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Lindsay Lohan: Hooray for the "Coloreds"

11/11/2008 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it 1945 again? Lindsay Lohan is now calling Barack Obama America's first "colored president."
Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch!
The clip currently appears on "Access Hollywood's" website. And here's the most shocking thing -- neither she nor Maria Menounos acknowledged it.


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I am biracial (black mom/white dad). I consider myself black. From what I understand, Obama also considers himself black. People have been talking about him being bi racial for a long time. For a while growing up I didn't feel accepted in either group since whites considered me black and blacks considered me "half white"...or more offensively and stated by another user "an oreo". Buster is probably one of the few people posting right now that has had any sort of higher education...a semester of an anthropology course is all it takes to start understanding the difference between race and culture/ethnicity. Although I don't agree that it doesn't matter that he is biracial/black/not white...right now I think it's a huge deal and a huge first time it won't matter. I feel confident that my great great grandchildren are going to be laughing about how stupid we all were to be arguing back and forth over whether someone was black/white/mixed whatever....when the bottom line is the mans humanity and that underneath it all we're the same.

2142 days ago

Frank Olivo    

49. So if we are to be all "one race" then we should shut down Mexican restuarants, Chinese take-outs and Pizza Huts because they represent a particular culture?

Posted at 12:09PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Tangina


That makes no sense what so ever. Chinese, Italian, Mexicans...those are ethnicities, based on nations of origin, shared culture, geography... the restaurants are serving the food of their culture. Don't mess with me pizza, Tangina with your crazy logic!

2142 days ago


Something is seriously wrong with this child and yall just have to excuse her for her post slavery days speech...Also she looks a hot mess in this video...Someone help her...please

2142 days ago


You just don't get it do you palm face? you are "ignorant" to even comment about my is people like you that crack me my dear are not worth commenting on first of all I wasn't even talking to you I made my own comment and funny there is always one jacka@! in the bunch that has to be a joe the plumber want to be known....has to speak out your credentials I'm sure is a mess too...I spoke my piece I said what it was that I had to say....if it's not for you then it's not for you keep it moving buddy....I'm sure there are others that agree with what it is that I have to say....tmz is not giving you a book deal "joe the palm face plumber" get it together and calm down before you bust something....

2142 days ago



2142 days ago


Let's give her a break on this one. We all use this term often if we know about it or not.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

2142 days ago


Seriously? I feel so sorry for this girl. She obviously was trying to have a big girl conversation with a child-like mentality.
Why doesn't her manager or family help her out. You can tell she was clueless. Campaign supporter for Obama ???? and yet she referred to him as a colored. In TWO YEARS of campaigning NO ONE told her that "colored" is offensive? I am kinda thinking she jumped on the boat at the victory party. Obviously Obama had more money for a party than Mc Cain so obviously Obama was going to have the most ack-ohol! THAT is when she decided to be a supporter! Freak pale skin!

I question how many ethnic friends she has. She doesn't have ANY that would say "hey lush, put the bottle down. I'm not "colored" I am bi-racial or African-American or Spanish or Mexican." Seriously No one??? Even Paris had Nicole!

2142 days ago


Obama plans US terror trials to replace Guantanamo

President-elect Obama's advisers are crafting plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and prosecute terrorism suspects in the U.S., a plan that the Bush administration said Monday was easier said than done.

Here we go America! we may be getting a taste of the real Obama pretty soon........

2142 days ago


Why are these shows still interviewing her? Does anyone really care what Lesbian Lohan thinks about anything?

2142 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Tumbleweeds in the Desert : Love your moniker. I too, have been puzzled how ALL other races , except those of EUROPEAN EXTRACTION, call themselves people of color, what is this sh*t ? IT is European AMericans who made this country great, long before we were invaded by ALIENS , here breaking our laws and using our country as their own personal trash heap. imo.

2142 days ago


So he wants to bring these thugs over here and extend to them our freedoms and privileges. Nice job Obama at showing why you were not the man for the job.

2142 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

78. Just more crap from the deluded left wing . You can't have it both ways, these folks call themselves , "WOMEN OF COLOR" then become offended when Linsey calls them colored , Is it me or are they all confused ?

Posted at 12:51PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Tumbleweeds in the Desert"

Thank you.

2142 days ago


Obviously, Lohan voted for Barack and promoted for others to do so, I don't believe this incident was racial though it's incredibly important that it be pointed out. Some people don't realize that the word 'colored' is not just outdated but offensive. My mom's boyfriend used to say it, completely oblivious to the implications. I let him know and it's been all good ever since.

2142 days ago


I am a AMERICAN who happens to be BLACK and I in no way found her remark offensive. I don't think she meant any harm in using the WORD "COLORED". What I think is that she was trying to sound educated and missed the mark by hundred miles.

It's Lindsey Lohan for PETE'S SAKE what do you Tom Leykis would say, she's just an attention Wh*re.

Let's move America.....was this even worth reporting??????

2142 days ago


Re: #75 Posted at 12:46PM on Nov 11th 2008 by DisappointedInFellowAmericans
Once again we are talking about race versus culture. I have no problem people celebrating one of their own; of their culture. We are a culture of cultures in this country. That is what should define us as Americans not skin color, eye shape, or hair color. If you are a supporter of Obama, then celebrate him as an American not as a black, African, or Colored American. I do know of that woman who voted for the first time. I would be willing bet that she did not vote on issues but on the man-made definition of race, which is a sad thing. Unfortunately it will take a few more generations past slavery, it seems to get past race as a determining factor in someone’s qualification to be elected to office.
By celebrating Obama’s accomplishment because of his race you are proving that this man-made label of race does matter. You are also saying that people are tearing him down in red states because of his color. I have seen some idiotic individuals on YouTube, but the vast majority of people that I know that voted against him was because of his “spread the wealth” comment, he statement about meeting with Iran without preconditions, his intention to raise taxes, and his associations. Obama’s campaign tried to make a preemptive strike against a racial attack that never materialized. So it seems some people can move past race when making their selection in the voting booth, but other cannot. But those that cannot are not necessarily, “white” or from red states. I am in red state Arizona by the way.
“The answer is not to ignore our differences, but to understand them and respect them.”
What does that mean? As far as the man-made distinction of race, of course the answer is to ignore race. What does the color of a persons skin have to do with understanding them? It is their thought, experiences, and actions that are the things that must be understood. Thoughts and actions are the result of in someone’s experience and culture. Experiencing racism is an example an experience that should be recognized and understood, not the fact that your skin is dark and your hair is curly. Just as the person projecting racism onto you must be understood. Their experiences and culture made it acceptable in their mind to be racist toward you. It is not the fact that they have pink skin. It is by understanding them as well that we can end eventually end racism. Our cultures are the things we need to understand, respect, and celebrate not the arrangement of our chromosomes.

2142 days ago
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