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Balfour Wanted to Split for Miss.

11/11/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

William Balfour called a Mississippi college student the morning of the Hudson triple murder -- so she says -- and asked if he and his "boys" could stay with her after doing "something real big" in Chicago that day.

Rashia Whitlock told investigators Balfour called her at 4:00 AM on October 24, the day the murders occurred, and, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, told her he and his "boys" were "getting ready for something real big that's going to go down tomorrow." Balfour then asked if they could come visit her, says Whitlock, which she refused.

Whitlock also said Balfour asked her whether she knew Jennifer Hudson and, more ominously, if Whitlock could be "loyal." She said she had met Balfour on MySpace.


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Looks like chick is mad... her myspace is blocked but says "***Rashia***Born To Be A Star*** isLIKE OK THIS IS GOING TOO FAR!!..IF YOU NEED ME EMAIL ME OR FACEBOOK, BUT I WILL NOT BE ON MYSPACE FOR AWHILE..THANKS"

here's her link:

2116 days ago

Tina B    

Why is she just now coming out with this information? Seems kind of strange to me.

2116 days ago


I swear everyone wants their 15 min. of fame out of this! Then they want to act like they made when they get it.! That is what you get for talking to an ex-con on Myspace!

2116 days ago


#3.... actually over 2 days... I first heard about what happened like Friday around 5ish.... they found Julian Monday morning. I seriously hope people harass this chick till no end for being ignorant and living up to the stereotypes that black people have been labeled with.

2116 days ago


she's only 19, does she have a place to take him and his boys? and after the tragedy happened like 3 wks ago, now she remembers about the conversation she had with williams. police and the victims family were begging and still begging for people who has any informations about the crime to let them know. now we'll hear somebody else with another story in a couple of weeks.... come on now people let it out, you're waisting people's time

2116 days ago


this THING appears to be stupid, dumb and hoochie!!!!! if what she is saying is truc, why is she just now coming forward.?????? Maybe she is trying to protect her ass.......either way....this THING is stupid!!!!!

2116 days ago


looks like if he planned it, he planned it on a day he knew school was out, which means he wanted to kill a 7 year old boy.

I hope they close this case soon

2116 days ago


See here's the problem when older desperate or retarded women hook up with young boys. For one...he still knows nothing but young kids in his social circle. The world is going to hell over this nonsense.

2116 days ago

Tina B    

I don't understand why she waited so long to give this information. I really think that she is just bullcraping just to get her name out there. What a waste!

2116 days ago


outta 255 friend she is not one nor left a comment how funny i find
that he has the same amount of i swear how many more
lies will we hear about this boy.....william mother get off your ass and go get
this boy a lawyer

2116 days ago


So after stating she won't be on for a "long time" now she says "***Rashia*** is SAYING LEAVE ME ALONE!!..THANKS!" ,,,, looks like someone here is desperate for attention!

2116 days ago


Shouldn't this crime have been solved in the First 48? It's obvious Balfour is guilty, It's obvious Hudson'd sister had something to do with it too. We're in fo some more surprises. I'll give the police the benefit of the doubt that, being such a "High Profile Case, the information received from so-called witnesses must be scrutinized.

2116 days ago

Missing MJ    

Have we all forgotten that the Police checked William's cell phone records immediately after they found his car parked 2 blocks away at the high school the day of the murders? When they got the tape from the school's security camera, they couldn't confirm for sure that it was William who was seen getting out of the car and walking away so they checked his cell phone records and that's when they reported that someone else must have been involved because his records showed him making a call from a cell tower on the west side of Chicago at the time the car was left there.

So I'm pretty sure they looked at all his calls immediately before and up to the point when they took him into custody on Friday night (the day of the murders). So I'm sure if the Police saw a call going out at 4am, and especially since neighbors reported seeing William's car at the house at 7am, that the Police had contacted this girl already.

It's just getting leaked out.

So I ask again, where are the official charges of murder against William Balfour???

18 days and counting!!!!

2116 days ago


I have been following this case like everyone else, Can someone anwser this question for me because I believe I must have missed something: The neighbors said they heard gun shots around 8am or 9am, the lady next door left at 9am, and didn't hear anything. The neighbors also said they hear gun shots all the time. What time did the police say the time of death was? Also what time was Julian shot? with today technogy wouldn't CPD know the exact time of death. I don't believe they was shot that early in the morning. CPD is not giving the time of death. That's why Belford is not being charged.because CPD know where is was at the exact time of death. By his cell phone.

2116 days ago

Nona Yobiz    

As someone who knows this young lady... She is not doing this to be famous... She never expected her name to be released...She came forward and was cooperative because that was the right thing to do... There are so many people who say nothing for years if at all... You may not agree with how she handled it but attacking people for speaking up is not the way u encourage others to come forward who are witness or may have knowledge of crimes

AND CPD is bogus fa real for releasing her name and so is the news because her name very well could have been left out

2116 days ago
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