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Dead Woman Former "Idol" Wannabe

11/12/2008 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman found dead in front of Paula Abdul's house last night was a featured contestant on "American Idol."
Paula Goodspeed: Click to watch
We've learned the identity of the dead woman, Paula Goodspeed, who appeared on Season 5 in 2006. During her audition she said she's an artist and the first pic she ever drew was of Paula Abdul. "Idol" produced a 3 minute and 40 second featurette on Goodspeed and her passion for Paula. She did not make the cut, after Ryan Seacrest proclaimed, "And the love affair is over."


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very, very sad. this poor women was so obviously mentally ill and seemed to be going through a serious manic stage at the time of her interview. all the signs were there. and then there is simon of course, being cruel and vindictive. what a prick! i wonder just how much of that critique she rec’d. from that panel, devastated her even more and contributed to her tragic obsession and eventual death. Mental illness is no joke, is it ms. abdul???

2138 days ago


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2138 days ago

Get Real!    

CiCi #11,

I totally agree with you...You can only do so much for them. I have an aunt who is mentally ill. When my mother first started dating my father (back in the early '60s), the very first time she met her (my aunt) she instantly knew something was wrong with her. She even ( my mother) told all of her (my aunt) siblings (including my father) that something was not right with her. Nothing was ever done. After years went by, she got married and had a daugher. (She later divorced) Low and behold, when her daughter got to be about 13 yrs old (which she was in the 8th grade) she pulled her out of school and never returned...Meaning, she only has an 8th grade level of education, and she is now about 36 yrs old. My mother did try to get some help for her, which she did accept for a little while ( taking medication), but then she would stop taking it. As of today, we have no idea where she is or if she is dead or alive. She had a sister that passed away in 2006, and she doesn't even know. It's very sad, but, we hope she is still alive. God Bless!!!!

2138 days ago

Mr. Sowhat    

Darwin wins! Survival of the fittest in action

2138 days ago


32. I can’t wait for the new season of Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood to start!! Don’t forget everybody it begins Nov. 30th @ 10:30/ 9:30 c on E! ALSO check out the Fatherhood page on with new pics, video, cooking tips, and Fatherhood games! The link is below:
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Posted at 5:01PM on Nov 12th 2008 by COPEHEAD

Ryan Seacrest! You stop that right now! This isn't the time or the place to pimp one of your crappy shows!

2138 days ago


That's really sad :( Don't speak ill of the dead. She wasn't mentally there. It's really sad that people have to live in that state of mind. Bless her heart. I wonder how Paula feels about this. I haven't heard her say anything.

2138 days ago


That is sad footage. The judges behavior is probably similar to what she had to deal with on a daily basis.
RIP Paula.

2138 days ago


I can't help but wonder if this girl wouldn't still be alive if she never made it to the final round with Paula, Simon and Randy. I'm NOT blaming AI at all for this girl's suicide. She was severly disturbed and it is so incredibly sad that she never received help. I just wonder if perhaps this will serve as a wake-up call to AI to stop preying on these types of individuals by sending them through to the final round for the sake of entertainment. It really is sick. My condolences to her family. God rest her soul.

2138 days ago


I knew her. She was actually a very sweet girl who tried to believe in her own talent. She really could not understand why she didn't make it pass the judges on AI. She lived in LA beleiving that she was a beautiful model and talented artist.
I guess when reality set in, she couldn't handle it. So sorry and sad...How many others are out there?

2137 days ago


THIS IS SAD. Obviously MANY of the people who go on american idol have mental issues and they get exploited. Thats why I don't watch that show it's ridiculous. She had problems obviously I hope you people don't bash her like you e-thugs like to do behind your computers.

2137 days ago

Ms. X    

I'm so sorry for this young lady. I wish she could have gotten help.

2137 days ago


Very sad. Mental illness totally unhinged.

Our society tells people they have to have recognition and fame to be worthy and truly enjoy life.

Unfortunately, far too many buy into it.

Nothing wrong with being middle class, hard working person. Were the ones that make the nation great.

Ah. Modern values. Still - very sad.

2137 days ago


This is such a sad story. I hope that the American Idol judges can stop making fun of their contestants. One can never tell who is mentally ill, or who can handle this type of rejection. God bless this girl and her family.

2137 days ago


The judges could have been a little more gracious in their rejection of her. At least she tried. Where is Paula Abdul's carreer, anyway?

2137 days ago

LA LA    

That is what is wrong with these shows they are very critical of people and you never know who has a mental condition like Paula Goodspeed R.I.P Paula Abdul and the others should be ashamed of themselves! I never thought Paula Abdul was talented,thats why shes on American Idol cause her singing sucked! If she was any good she would have a singing career! I have one thing to say to that one hit wonder KARMA what goes around comes around!

2137 days ago
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