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Britney & Jayden Do the Crocodile Rock

11/11/2008 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So your kid gets released from the hospital after ingesting something that didn't agree with where do you take him next? Why, an alligator farm, silly!

A day after picking up Jayden James from a Mississippi medical center, Britney took her littlest boober and littlest unwed teen mother of a sister, Jamie Lynn, to see some large reptiles in Louisiana on Tuesday.

"Look JJ, the gators are caged up like mama once was."


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Thats wrong.. thats why celebs have problems they have to face the media critics.

2172 days ago


ugh. i feel like i need to go to church after i leave your website.

2172 days ago


wow...hopefully you will never have to been admitted, detained or locked people are horribly cruel...what comes around, I'm hoping!!!

2172 days ago


Ding Dang, watch them fingers, JJ.

2172 days ago


I hope your photog gets eaten by one of them thar gators! A**holes!

2172 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

Ah, here we have that failed abortion, Harvey Levin, losing control of his faculties again and raving in wild-eyed hatred at his uneducatable TMZ employees, demanding that they continue to call Jamie Lynn an "unwed teen mother".

2172 days ago


#9, it says "unWED" sister, not "unWEAVED". Freudian slip, much?

2172 days ago


U guys are a bunch of A**holes, leave the girl alone. That was a very unnecessary comment about the cage thing. Seems like you guys don't like to see Britney well and with her kidz, why u gotta be so cruel??? It's your dumb comments that make me not wanna click onto u'r site anymore. GO BRIT, WE LOVE U & IS GLAD TO SEE U DOING WELL & LOOK'IN SUPER HOT AGAIN!!!

2172 days ago


"The cage comment" was very tacky. I think adolescents write these inappropriate comments. You would think TMZ could afford some real journalists. There are such haters on this site. Good luck to Britney on her journey back to good health.

2172 days ago


You know . . .I love TMZ and I think most times you guys are right about the stuff you show . . .but this is just getting a little sick and twisted . . . . . She is really trying to be a great mother and it seems to be happening for her . . .why do you guys have to consistently try and bring her down?? There are tons of celebs doing tastless things but for some reason you keep picking on Brit - She is a real trooper . . .. . no matter what you guys do or say I truly believe she will rise above the mistakes made in the past - it would be nice if you for once aknowledged her for what she is doing that's good instead of trying to make her good look bad!!!!!! Enough Britany already . . .move on . . ..

2172 days ago


Britney went from poor white trash to rich white trash. Same old stuff, different day. Those kids should be taken away from her permanently, if they are ever to have a chance to be "normal"...or even semi-normal.

2172 days ago


TMZ your comments are a little harsh....lighten up!

2172 days ago


That was uncalled for TMZ. I know you try to report celebrity news, but please you only make yourself look bad.

2172 days ago

Hayley B    

So what? Kids are resilient - and once the "allergic reaction" or whatever has passed, the kid is pretty much fine. My little cousin is allergic to nuts - he ate some peanut butter and puffed up like a blowfish. He alsmost died en route to the hospital. However he received treatment and by the next day he was perfectly fine and running around like it was just a typical day.

It's kinda normal for parents to take their kids to see animals!!!!!!!!! At least she's spending some time doing something fun with her little guy. Leave her alone!

2172 days ago

proud 2 be black    

TMZ mean and hateful captions. I am amazed you people are still alive. One of these days you will say something to someone and they will get even with you guys. Britney is trying very hard to get on track and stay on track and you people are constantly throwing darts her way. You suck TMZ.

2172 days ago
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