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Criminal Investigation in Garrett Case

11/12/2008 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they will open a criminal investigation into the confrontation last night between Brad Garrett and a slew of photogs.
Brad Garrett: Click to watch
As we first reported, Garrett was leaving Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood when photogs descended. After a few minutes, a clearly irritated Garrett smacked a camera and challenged the photogs to a fight. One cameraman called Garrett a "tall faggot."

We're told someone came to the cop shop and filed a police report, listing Garrett as the "suspect." Cops are investigating a possible criminal battery.

Story developing ...


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I have to say that I do NOT blame Brad in the least bit - The paps clearly would not leave him alone - He walked away from them and yet they continued to follow him like lost puppies - I know they get paid to do what they do but give me a break, enough is enough!

2140 days ago


golden rule is Dallas. I must admit her first post is pretty silly. That being said, these paps are trying to make a living. But they are way to aggressive and something should be done about the nastiness that always occurs.

2140 days ago

arte help    

Lurch Jr.

2140 days ago


All these pap's are douchbags---get a life.

2140 days ago

damn ur dumb    

"grow a brain" is right..although he shouldn't have went so far as to call anyone an idiot. Everyone on here complaining about the paps are unintentionally contributing to the "problem". Take time to look at the bigger picture.

I personally have no sympathy for these stars. They talk to the media about their personal lives, etc but then throw a tantrum when these people take pictures of them. And yes, I agree there should be a limit set with the paps, but since there is not one as of yet these stars knew what they were getting themselves into from the start. As with everything in life, you have to accept the good with the bad. If they want privacy, start looking for another career.

2140 days ago

Goldie Hand    

peanut is grow a brain

2140 days ago


Garrett should get what prince von A hole got with a fine for attracting the photog, and a dismissed lawsuit. - The photog was calling profanities back at Garrett after the incident, and they are both guilty for this mess.

2140 days ago


As long as they charge the photog for using derogatory, prejudicial language too.

2140 days ago

Oval Beach    

I'm not a big Brad Garrett but those paps were asking for it. They act like wolves (granted that is why the pay the stars the big bucks) but there has to be some sort of common ground here. I don't know how celebs can continue living in L.A. Give me a quiet sit down dinner at some diner on route 66 any day than a night out on the town with other celebs at Dan Tana's.

2140 days ago

Boston Kate    

You f'n papparazzi, need a good ass-kicking. Don't give us that 'it's my job' BS. Get a real job and stay off the asses of the celebs that hate you.

2140 days ago


Quit calling these parasites "photogs", will ya? Holding a wrench doesn't automatically make me a damn mechanic any more than hoding a camera makes these bottom-feeders photographers! I hope THEY get locked up after the cops watch the video "evidence"---go Brad!!

2140 days ago


You gise are all idiots. The paps didnt make these celebs their careers in anyway. and i doubt for one second that when these celebs were growing up they thought about the pap's being the way they are. these paps have absolutly nothing to do with how far any celeb have gotten in their career. If anything they ruin them with stupid video's like this. When these celebs where kid, all they wanted to do is perform infront of people. Not to be stalked at there homes and followed around everywere they go. You all make me sick defending these pap's and there actions.So what if this actor make a crap load of money, it doesnt meen they lose all there rights of some privacy in their life.

2140 days ago


I wish Brad had invested some of his raymond money and just beat the crap out of the little piss ant. Its one thing to get the picture it is another to completely surround someone and not allow them to leave. It is also inciting to call someone names and proves the photog is himself a wimp for insulting someone and then hiding behind his camera ready to sue.

2140 days ago


Bosco, until you learn to spell, the only idiot is you. If you don't like your picture taken, don't become famous. Simple.

2140 days ago


Can we say "Anger Management"???? That Garrett dude is soooooooooo gross i'm surprised any photogs would want to take his picture. WTF???

2140 days ago
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