!... Joe BLOW go away...Noone cares now and no one cared abouth you then. You were used you ahole....Just used.....GIO AWAY!

2171 days ago


Bet the GOP won't even take his phone calls.They used him just like they used us all.15 minutes of fame are POOF!!!!!!!!1

2171 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

As an Obama supporter, I can't say that I wouldn't take this new found fame and run with it either. God Bless him! After all, this IS America! We make stars out of ANYONE! LoL

2171 days ago

Nuke em & we own em    

This guy is a plumbers helper, OMG get rid of him already. HEY JOE?? I know you are reading this stuff "GO BACK WHERE YA CAME FROM " You are a NOBODY. go home to your flat rock

2171 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Big deal. The guy is partying in New York, and it's clear that his choice of entertainment venues is totally unrelated to anything political.

TMZ's headline isn't even consistent with the text that they wrote, let alone with reality. Typical.

In any case, don't be surprised if GOP turns on Joe the Plumber and blames him for McCain's defeat, just like they're doing to Palin. Those slandering backstabbers who ran the campaign don't know any other way to operate besides trying to put the knife into others in an attempt to blame them for their own shortcomings.

2171 days ago


"Those slandering backstabbers who ran the campaign don't know any other way to operate besides trying to put the knife into others in an attempt to blame them for their own shortcomings."


Nothing like conservatives' beliefs in "ACCOUNTABILITY," eh?

Everyone is accountable except for the person making the accusation. A great display of "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY" there for ya.

And people still buy into this crap.

2171 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Sam the scofflaw (unpaid tickets from Arizona, and a tax lien to boot) is being trotted out and wined and dined like a debutante. He can travel wherever he wants, but I don't see why he is being comped. Does he even own a shirt with a collar?

2171 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

Did any of you actually watched the video on Joe. He was asking a legitimate question. He didn't say he had a business, he was saying it hypothetically, for all of us who were concerned about Nobama's plan. Nobama stuttered and ran in circles with his answer, but pretty much came out with a yes small business owners making over $250,000 will get the screws put to them. But, how dare anyone contradict the Messiah. It's a cult, you have all drunk the Kool-aid. Obummer doesn't even know how many states we have, but that was smoothed over as well. Can anyone say Socialism???

2171 days ago


@ 14...come on and join the rest of America. If we had voted for McCan't would that have been considered a cult? I heard him stutter many times. Actually, he never talked about his policies. He always slandered Obama's. McCan't wanted to keep the rich rich...I guess you would have loved that huh??? because you're probably rich huh??? NOT!

2171 days ago
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