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Gerard Butler Sucks Some Serious Face

11/11/2008 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"300" hunk Gerard Butler's date said they just "played games" on the Santa Monica pier last night. Yeah ... lots of tonsil hockey.
Gerard Butler: Click to watch
OK, seriously, this is the most passionate, on-screen kiss since "The Notebook."


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#47....ummmm....sure...very interesting....
If I were u I´ll NEVER said that (if it´s true at all)! It´s so disrespectful towards Gerard AND uself !!!!

For gods damn sake its just an stupid kiss! Is it only so interesting ´cos he´s famous?
Even if he f**** in public so what? He´s human as well and he´s handsome why the hell should´nt he use his possibilities???
And overall it´s his own fooking decision what he does and where!!!

2149 days ago


There is nothing wrong with him kissing his date in public. Give the
guy a break. I snogged my husband plenty in public when we were
dating why should he be held at a higher standard than anyone else.
And as far as him dating around a lot....pffft this is the only girl
that I have seen him with where it's proof positive that they were
on a real date not just rumor and seculation.

I'm sensing sour grapes from quite a few want-to-be's...

2149 days ago


Re: # 47 - If he's lonely and clingy that makes him prime Madonna bait. When she's done wadding up A-dumb-Rod like a bugger and flicking him against the wall she might want to go after him. It would be better if he were married by then because she loves to maximize the damage. Some women really get off on the hurt, lonely little boy schtick along with the false drama and mind games that go with it. His penis may be average, but he has no balls. And Rox, F***ing in public?? Do you video tape stray dogs F***ing on your front lawn?

2149 days ago

Woman Hates Heigl    

i am so damn jealous! damn her! but i do have to say, she is pretty. as to all you, haters, get over it. he is a famous guy caught w/someone NOT famous. if it was an actress or singer or anyone else famous, you guys would have commended him. i say...good for him...he is actually getting some...not like some of you posting your "hate" comments on here.

2149 days ago


Woman001, since your so damn jealous, I'm guessing you're the one not "getting some" so you're here posting your fantasy while you diddle yourself, even though you are a liberated woman of the world. Don't forget to take your penicillin.

2149 days ago


To #46
I didn't know whether to laugh at your comments or be totally disgusted by them as well. First of all, who in this big world really cares what "One" man does with his extra time on his hands. And Secondly, you say that you've found a new love and have since married. Sounds like you got burned by MR. Butler (if in fact you actually did sleep with him) because, he moved on and you settled. Ah did that hurt. Well, the fact is you must still have fellings for the guy because your posting your comments for all to see. Doesn't say much about you either. Hum, you guestimate the size of a man's penis? You must have had a lot of experience in that department! Besides, wouldn't it be totally funny if GB posted his "estimate" on the size of your vagina? Wouldn't that be great! It's a tit for tat world! Come about is fair play.

2148 days ago


OMG He kissed his date! Send in the morality police!

2148 days ago


Why is everyone on here so hateful? If the girl did sleep with him and wants to talk about it that is no reason to attack her. Relax people and quit being so hateful to eachother.

2148 days ago


The comments from Monique (46) and OperaAngel (47) seem to have the ring of truth to me. It's just hunch but they sound like people who know the real man, not rabid fans who worship him beyond reality or detractors who dislike him intensely. I don't know where he is in all this. Is he a naive man who was thrown into the deep end in Hollywood, or a conniving calculator who is honing a controversial image for all its worth. He used to seem nice and humble, but now seems arrogant and insulting to the very people who have helped him achieve success, and I don't like that. It was strange to realize others don't like this either. Is he living a profligate lifestyle because he can get away with it?

2148 days ago


Look, he's just kissing a woman. He's not doing anything over the top. He's a single man who's out on the town. Get over it people. This does not make him a creepy or bad person. He's a typical bachelor and the woman is beautiful. What's wrong with a kiss? Stop the stupidity.

2148 days ago


Oh my god why are most people on here over annalyzing everything that gerry does! Do we have that right? He is a fine actor and produces amazing movies and i believe that he has a duty to his fans to do interviews and promote his latest projects which he does, apart from that he is just a normal guy out on a date in his o time (not ours) and by the looks of thigs having a great time! And why not? It just so happens that gerry is not married yet and until he is he should be free to do what he wants! I mean it was just a kiss, jeez, whats the big deal! Good on him i say! I think gerry is considerate when it comes to any relationship he's in or any girl he dating because he doesn't peak about it publicy, unlike some other celebs. So i am sure you will agree a little kiss on a date is normal behaviour! It's just unfortunate that gerry has these low lives following his every move!

2147 days ago


I think they have been "friends" for awhile. but funny she didn't say "good friends" just friends.

2147 days ago


Hi, I'm a model and former Miss Teen Alabama. I slept with Gerry a few years ago. He was actually pretty good in bed and had a nice size member, so I am not sure what the other women are talking about. He was also very sweet and gave a lot of nice soft kisses and brought me flowers after our time together. I only slept with him a few times and then we parted due to busy schedules.

See how easy it is to act like a "model" and claim to have slept with a celebrity? Anyone that actually believe these silly skanks should do the world a favor and kill yourself. It's so retarded how people believe that so and so has 5 friends that slept with him and so and so is a model that slept with him in NYC. LOL! Ridiculous!

I say, if GB wants to have sex with ugly women, more power to him!

2145 days ago


#61 - What makes you think anyone believed you.

2145 days ago



I am the person (yes, REALLY me) who posted about her 5 friends who have slept with Gerard Butler. YES it is true. NO (!!!!) they did not "do" a public service act. They are not hookers/ whores. As a matter of fact, they are: a producer, and actress ( one that you would have to live under a rock not to know who she is), and the other three are "regular" / BEAUTIFUL girls. YES he called them back...and YES a couple of them saw him a few times more. YES he is charming (met him a few times) , but it is quite obvious that he likes the ladies and that/ his actions are not appealing to regards to someone implying that I was jealous.

To Hellion- get out of the po-dunk piece of whatever small town you're in and realize that yes,indeed, these things happen in L.A. WHEN YOU HAVE FRIENDS THAT ARE IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! Sorry to have you believe otherwise.

2145 days ago
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