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Larry and Dannielynn Slide Downhill

11/10/2008 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Life's a playground for Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn.

The 35-year-old daddy and his two-year-old celebuspawn bonded at an L.A. park this weekend.

Anna Nicole Smith would have been 41 this month.


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Good thing she doesn't look like Larry before all the plastic surgery he had to look like a Ken doll. She looks like beautiful Anna, but with those big weird blue eyes that are a bit crooked, imo.

And as for pimiping...when you take your one year old to her mother's grave with television cameras to capture the child crawling on mommy's grave, what else can you call that but pimping? When you sign on to do a reality show with your kid (who is also the kid of a famous dead woman) (with encouragement from w**re, Tori Spelling) what else can that be called but "pimping?" When you get a magazine and film crew to photograph you moving out of your child's dead mother's house, and talk about how much you loved a woman who didn't want anything to do with you and left the country to get away from you what else can that be called but pimping, except the great lying slash pimping combo? When you set up a photo-op with your cute little baby (who people are interested in because her mommy is Anna Nicole Smith) at a playground just so you can be photographed and mentioned on TMZ....well, that PIMPING GALORE.

Lest we forget.

2174 days ago


Nice to see them growing up together.

2174 days ago


I hardly thinking taking your child to a park (THAT"S WHERE KIDS GO) is "whoring out your daughter"....Larry has been nothing but a great dad for Dannielynn. Everything has been geared toward her well being. He needs money to raise her since Anna Nicole didn't exactly have a large Larry is doing what he can to raise money so he can take care of his little girl.

2174 days ago

passing thru    

Who takes a child to the park all dressed up? She should be in pants and not a skirt/dress! Can he ever stop holding this child? She needs to be let free to go and play rather than constantly posing with Larry. He is so boring!

2174 days ago


I sincerely believe that some individuals need to leave well enough alone. Here is a man who did everything he could to prove he was this little girls' father! He wasn't going to stop at nothing to prove that. If he didn't fight to prove he was the father, then many would be listing him as a deadbeat dad. Can't have it both ways! Great that some want to hang on to the belief that Anna Nicole left the country to get away from Larry, which she did say that was the reason time and time again. However, also we all know that Anna Nicole was involved with drugs, which could have distorted alot of things she said! We truly don't know the real reason for her leaving the states, which really does not matter any longer. Back to Larry, there will always be an interest in Larry and DannieLynn! Because of her mother's lifestyle and own actions, this little girl will grow up without a mom. Maybe, just maybe, when Larry does take DannieLynn out, the cameras are just there patiently waiting for the opportunity for a picture. Just because Larry takes his daughter out to a park, store or restaurant, does not mean it is a photo opt. Larry has the right to raise his daughter the way he sees fit and nothing you or I say, will matter. You cannot keep this little girl locked up inside, because then some will wonder what he is hiding by not presenting her to the world. Hopefully, Larry will provide her with a "normal" lifesytle as he possibly can, however, his and her status will always be more than just the "average" person. No matter what Larry does, there will always be someone there to pass judgement, which in so many ways is sad. You would think that people would just be happy that this guy has taken on the responsibility and is raising this child to the best he can. No parent is perfect and by far, we all make mistakes, except difference between us and Larry, his life and what he does is under a microscope and ours are not. Give the guy a break and let him be happy with his daughter. This story was and in many ways still a terrible tragedy, and in the end DannieLynn will be the one scared from it all when she grows up and is able to understand the story.

2174 days ago


Unfortunately Larry B can't take his daughter anywhere without cameras simply because of who her mother was and what happened to her. I'm sure he's doing the best he can with what his daughter has been handed, making the best of a tragic situation. You live by the sword, you die by the sword, Anna Nicole is a prime example of that. She couldn't beat her demons and that baby girl has a MUCH better life with Larry B than she would have had with Anna and whatever man of the moment was passing through. Anna would have had that kid in front of every camera she could find on any given day of the week. At least playing at a park is a NORMAL childhood activity, seeing mommy's face slathered in layers of clown makeup, slurring her speech and stumbling isn't.

2174 days ago


I'm a fan of Larry's BUT..why does he get to wear comfortable jeans and shoes to the park but his daughter wears dresses and uncomfortable shoes? Is this a celeb thing, or in his case, a celeb wanna-be?

2174 days ago

Attention Ho    

39. I'm a fan of Larry's BUT..why does he get to wear comfortable jeans and shoes to the park but his daughter wears dresses and uncomfortable shoes? Is this a celeb thing, or in his case, a celeb wanna-be?

Posted at 4:56PM on Nov 10th 2008 by Sue

It's a "I got myself a new reality show to pimp out my daughter" thing.

2174 days ago


Birkhead is greedy ex paparazzo who wanted to become famous.He said 'my daughter is not for sale', and now he sells pictures of Dannielynn to tabloids.What a liar and fake.Anna Nicole hated this loser. Exploitation of Dannielynn will be continued thru his reality show on ET.

2174 days ago


The child needs to see a dentist. I saw a closeup of her mouth and teeth look terrible. Guess He strapped for cash.

2174 days ago


So adorable. It is obvious she is a very happy child. She' also has her father/s very good looks. I am pretty sure that I read they will be moving to Kentucky, which would be so very good to get her out of the Hollywood spotlight. Larry's sister would also be a woman in her life as she grows up.

2174 days ago


Dear #15.
Larry doesn't have a clue how to do her hair , Plus , i don't think small kids look good in black. Her legs look bare and cold, and she isn't having as much fun as Larry . We miss Anna, it should be ANNA and DL.

Have you ever see Zahara'a hair? I see nothing wrong with how he or the nanny combed Dl's hair. It looks very cute!

There is nothing wrong with the color of her dress. Suri wears black dresses all the time. It is considered very fashionable. She looks adorable. If you don't like girl's dressed in black then don't dress your girls that way. Don't they live in a warm climate? Why would she be wearing tights? I can't believe how many people are complaining about how DL is dressed. Have you ever seen pictures of Suri with her designer dresses and $3,000 shoes.

Brad Pitt's Kid's feet never touch the ground. They are carried every where and they are years older than this child.

What picture are you looking at? She looks happy and loved!

And yes this should be Anna and DL, but Anna died and now her father is trying his best to be the best father that he can.

2174 days ago


Larry and Dannielynn look great. She looks well taken care of. She looks like a child with no worry in the world. What a wonderful thing considering all she has been through in her short life. I know one thing though she looks just like Anna Nicole. Congrats larry and good luck in the future.

2174 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Picture perfect!

2174 days ago


Poor kid. She lost her mother and brother, and has a tool for a dad that continues to cash in on her for everything she's worth. Therapy in a few years :(

2174 days ago
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