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Brad Garrett Attacks Again, Possibly Provoked

11/12/2008 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Garrett went off last night, smacking a paparazzo's camera and challenging a gaggle of photogs to a fight, but he was arguably provoked.

It happened outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood. Garrett left the restaurant and was greeted by around a dozen cameras, as photogs screamed what a big star he was. This went on for a few minutes and it appeared it was over as Brad walked to the valet.

But as several cameras continued to tail him, Brad clearly had enough. He took a swipe at a camera, and then lunged at the photog, telling him to "get a real job."

Brad then walked away and a moronic photog from an independent agency screamed, "He's a tall faggot anyway." Garrett came back and challenged the photogs to put their equipment down and their dukes up. No one accepted the challenge.


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Like a pack of hyenas...

2137 days ago


You guy's (yes even TMZ) have lately push the celebrities a little to far to get your selfs a better story.Please go back to reporting like when you first came on to the Internet.Remember,celebrities "DO NOT OWE US THEIR PERSONAL LIVES.THEY OWE US GREAT MUSIC,TALENT,ENTERTAINMENT" Please don't be like the other "SMUT GOSSIP COLUMNIST".Your headed down that path.

2137 days ago


Brad Garrett is a piece of crap!

2137 days ago


Where were you f*agz when Kanye West did the same exact thing? You were crying about how he was an animal and needed to be locked up! Now this no talent ass doess the same thing and you guys wanna hug the bi$ch! Brad G needs to be locked up and put under the jail, the raicst bigfoot looking idiot!

2137 days ago


He should of smacked the loser guy in his face. There comes a point where it is harassment. The police chief of Los Angeles has to come to grips there is a big problem with these loser pop's. The general pubic is tried of these guys blocking traffic and driving at high and dangerous speeds and one other thing this guy is not a photo journalist.

2137 days ago


Why would anyone in his right mind screw with a guy this big? The paps are idiots.

2137 days ago


Well Sean thats is what I'm talking about but you know Brad and Harvey himself are jewish so how could Brad possibly be an animal like Kanye? I'm also wondering what kind of animal they were refering to???????
very interesting since they like to put words in peoples mouths......
Hugely dissapointing! No Justice !
something they should really know about too but hey some forget where they come from!
heil! oh yeah thats just a joke so have a good laugh at that now ; )

2137 days ago


The photog that said those homophobic words should be held responsible, like the black guy that was on Grey's Anatomy. I want to know what agency he works for so that I can boycott all the magazines that buy from it. I'm serious. Calling someone a F*GG** is hurtful even if you are not one yourself.

2136 days ago


I love it! I have more respect to him now, because atleast he is real, nothing i ever enough- look at them like little flies buzzing around him, its despicable, and takes zero talent- any excon, child molester etc can be a paparazzi- there are NO credentials except to be a callous inconsiderate a-hole and harass someone because you think they deserve it since they were in a movie/ tv show!
give me a break! and you wonder why they are on drugs and in and out of rehab? because it is not natural to be under constant attack every minute of every day and have zero peace. Most people go to work 9-5 or whatever their hours and go home and unwind. They dont have their coworkers and boss stuck to their side asking them private questions that have no relevance to their body of work.
Low lives- there should be a law against that type of intusivity, there should be a certain level of respect demanded- only red carpet events and public appaearnace, not when you are grieving at your childs funeral, or visiting your spouse in the hospital, or a new mom bringing home their precious newborn baby- that should be a happy beautiful momment, but instead she has a bunch of strangers 'with cameras' getting close up to this fragile little thing that she is very protective to.

2136 days ago


Its only a matter of time before one of you idiots gets killed. That will be good tv.

2136 days ago

Ojai Roy    

I'm on Brad's side. When he or anyone else asks the paparazzi to leave them alone after they get their photo, they should BACK OFF. In October I saw Brad and Gabrielle Reese having separate birthday parties at the same amusement center and not too many people bothered them. I did want to great both of them but they were there with their families and friends so I respected their privacy. Photographers have a job to do but that does not give them the right to harass people.

2136 days ago

Bill Williams    

And to think I liked him in "Everybody Loves Raymond." What a loser he's turned out to be. With this REAL personality showing through, he'll never make it on his own. What director or producer would want to deal with those anger issues all the time? If I were the grand poobah of papparazzi, I'd order them to never take another damn picture or video of him again. If you don't want any attention, Brad, get the hell out of show business. You're on the same road as Michael Richards.

2119 days ago
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