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Stephen Baldwin: The Gospel According to Miley

11/11/2008 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Holy Stigmata! Stephen Baldwin has branded himself with Hannah Montana's initials, all because Miley Cyrus dared him to.

Here's how the whole thing went down. We're told the unlikely friends met last year at the White House, where the 15-year-old dared Baldwin to get Hannah Montana's initials and in return she would let him appear on her Disney TV show since his daughters are huge fans of the series.

Fast forward to yesterday in Nashville, where sources tell us Miley's little sister, Brandi, heard on the radio that the 42-year-old outspoken Christian was also in town to promote his new book. So Miley, her mom, Brandi and Miley's boyfriend Justin Gaston decided to surprise Baldwin at a book signing. When they arrived, we're told Stephen showed off his "HM" tat and asked if he could cameo on her show, at which point Miley (reluctantly?) agreed.

It's Miley Cyrus' world and Stephen's just livin' in it.


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For some reason he hasn't left the country as promised if Obama won.Its' a true shame that he hasn't followed up on that pledge.Anyone who actualy loved and suported George W Bush is a liabilty to this great nation.So please junp on a plane and spare us your warped dreams.

2178 days ago


LOL! And we all know how mentally stable the Baldwin family is....he was the perfect candidate for branding, meaning he won't care so much when in just a handful of years Ms. Miley Cirus becomes fat, impregnated, and goes through a mental breakdown like her personal hero Brittney.

Thanks for the laugh! And if I miss the opportunity to thank the both of them in the future when my prophecy is realized...well thank you now!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

2178 days ago

blue donkey    

ummmm, didn't he promise to leave the U.S. if Obama won? So, when's that gonna happen? Hey Steve, have your bags packed yet? Or are you just another neocon liar?

2177 days ago


Tattoos are for dummies.

2177 days ago


I'm still waiting to find out when he plans to make good on his promise to move to Canada if Obama won....

2177 days ago


sooo how does this story get a title about the Gospel? anyone over at TMZ wanna go ahead and explain that? i dare you.

2177 days ago


I just cant beleive the comments on this site. People are so intolerant. Miley is 15 years old, and being the mother of teenage girls, they like to paint their fingernails different colors and make goofy faces for the camera. I feel so sorry for her and the horrible mean comments made by people who obviously are jealous of her fame whether its desired or not. Leave the poor girl alone and by the way she is very funny and pretty in my opinion. My girls, all love her. As for Stephen Baldwin, not a big fan of any of the baldwins, but again, he likes tats, whats the big deal. It doesnt make him a pedifile. By the way it says he had HM for Hannah Montana, you all know shes make believe right? Just a character played by Miley Cyrus. Hes not stalking Miley, hes just doing something for his own daughters. Why cant people just try to be a little more tolerant of people differnt than themselves. The article says nothing about the political race or anything thing else, why are people so angry about him and his choices and opinions. Has he personally done anything to you. WOW!!!

2176 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

15. No Change comes to Washington DC , The Democrats that Caused the Economic Meltdown with their mortgage policies, are the ones running the banking system.

Posted at 3:13PM on Nov 11th 2008 by Democrats are Guilty for Economic Problems

Guess again, Einstein.

2176 days ago

United We Stand    

#24 you sound like you want the country to be in worse shape then we are in now. You should want the country to suceed instead of being pissed that Mcain wasn't elected. I voted aganst Bush both times but I never said wow I hope he fails so I can rub it in peoples faces. Don't you realize that if things get worse it affects you to? Remember United We Stand or Divided we Fall? Maybe it's time you grow up and try to remember that their is a bigger picture involved then peoples egos and not willing to be wrong or compromise.

2175 days ago
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