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Loser McCain Gets Vetted by Jay

11/10/2008 3:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Well you didn't think he was going to go on Letterman, did you?

John McCain will emerge from post-election shadows on Jay Leno's show tomorrow night, in observance of Veterans Day, reports the Huffington Post. The now-simply-Senator will be giving it up for Leno despite the last time he was on "Tonight," he got grilled about not being able to remember how many houses he owns.

Though that's probably preferable to getting skewered again by David Letterman about ditching his show.


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Yes Mc Cain does not that good,but if yoou look at his pictures when he was Barack's age he was very handsome.
Barack is just ugly and scrawny.

2083 days ago


@ 16 I forgot to put the word look

2083 days ago


Why are people actually making a list of who looks better than Michelle. This is so first grade...I thought only adults submit comments on TMZ. Please people...looks are based on opinions, not facts...grow up and get an education.

2083 days ago


blogger 3- Kathy, calling john mc cain an ass wipe is way out of line this man knows what it is like to suffer you wouldn't even know what that is like but call him names and as for all the unfortunate people starving in the world with all the money obama spent on his election which will gone down in history as the most money ever spent on buying a election a billions dollars could have feed alot of those starving people you are talking about. typical liberal hypocrits.

2083 days ago


@ Bob...I didn't see McCcain offering the money he made during the election to charity so why should Obama have...because he made more money he should have fed people around the world?? You sound so dumb...McCain can sell a few of his homes and give the proceeds to charity. Typical republican hypocrit..

2083 days ago


On the subject itself, I really had nothing against John McCain. Yes, I voted Barack Obama but I respect John McCain for his service. You'll never hear me say anything bad about anyone that's served in the armed forces. I believe Barack WILL be better than Bush and I think even McCain would've been better than Bush!

Off the subject, I am mixed on Michelle. Sometimes, she's hot and sometimes she looks creepy. Her physique from the neck down though, I have no issues on that! I'd do her in a heartbeat!

2083 days ago

Proud American    

Personally I can't stand the man, but I'll be watching to find out, why he believes he lost the election. I hope all the people blameing the media, celebrities, little green men, etc, are watching too!

2083 days ago


Michelle Obama will also make history January 20, 2009 as America's 1st Ho

2083 days ago


@ 23...ain't nothing wrong with being a ho to your Palin's daughter, that's another story

2083 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

You know, I really prefer other entertainment blogs because the readers are so much smarter. I don't want to bash you guys, but there are so many things that just frustrate me about you.

1st - you are so predictable. I can read a story and know where the comments are going to go. And that's not a compliment.

2nd - your English is atrocious which makes your comments difficult to follow, and makes me not care much about what you think since you don't seem too bright.

3rd - you are so easily taken off subject. You just let one writer make a comment and hi-jack the entire blog and you guys just follow him/her like lemmings (like this story today).

I vented that today because all of these posts have NOTHING to do with the story, which is a really stupid one. You put this story on a blog with more astute readers, and the responses would have been clever as they tore into the half-witted story author who is, apparently, also an idiot. But, oh well.

The issue is, gentle readers, that TMZ is writing about McCain going on Leno tomorrow night and cracking jokes about how McCain most certainly would not go on Letterman.

"Well you didn't think he was going to go on Letterman, did you?"

"Though that's probably preferable to getting skewered again by David Letterman about ditching his show."

You TMZ idiots. McCain has ALREADY been back on Letterman's show after the infamous no-show. It was a huge event and all the media did next-day coverage on the visit, which included profuse apologies from McCain. Smart readers would have known that and kicked TMZ's tail for this story by now instead of so predictably jumping off of the political cliff.

2083 days ago

Sit back and watch what happens to OUR country now    

+#25. . . I see what you mean, even YOU managed to stray from the topic. Oh Look, a butterfly. At least HALF of your page-long vent was about McCain. I geuss that is better than nothing.

2083 days ago


Michelle Obama is not a Ho!! She is a lovely, gracious, and intellegent woman who happens to be married. Keep your digusting comments to yourself.

2083 days ago


Mccain needs to enjoy his life grand kids etc. Palin needs to also our country doesn't need their services. and Thank you.

2083 days ago


#26, you are always going to have the msygonists. I personally think she (Michelle Obama) is hot and the fact that she's intelligent and seems to have some decency appeals to me even more! Like I said earlier, I'd do her but unlike most of the celeb women, she'd be one I'd want to stick around for awhile for stimulating conversation over breakfast! Barack, in my view, is a lucky man!

2083 days ago


If McCain doesn't know how many house he is SO FORTUNATE to have than he didn't deserve to be President of the Untied States. How could anyone who owns 8 homes related to the majority of Americans that own only ONE?

2082 days ago
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