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Lindsay Lohan: Hooray for the "Coloreds"

11/11/2008 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it 1945 again? Lindsay Lohan is now calling Barack Obama America's first "colored president."
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch!
The clip currently appears on "Access Hollywood's" website. And here's the most shocking thing -- neither she nor Maria Menounos acknowledged it.


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She didn't say colored she just mumbled a word

Listen carefully if you don't believe me

2166 days ago

james mason    

look at her shes a sick sad little nut...she looks like a burned out whore.well what do u expect when u have a pig for a mother..u cant take to much stock in what a drug addict alcoholic says especially one thats active ..oh by the way shes a pig too ...bye

2165 days ago

San Francisco    

#215 - I agree! When "Kramer" got blasted for screaming the n-word, in the video someone calls him a CRACKER.
But of course no one called that person a racist.

2165 days ago


I agree with #215. They segregate themselves when it’s convenient. They have BET, NAACP, special grants ect… What if we had White Entertainment Television? As for them calling us racist names I hear it all the time Cracker, Whitey ect. Its double standards!

2165 days ago


Wow....havent heard that in a while(and i'm black/african-american, btw...). However, don't make it an issue of race/racism, just call it what it issue of sheer, plain ignorance... Because of Obama' s significance on so many levels - this isnt the 1st time that you will hear it, nor will it be the last....
But the real question is: whether we are called black/african-american/colored/afro-american, does that diminish our accomplishments any less? What exactly is the purpose of being labeled? Is a surgeon any less of a surgeon, becasue of the color of his skin? is a president any less of of a president because of the color of his skin?

2165 days ago


I bet Lindsay would be shocked to know that Blacks no longer have to sit in the back of the bus any more either.....unless they want to.

2164 days ago


- Barack Obama is a symbol of American progression, Obama has as many spectrums of heretige as any other American. Lohan is not an academic, politician, or expert in anything short of the obvious; still though Lohan as an entertainer continues to produce ignorant quotes. Personally I CANNOT comprehend how she hasn't come to her oral senses or more crucially how Americans HAVE NOT LEARNED TO IGNORE HER.

Honestly- we all castd our vote. Her interpretation of Obamas RACE (not ethnicity) had NO impact on my decision.

So word for rocking the vote Lohan. But as always we are one Race- the Human Race,

devision is degression.

2164 days ago


I'm colored. Sorta. I'm pinkish. But in the summer, I'm more tannish.

Whoever said she has the IQ of a can of Spam is right. Who cares what she said? If you are getting upset over something LOHAN said, you don't have enough to worry about.

2164 days ago
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