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Lindsay Lohan: Hooray for the "Coloreds"

11/11/2008 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it 1945 again? Lindsay Lohan is now calling Barack Obama America's first "colored president."
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch!
The clip currently appears on "Access Hollywood's" website. And here's the most shocking thing -- neither she nor Maria Menounos acknowledged it.


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"his life experiences has been that of a black man". Which live experiences? Being a world traveler, being raised in Hawaii but his grandmother who was a vice president of on the biggest banks in Hawaii, going to Harvard, or becoming a US Senator? This goes to show how meaningless these labels are. If we as individuals look beyond our little classification, things like racism would not exist. It seems like many in the African-American community are trying to keep separate by using these labels. How often have you herd, "stay black", or "keeping it real". I have worked with these men in the past. I hear them say outrageous things like "he is talking white" when referring to another black man. So many are lost and they do not even know it.

2079 days ago


Posted at 11:30AM on Nov 11th 2008 by Buster

You're right, I agree just didn't get that far. No labels; however, that leads to another real problem. When we go to identify someone as a victim, what are we going to tell them about who did it? would we be so afraid to say the person was, let's say, Native American, how would we describe his characteristics without race being involved.

2079 days ago


wtf is she on???? she looks and sounds like she's been on a 5 day coke binge. and who the hell cares what comes out of her face anyway, she is irrelevant. a has been.

2079 days ago

TMZ Staff Are All Deuche Bags!!!    

To Much P***y in her mouth got her all brainless ya'all!
Hey Has anyone asked her on Prop 8 brainless idiots would like to know

2079 days ago


@ joe the soldier - maybe you need to browse through a history book and read up on who all was instrumental in establishing the naacp? also, i didn't know that there were so many black voters in CA that they alone could swing a vote one way or another...

as a black person (since someone asked), i agree with those that think the term 'colored' is outdated. it's certainly not something i would expect to hear from a younger person's mouth. it's not as insulting as the infamous n-word, imho, just...odd. sometimes, though, i get the feeling that people who use it (unless they really are older and were used to using it back in the day) want to get a rise from a person of color by doing so.

as far as historical names are concerned, i don't think they should be changed to match the new fall trend.

2079 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Buster is, colored, negro, white, etc are all man-made. We are genetically one race. I didn't understand it in the '90's when blacks wanted to be called African Americans and/or "people of color." Black was a discriptive term, not derogatory like the "N" word. I understand Native Americans wanting to be called that, cause they are not "Indians"; there are over a billion real Indians living over in Asia's India.

Folks sound more interested in a "black" being elected president as opposed to him being a qualified president elect.

2079 days ago


What does it matter??? I agree people are making it a race issue. Barack is a person, a human being just the same as everyone else. I did not vote for Mr. Obama but have nothing but respect for him and I hope he can get our country back in shape.

2079 days ago

Ron Zimmerman    

This does not surprise me about Lowho Lohan. She should know better and her people should have made sure she knew what she was going to say during that interview. She's about as bright as a baked eggplant. Words are not "just words" as someone wrote previously. Words have meanings behind them that have been culturally defined over the generations. It will take future generations to see them leave us. Everyone who thinks people are "too sensitive" are very naive to how our culture works. Our generation will have to live through this crazy PC society. That's the way it is - for now, at least. Lowho should get in front of this and apologize and continue to keep moving. The sooner the better. She'll take some heat, but her fans and the dumb people who like her movies will forgive her. And people (like me) who thinks she's just a low-pro-ho will probably soon forget about it too. But, we'll still see her has what she is - a Lowho.

2079 days ago


Leave the kid alone, colored, man of color, black? who cares and who can keep up. Maybe next year, mocha, taupe or dark chocolate will be pc. It's getting ridiculous.

2079 days ago


I am so sick of this c**t offering her useless opinions on politics.

Lindsay, if you are reading this, PLEASE GO AWAY! Just dissappear.

Thanks :)

2079 days ago


At least the word colored covers it all-What's the big deal it got him elected anyway.Every changes what some races want to be called.Good thing he didn't want to work in Secret Service ,FBI,and etc could not have passed a background check but now he is President.

2079 days ago

Frank Olivo    

42. Leave the kid alone, colored, man of color, black? who cares and who can keep up. Maybe next year, mocha, taupe or dark chocolate will be pc. It's getting ridiculous.

Posted at 11:51AM on Nov 11th 2008 by cal


Too funny! Unfortunately I will have to be called, speckled beige or spotted ivory, as I am pale person with lots of freckles!

2079 days ago

who cares    

3. Enough with the "First Black" president label. Enough with the first "colored" label. P.E. Obama is an American pure, plain, simple. He is biracial anyway. He is not the first president with African-American blood. Get past race already. Race does not matter. It seems that so many people are still trying to make race an issue. IT DOES NOT MATTER. IT IS MAN-MADE. WE ARE ALL ONE RACE.

Posted at 11:06AM on Nov 11th 2008 by Buster

I think your phrase "Obama is an American pure, plain, simple" needs to be investigated before you make it a fact

2079 days ago


Yes, there are a few organizations that use "Negro" and "Colored." They're old. They're not going to change their names, it's how they're known. I bet the people who're defending the use of "colored" on the basis that the NAACP exists also think it's okay to use the N-word because rappers do. Lindsay is dense, but you're disgusting.

2079 days ago


What is wrong with saying colored?

2079 days ago
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