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Food Network Chef

Bites Hand That Feeds

11/12/2008 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Guy Fieri needs a crash course in spokesmanship -- because when a company like Friday's pays you buckets of cash to pimp for their restaurant, you're supposed to say you LIKE their food!!!!

Guy Fieri: Click to watch


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He said nothing bad at all. I'm a local from his town and go to his place quite a bit. The guy does a lot for the community and seems to always be having some sort of benefit dinner for some family in need. TMZ you need to take note. With all the time you put into stupid posts like this one you could be making a difference somewhere. Yeah right, as if that will ever happen.

2088 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

....with all that hair and bleach. Enough already.

2088 days ago


What did I miss? What did he say wrong?

Did TMZ listen to the tape? Why are you guys trying to cause trouble when there IS NO TROUBLE?

2088 days ago

Blinded by the light    

#6 Real Housewife from Compton:

"Have you ever noticed that he mostly visits places that are 99.99% White, Black, Latino. I'm not talking about those places w/a population of 1000 or less. I've seen him review places in L.A. that I know have a very diverse clientele but somehow when his cameras get there, everyone is one shade."

Here we go.....there is always 1 person that has to start the race crap. Apparantly you have not seen enough of his shows to know that YES there are people of more than one shade that appear on his shows. Please educate yourself a ltitle bit more before you pull the race card again.

2088 days ago


uhhh i was waiting for him to bash fridays and then the clip ended....did you forget to put it in?? musta been a pretty slow news day if you had to make up a bogus story about guy fieri lol

2087 days ago

Jenna Bush    

I just don't get the "Next Food Netwoork Star" The winners of the first season were two gay men who were a couple and they did a couple of shows very early in the morning on the weekends and they were gone. The next season this very bitchy woman sho thought she was too cool for American Cuisine, never made it anywhere. at least I know of no show she ever did and now she is gone. They picked an African American last season that could hardly speak a coherewnt sentence and he is nowhere to be found. This Guy Fieri won which to me ensured that the Producer judges know nothing about what the general public likes to watch on their channel. I remmebr Bobby Flay saying to this thug " lose the jewelry" he has on more crappy junk and the balck roots and annoying cliche comments like "here try this big boy", He is on all the time and I can't understand why. They overkilled Bobby Flay then Rachel, now Paula PLEASE enough is enough. I think that producer that looks like a pelican has the hots for fieri ot maybe he's knocking over Gordon Eliot to get into Guy's pants. PLEASE START PUTTING ON MORE PEOPLE THAT CAN COOK AND SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT.

2087 days ago


TMZ's next big story.....Rachel Ray goes to Krispy Kreme!!!

2087 days ago


hey Guy--the 90's called and want the bling back!

2087 days ago



2087 days ago

DR. D.R.    

Here is a perfect example of nothing. Guy has offered America nothing of any redemptive nature. Not a word from his mouth is worth hearing. Nothing he cooks is unique or of a quality that would be thought of as even different. His appearance is that of an outdated redneck, which is nothing new. His television show is the same ol' formula as everyone else's. Hey nothing new there. So he has had his ten minutes, thirty one seconds of fame, which is much more than he should have recieved. Send him down the road into obscurity, please. Personna Non Grata

2087 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with what he had to say about Fridays. More important to me is how Paula, Guy and Tyler gross me out with how fat they have gotten since doing the Food Network. I really like Guy's show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and the food looks great, but I can't stand how he shovels all that food in....literally just like a pig!! It's disgusting! Paula tries to act so coy when she uses all the butter, etc., and also shovels the food in, those of you who watch the shows know exactly what I mean. She claims to love her new husband, Michael, but that poor man is going to keel over one of these days from the total fat diet she feeds him. Tyler, too, is also growing out of his clothes. Shall I bring up Rachel or just lay off for a while.

2087 days ago


How much nicer could he have been? He definitely brings great energy to the Food Network. I think he's great. I love his hair too.

2087 days ago


TMZ...I have listened to this piece many times. Please explain to US how Guy is "Biting the Hand that Feeds" here. He is courteous, forthright and honest with your reporter (yea right...reporter). Why do you feel it necessary to twist this to make it negative??? I have a feeling this dude's star is rising. There is too much true nonsense out there to have to become fiction writers. Come on Harvey..."You're a Lawyer"

2078 days ago


Oh, I miss my Guy...Fieri! (Yes, Guy Fieri) Loved to see him cooking, but LOVE to see him even more on MINUTE TO WIN IT (!!!). I heard a NEW SEASON airs on NBC on Tuesday, Dec 7th (8/7c). I'm not usually a game show person, but MTWI keeps me on my toes-- very refreshing. Plus new HOLIDAY episodes coming up this season. I wish I could go on! I always get so panicked for Check it out:

1339 days ago
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