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Gerard Butler Sucks Some Serious Face

11/11/2008 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"300" hunk Gerard Butler's date said they just "played games" on the Santa Monica pier last night. Yeah ... lots of tonsil hockey.
Gerard Butler: Click to watch
OK, seriously, this is the most passionate, on-screen kiss since "The Notebook."


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That much PDA is disgusting.

2174 days ago

Light My Fire    

Seriously, is everyone posting here over 100 or something?

2174 days ago

To see or not to see    

Is this a puritans' gathering ??

2174 days ago

da bears    

Lucky Ho Bag!!

2174 days ago


I don't mind heterosexuals, as long as they don't act that way in public.

2174 days ago


# 10...I could not agree with you more.

As I was once a fan of Gerard Butler, now I am completely disgusted. No, just because of this ONE video, but because of the fact that I live in L.A. and now know 5 people who have slept with him. Whenever I see him it makes me wince and want to shower with bleach. And to the ladies out there, these (5) girls (close friends of mine AND his) AAAAAALLLLLL say he sucks in the sack and has a small "friend".

2174 days ago


Hmm, so everyone knows someone who has slept with Gerry? Really. That's truly amazing
...And he sucks, yet three of your friends have slept with him? Wow, sounds like they were more desperate then him...

Seems like he's quite the whore, and if he is, I can't say I really blame him.

He's living the lifestyle that almost every guy wishes he could have. Has money, good looking, and single. He can do what he wants and pretty much whenever he wants. Sure he's almost 39, George Clooney is like 47.

He still takes time to talk to his fans and interact with his fansites.

And I highly doubt Gerry is desperate to get laid, plenty of women would give a lot to sleep with Gerry. It's that simple

2174 days ago


sorry...5 friends. not three

2174 days ago


Oh! Leave Gerry alone... He's young at heart... what's wrong with a simple kiss?
Love you Gerry and I am in your corner... you're so tender in this kiss...the way I like...

2174 days ago


Sounds like you hang out with a bunch of hookers if they are passing the same guy around. I'm sure they said means things about him since we all can guess he didn't call back for a second 'date'.

2174 days ago


#23 were you friends providing a community service....perhaps it 'sucked' for them because he didn't make an effort, becuase he didn't have to.

If it is a date, if its not a date, if they've just met, if they've know each other for 5 years or 5 days, they showed affection.....OMG they kissed, what's the problem ? If it is something 'serious', we'll know soon enough !

2173 days ago

love her!    

If I were him I'd make a mental note to self...When sucking face if the hunted pulls back and then pulls back and then back some more its obvious that the face suckery should stop. Looks like if he paid her 300 she needs more to not back up. She looks like Thandie Newton. Is it her?

2173 days ago


#23 is a little jealous I think ;)
And since when is snogging your date a crime?

2173 days ago


For God's sake, would everyone leave Gerry alone and stop trying to analyze everything he does? He's met a beautiful lady who's obviously not comfortable in front of the camera. ( I've been married for 25 years to a great guy and I'm in my 40's, but I still get shy kissing him on the dance floor or in front of others. ) That doesn't mean I act that way in private. I think she looked like she was having fun, and he was probably pissed off at having his privacy invaded once again.
I'm a big GB fan, and I'm happy if he's happy. As for the five friends of "Is he serious", the ones who've all slept with him, I doubt that, and if they did, they're saying he's bad in bed because they didn't get a second call!! He's an actor and a lawyer, and he's not stupid or desperate enough to sleep with 5 friends.

Get a life, and leave this guy alone!!! Let him have fun, stop being so jealous of him or a girl you don't even know !!!!
He can come to the ATL down here, and I bet he could walk down the street virtually unnoticed. We don't treat our celebs this way.....Lots of love to Gerry. I'm sorry the Paps won't let him get a break out there.

2173 days ago


I totally agree with u "GAGirl17"

I´m a big fan too for a couple of years and I think he deserved a good girl to have fun or getting ahppy with her-whatever!!!

It´s just an kiss, if theres more we´ll know soon enough!

2173 days ago
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