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Gerard Butler Sucks Some Serious Face

11/11/2008 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"300" hunk Gerard Butler's date said they just "played games" on the Santa Monica pier last night. Yeah ... lots of tonsil hockey.
Gerard Butler: Click to watch
OK, seriously, this is the most passionate, on-screen kiss since "The Notebook."


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zsa zsa    

How the hell can any of you idiots judge this man? What I like about him, is that he is his own man. He doesn't try to please anyone by converting to others opinions and prejudices or beliefs. Thats what makes him sexy. Thats what makes him a man.

2169 days ago

zsa zsa    


2169 days ago

zsa zsa    

I think everyone who is upset about the public kissing, is really upset because he is kissing a black woman,very passionately in public.

2169 days ago

gone postal    

It would make me very sad for him and anyone whom he has slept with to be tested and come back with positive results for an incurable venereal disease including the possibility of dare-I-say… H-I-V-/A-I-D-S.

When someone’s life or quality of life is at stake, sex is no longer fun.

Sorry, but I had to be brutally honest. I hope for his own sake he is considerate enough to get tested on a regular basis. If he chooses this lifestyle, then that’s his business. But it is not fair on anyone he may be leading up the garden path, if they meet someone wonderful in the future, fall in love, settle down and decide to have a family. It would be selfish and cruel to that person’s potential children if they were born with a VD.

I hope he is man enough (like he obviously thinks he is) to think about about that when he wants to get his d!ck wet.

Gerard, I hope you get this message.

2168 days ago


@63-so.....he also left her ALONE in public after the kiss. And what does the skin color have to do with it...? Never fails everyone of his posts always has someone pointing out the color of the womans skin.....Im black and personally could care less what skin color she has. Its his actions I am upset about, I am a fan and thought I understand he has a right to do what ever....but dont go sayin hes protective of his private life and turn around and do something like this.

2168 days ago


i have already posted on here to pass my comment and i still cant believe how people are reacting to two people kissing each other on their date! What is the big deal! He is private about his personal life that he doesn't give any interviewers any info on his relationships or dates! But i mean come on, why shudn't he be kissing someone! Big bloody deal! Get over it! I am a fan of gerry and his work but i think that mot people on here are taking this a way bit too serious! See u soon gerry, when we film burns! Cant wait! :)

2168 days ago

Gaehlic gal    

He's just a guy on a date with a beautiful girl. They spent some time together on the boardwalk playing games and hanging out. They kissed at the end of their date. It must mean they like each other. This is what two consenting adults do. There are so many people that can say they have had some serious PDA at some time in their life. If there were no cameras this would have been considered perfectly normal behavior. Leave the guy alone. Let him have a life without judgment and ridicule. He did nothing wrong. She did nothing wrong. It would be my guess that one of the reasons why he keeps any relationship so private is because there are so many people that would pass judgment on him and the person he's with. A lot of these comments are a perfect example of this. What I think sucks is the fact that the very people who would judge have never actually met him. She doesn't deserve to be called the names she's been called on this message board. Neither on of these people insulted your family, abused your pet or stole your money they simply liked each other enough to public....after a date.

2166 days ago


I don't care what anyone says I would make out with him anywhere. Who hasn't played tonsil hockey in public???? But if he wants to keep his private life PRIVATE...he's got a funny way of showing it. He knew what he was doing. He was enjoying the attention.

2165 days ago


Give the man a break. He was seen kissing a youn woman. So what? Happens a million times a day all over the world. No big deal.

2158 days ago


Hmm........ I wish I was that girl kissing up on Gerard. Hell... What's a little exhibition.

2154 days ago

carla garden    

gerard,gerard,gerard you can find a descent lady. Most of these chicks in CA are whores and have no morals. What would your mama say lol

2148 days ago


crap i found it too late they took down the video. hell wish it were me i think mr.butler is soooooooo hot. averaged size or not which by the ways fine with with me,since im not built like a whale. he seems like he would be such a passionate energizer rabbit. oh yeah i would do that anytime. just hope that he comes back down to earth and stop letting this hollwood crap engulf him, remember his roots for everything in hollywood is fake and temporary. damn wish that was me and btw i am black german and irish. perhaps i need to vacation in the UK find me a hot scot or a hot irish. sighs......

1599 days ago


Gerard Butler sucks, nobody knew her until jennifer aniston so is a plastic artist

1531 days ago
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