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Oh-Pra Please!

11/10/2008 2:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget Rahm! Oprah's gonna be Obama's host whisperer. Yet she just won't admit the depth of her power.
Oprah Winfrey: Click to watch


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THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Oh Oh OPrah;

She better stick to her book of the month club and Oprah's favorite things.

2173 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Obama means more to Oprah , than Oprah means to Obama, he will keep her at a distace , but she will enjoy the social perks of knowing the President. She has absolutely nothing to do with his election, but of crse she will never see that , just from a ego standpoint. Trust me, she isn't going to be tht close to him, she has NOTHING to do with politics, just another celeb that chums at the White House and why not???

2173 days ago


She seems to be chrushing a little, Besides who really gives a sh*t what she says.

2173 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

I wish this woman would just fall off of a cliff already.

2173 days ago


# 4 is right. I am so sick and tired of this fat hog preaching about her beloved Obama. Just screw him and get it over with already.

2173 days ago


If the Big O wants to really help, why doesn't she give up that huge mansion(s) of hers, move into a million dollar house(slumming for her) and donate the rest to a housing fund in Chicago to help buy a $75K house for oh about 1,000 people.

2173 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

It's always about Oprah. Oprah loves Oprah

2173 days ago

Proud American    

Say what you want about Oprah and Obama. You might not like them, but there is no denying, the power Oprah has. She's one of the most well connected people out there. I noticed Obama seems to surround himself with the most well-knowns, and I might not have voted for him, but I think he's smart for doing that. I'm a huge Oprah fan, and she does a lot of good works for others, so lay off of Oprah!

2173 days ago

the photo is sssooo wrong    

There's never anything anonymous about her good deeds. Op loves her some Op

2173 days ago


When Obama screws up, soon I suspect, will the Oprah point it out? Doubtful. The "unleashed" one will become and apologist and spokesperson for "The One" and then we can lay some of the blame on her. I can't wait.

2173 days ago


y'all some haters!!

what's the realllll reason you all don't like oprah??

is it because she's BLACK!!

or she's BLACK and RICH and you all are not??


2173 days ago

Over It Already    

If John McCain or Hillary Clinton would have had the exact same ideals, the exact same background, the exact same 'change' promise... do you think Oprah would have endorsed them? I think not. Enough said.

2173 days ago


Nummbers 3, 4 and 5 said it all. And very well I might add.
Thanks to all 3 of you. And if the big "O" thinks she going to be
skinny AND rich, she really is nuts. (Evidently she, along with the
Jackson 3, wants to be white too.)

2173 days ago

al loanese    

the biggest out there...shes a racist ...a closet
lesbo........sick and tired of this fat bitch into
thing you know this sumbag with money will say it was her who got that
uncle tom elected.

2173 days ago


What if oprah took of her wig and wiped of all that makeup, and you stood her next to whoopie goldberg who would look better? my guess would be whoopie pie.

2173 days ago
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