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Madge -- Kids Must Drink Kabbalah Kool-Aid!

11/11/2008 5:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna finally released the kids to Guy Ritchie for the first time since the split -- and not without a crazy list of demands.

The Daily Mail says Guy's got Rocco and David for a while, but Madge has demanded the kids drink only water blessed by Kabbalah priests, that they do not watch TV and wear only clothes she's sent along. And then there are the toys -- they have to be "spiritually and ethically" sound.

By all accounts the boys were delighted to see Daddy. Wonder why.


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Queen of the Damned    

Okay. Madge has officially lost her mind. These kids are better off with their fathers.

2141 days ago


WHAT - Holy water, spirited sound...WHAT EVER...ummm...Madonna...have you seen your show...there is NOTHING HOLY or Kabbalah about's all sexist and rumping in your bra and HELLO....your so too faced on this life style. Let Guy take care of the kids....he will most likely be better at it then you......Kabbalah water, like what ever.
You need to get real andlet the kids be kids and enjoy life, enjoy there toys and games. Good Grief.

2141 days ago


I hope he asks for sole custody. She is a wack-job.

2141 days ago


Madonna is nuts!!!

2141 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Yes, Mommy Dearest.

2141 days ago


This woman is completely nuts. I think she is just out of shi* to do so she comes up with junk about some religion. I miss the Like a Prayer days:) that's the Madonna everybody loved. And the muscles are way too much.

2141 days ago


About forty years ago whites started adopting babies from places like Russia, Germany, and Poland. Then they decided that wasn't cool enough so they went to Japan. After awhile the Japanese said "enough of this" and they turned their sights on Korea. When that became passe because so many whites were adopting them they decided that koreans weren't exotic enough. So they went to China to get themselves a "china doll." Now that that has become passe whites started thinking, "hey! Why don't we hit Africa? It worked once before, I don't see why it can't work again." So now this country has come full circle. Whites have started the slave trade again, getting blacks to come into their homes and do their dirty work, all under the guise of adoption. I've always told my children that white people are the most evil, slick, godless people to ever walk the face of this planet and every day they prove me right.

2141 days ago


She should LOSE CUSTODY for putting her sex drive and ego before her children! I'd take that list
and smoke it. GO GUY!!!!!! ROCKNROLLA!!!!! SNATCH!!!!!!! XO Love from Fairfax, VA, USA

2141 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Guy and Carlos really need to grow some cojonas and get control over their kids because this b*tch's mind is gone!

I can see why she doesn't want them to watch TV -- it's out of fear that they will see her spreading her legs and showing her oo-hah all over the place. But for them to only drink Kabbalah water and wear the clothes she sends -- that's way over the top. I'm surprised she doesn't ship Kabbalah-blessed air and food for them to consume.

Can't wait for them to write a tell-all book about her someday.

2141 days ago


Guy, hang on to that list. The judge who rules on custody will be VERY interested in it. Something has eaten Madonna's brain!

2141 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

#10 - Kay. Madonna will most likely insist that the judge be a Kabbalist who drinks Kabbalah-blessed water and that the proceedings be held in a Kabbalah-blessed courtroom.

2141 days ago


Maddona is disgusting and money hungry. I am telling the public to stop going to concerts and buying the CD's just to make them rich. I bet if you wanted a glass of water they would not piss on you.

2141 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

A-Rod, I hope you're reading this because you're going to have to hit those balls with a Kabbalah-blessed bat!!!

2141 days ago


Madonna is unnecessarily controlling.
In some psychology textbooks, that kind of behavior is called abuse.

Is there a doctor in the house who can comment?

2141 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok...the last time i commented on madge...i got pounced on...just had a feelin the crazy bi%ch has lost her mind !!! i feel vindicated...

2141 days ago
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