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Does Victoria Have an Itchy, Red Secret?

11/11/2008 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Giving new meaning to "burning bras," some of Victoria's Secret's signature products are allegedly giving women hot, red, itchy welts, and it might be because of the stuff they embalm bodies with.

A class action lawsuit is in the works from "dozens" of women who say Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras are giving them rashes, hives and permanent scarring. Some bras, according to an ABC News report, are coming up positive for formaldehyde.

One woman, Roberta Ritter, already sued the company back in May.

VS issued the following statement: "Millions of women love Victoria's Secret bras. We have strict quality controls around our products, and we do not use formaldehyde in our bras. Customer safety and satisfaction are always our primary concerns, and we take very seriously any issues our customers may have with our products."


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Ewwwwww. This is so gross!

2079 days ago


I want to know where the lady filed a suit, because i have the same problem. My VERY SEXY bra has gel pads and they both irriated my breast so bad that i couldnt wear the bra anymore. When I took it to the store they could not offer me a solution.

2079 days ago


There is nothing sexier on a woman than itchy red welts.

2079 days ago


I have been buying all my lingerie from Victoria's Secret for
a number of years and have never had a problem...
However, if tests show formaldehyde...
then the facts are the facts.

2079 days ago


Why would anyone want to pay the exorburiant fees that VS charges for their bras? It's beyond me...that's why I've never had ANY problems with my bras I get at JCPenney and they're much sexier than VS bras.

2079 days ago


Just one more of the painful things we do to our bodies to entice men to give us children, food, water and shelter and credit cards.

2079 days ago


I feel the answer to this solution lies in an episode of Seinfeld...

2079 days ago


Someone said that the Bra has sand fleas!

2079 days ago


What does VS really know about what actually is put into their bras? They're made in effing China! The Chinese have no problems feeding their own children poison in the name of profit, so why not some expensive/cheaply made bras going to the States???

Gimme a break. Stop having your crap made in China and then maybe you can talk. Maybe provide some manufacturing jobs here in the US and justify the exorbitant cost of your ridiculously overpriced yet cheaply made s h i t.

2079 days ago

Amanda Lauren    

I had this problem too, I wonder if they posted anything on their site I should google this and find out. I havent worn this bra since. How horrible

2079 days ago


VS product are made so cheap and then jacked up in price. I stopped buying from them a long time ago. Plus, the associates in the store bugged me to the point that I would walk out.

2079 days ago


VS is cheap crap, they just spend a lot on offensive advertising and people are dumb enough to think it's quality

2079 days ago


A lot of clothes have formaldehyde, esp cheaply made ones. That is why you should wash things before wearing if you are sensitive.

2079 days ago


Just as long as its not the Biofit VS bra!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
p.s. quality wise: great product. best bra I own!

2079 days ago


Thank you for posting this. My husband and I have been racking our brains for a week trying to figure out what I am allergic to. Turns out, it is a black secret embrace bra, which I have on right now. I just want to go home and shower now.I emailed to company to see if there was any way to get my $50 back.

2079 days ago
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