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Brad Garrett Attacks Again, Possibly Provoked

11/12/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett went off last night, smacking a paparazzo's camera and challenging a gaggle of photogs to a fight, but he was arguably provoked.

It happened outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood. Garrett left the restaurant and was greeted by around a dozen cameras, as photogs screamed what a big star he was. This went on for a few minutes and it appeared it was over as Brad walked to the valet.

But as several cameras continued to tail him, Brad clearly had enough. He took a swipe at a camera, and then lunged at the photog, telling him to "get a real job."

Brad then walked away and a moronic photog from an independent agency screamed, "He's a tall faggot anyway." Garrett came back and challenged the photogs to put their equipment down and their dukes up. No one accepted the challenge.


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TMZ: As a sign of respect, can you please at least bleep out part of the expletive used to insult Brad Garrett in your re-telling of the incident. The "N" word, for example, is not typically spelled out. I am not requesting this to indict anyone of impropriety. Literally, it is hurtful to see that word. The fact that so many people use it everyday is obviously something I can do nothing about.

2134 days ago


If these photographers claim to have a "real job", they should treat what they do more professionally. They act like street hoods when they are out there.

Brad Garrett, you are in the public eye and will be for as long as you are recognizerd. You need to be able to keep your cool better than that. Hire some security for when you go out. All the big stars do it. Othewise, stop acting like a fool. You are going to hate it once we stop paying attention to you and forget who you are.

2134 days ago


The same old story, they want attention until they become a star, then they want to be left alone. You can't have it all you so called CELEB. I never have cared for him, he seems mean to me.

2134 days ago


POSSIBLY provoked? POSSIBLY?! Seriously?? They were all up in his
face! They were probably able to tell what he had for dinner, they
were so damn close to him. They followed him all the way to the back
of the building. I don't think he was POSSIBLY provoked. He WAS

Paparazzi are rude and annoying. I went to a club with some friends,
and we were walking back to our car. We walked through the back of
Les Deux and I dunno who was arriving but about 10 paparazzi came
charging at me and my friends, like a stampede! Almost knocking us
down! Just so they can get a picture of whoever was arriving. I bet
if they did knock me or my friends down, they wouldn't have helped us
up. They would've probably just stepped on us as they ran to get their
picture. I wanted to punch the paparazzi in their face too. And that
was only 1 run in I've ever had with them. I don't blame Brad AT ALL! Or any other
celebs who end up hitting or running over a pap. They deserve it!!!!!

2134 days ago

Matt Jaymes    

Brad has the right to dine anywhere he damn well pleases without getting cameras and/or mic's stuck in his face. The fact that he is a celebrity means zero, he pays taxes just like everybody else and is entitled to privacy. Brad: with all the money and perks comes the lunatic fringe, they are parasites and giant pains in the ass, but you have too much to lose and you have to set an example for your kids! Tell ya one thing though, if someone sticks a camera in my face and I repeatedly tell them not to, that person will have to have that camera surgically removed!

2134 days ago


Who cares about Brad, Who's the Effin Hot Chick that was with him...That Chick was so FINE.

2134 days ago


Brad was right the photog doesnt have any balls..He opened his big mouth after all was said and done, then didnt have the balls to back it up..What A LOSER..Leave the poor guy alone..GO TAKE SOME PICTURES OF THE WAR THATS GOING ON...THATS REALITY!

2134 days ago


Brad Garrett needs to move to another city before he gets his head handed to him. I agree that the pap was out of line but that happens. The future problem for Brad is now everyone knows that he will make an ass of himself with a little prodding. He's toast. There are only about a million places to eat in that area that aren't paparazzi hangouts. Brad went looking for publicity and found it. Maybe he should hook up with Jennifer Aniston.

2134 days ago


I side with Brad on this one. How many pictures did they take of him? Why not just a few then move on? Instead they continued taking picture after picture after picture after picture after picture after picture...WHY?
Obviously these so-called "photojournalists"(yeah, right!)have no respect for any famous person(not to mention giving legitimate photojournalists a bad name because people wrongly stereotype them in the same category). If they(paparazzi) did have any respect they'd know when to take the pictures and when enough is enough and when to walk away instead of being a royal pain-in-the-you-know-where.
p.s. yes like someone else said, I too applaud Brad for keeping his cool. Actually he was just lettring them take pictures until he realized as would anyone watching this video paparazzi don't leave you alone unless you tell them to often.

2134 days ago


They all got plenty of pics but as usual took it too far and Im glad someone gave them a reason to think twice about runnin their mouths and over doin it with the camera. BTW just because your in "the business" dosnt mean your not entitled to somewhat of a private life, why should he not eat where he wants? Eventually someone will get hurt and everyone will act surprised.

2134 days ago


If the city of LA and the people in charge don't control these idiots, what is a person to do?? Provoked, are you kidding me, that is the whole issue with the Paps! They don't have an intelligent thing to say, so get the people pissed at you for a reaction. This one had to be MORE stupid than the rest, BRAD GARRETT of all people. This guy could squash you like a bug, and probably should have!!! Hopefully nothing will be done to BRAD. But honestly, who is surprised?

2134 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

I don't blame him the f--cking jerks are cornering him like an animal. Kick their f--cking a$$es Brad!!!

2134 days ago


Too bad it wasn't Harvey Levin getting his parasite ass smacked around.

2134 days ago


Photo journalist - where'd he get his degree.

What could the photo-stalker's motive have been? The other photogs got their shots and left it alone. He stood around letting them "do their job" but clearly was finished. You can here the others telling the photo-Stalker "enough" but he just couldn't help himself.

Love how TMZ tries to seperate themselves from these jack-ass's "he's and independent" but they would sure buy the photo's if their own "guys" hadn't been there.

You are just as guilty as the rest TMZ. When you're told enough - STEP OFF.

2134 days ago


I don't think it "just comes with the territory" of being a celebrity. This wasn't just respectfully taking a picture and moving on. There is a line and it was definitely crossed here. I think laws should be passed to prevent this from happening because they aren't just taking pictures, they are stalking.
You should be able to go out to eat anywhere you want without being harassed, baited, and a camera literally in your face non stop.

2134 days ago
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