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Brad Garrett Attacks Again, Possibly Provoked

11/12/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett went off last night, smacking a paparazzo's camera and challenging a gaggle of photogs to a fight, but he was arguably provoked.

It happened outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood. Garrett left the restaurant and was greeted by around a dozen cameras, as photogs screamed what a big star he was. This went on for a few minutes and it appeared it was over as Brad walked to the valet.

But as several cameras continued to tail him, Brad clearly had enough. He took a swipe at a camera, and then lunged at the photog, telling him to "get a real job."

Brad then walked away and a moronic photog from an independent agency screamed, "He's a tall faggot anyway." Garrett came back and challenged the photogs to put their equipment down and their dukes up. No one accepted the challenge.


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Queen of the Damned    

Brad Garrett is going to attack the wrong person one day, and he's going to regret it. If he doesn't like the attention, maybe he should get out of that business. He knows that places like the Ivy and Dan Tana's are paparazzi hot spots, but he continues to frequent them. Why? Because he's looking for publicity.

2170 days ago

monny j    

Brad, first of all... I applaud you for trying to keep your cool with your dinner date,you were clearly provoked and the average joe woulda f***ked that guy up! and woulda gone to jail...but you were CLEARLY bein' goated into a fight and or lawsuit or both, I can't imagine that kind of invasion of privacy...I'm an actor in Hollywood and these photo-HOES are asking for it,they are rude,intrusive,and down-right DISRESPECTFUL!...An unfortunate incident will soon happen if these guys don't get a friggin' grip,Take it easy, Brad you're BIGGER than those jerkoffs,brotha can't even go out to dinner anymore.

2170 days ago

damn ur dumb    

And as soon as they do not pay him any mind, he will be crying like a baby for attention.

I could see if they were breaking and entering onto his private property for a pic of him...but he was in a public place. It comes with the fame. Get over it.

2170 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

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2170 days ago


Is "get a real job" the standard stupid thing that celebs say to them?

2170 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

He was clearly goaded by the paps. Thought their job was taking the photo but the rude remarks are now part of the job description, too? Was Brad Garrett the big money shot here? Slow night, guys? OTOH, Dan Tana's is a place where photogs would be waiting. If you don't wanna have your photo taken, dine elsewhere.

2170 days ago

Brainy Sly Chic    

I honestly felt bad for Brad. Hollywood is a filth-ridden place of morally corrupt hangers-on and I wouldn't stay there for a minute. So I can't say I understand what that must feel like because I wouldn't put myself in that position in the first place.

However, to simply be tormented in that way would be awful and so in this way I do feel sympathetic for Mr. Garrett and alike. And my only recommendation is to leave.

Where there's poop, there will be flies.

2170 days ago


How is this not harrassment? Celebrities should be able to get a blanket restraining order that keeps the photogrpahers at least 50 feet away from them at all times.

It's not going to happen until someone gets hurt or killed, and that day appears to be coming soon.

2170 days ago

N. Stevens    

I usually side with the photographers in instances like this, but on this on, I am with Brad Garret. I agree with the comments above, he kept his cools much more than I would have. I can tell you now, if I am on a date and some idiot was trailing me like that - someone is getting much more than a camera broken. He gave them time to take the pics and then just a few did not leave him alone. Go Brad!

2170 days ago


I have to agree with ohboyagain. The paparazzi seem to be getting more agressive, and there should be a law enacted to give a celebrity a little bit of space. Geez, you see stuff like the celebrity not being able to drive away because the paps are standing in front of the car, then the paps will sue if their foot gets run over. Well, duh.
On the other hand, I'll agree there are some places you just don't go if you want to live privately.

2170 days ago


Photogs need to BACK OFF when they see someone is getting angry!!! They only have themselves to blame. It's just like poking a tiger with a stick...eventually the tiger will attack. Who's at fault there - the tiger or the person poking it with a stick???

2170 days ago


Should we consider if illegals should be allowed to buy and use video cameras?

2170 days ago


Of course they are provoking him. They do it to get a "better" story or picture.

People want to see celebrities getting out of control - that is what drives TMZ and other sites like it. That is what they pay the photographers for - not a picture of an actor standing outside a restaurant.

2170 days ago


"possibly provoked". That's a good one.

2170 days ago


Photo journalist?? Is that what you call an a-hole with a camera these days? Since when has Brad Garrett become such a mega superstar that he needs to be stalked and provoked in this way? seems any douchebag in the world now can pick up a camera and call themselves a photo journalist. I wish every single one of them would curl up and die. Does anyone else out there agree with me? Mr. Garrett was right.......GET A JOB!! Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. You're a "photo journalist" What a bunch of losers!

2170 days ago
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