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Jared Leto

Raises the Bar

... Just Barely

11/12/2008 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A low weight, high rep workout will get you cut -- but wearing sunglasses to the gym will get you labeled a douche!

Actor turned goth rocker Jared Leto wore his lifting glasses during a low impact workout in L.A. on Tuesday.

Perhaps his hipster shades blinded the 36-year-old from seeing there was no weight on the bar.


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I'm a woman and we do these at the gym all the time. What a loser. Does he really need a spotter?

2173 days ago


What a D-Lister. Has he been in anything since My So Called Life?

2173 days ago


That bar weighs at leat 50 pounds. Give him some credit!

2173 days ago


What a bummy clown..haha

HE has a spotter and glasses on..LMAO And he is 36...WTF is wrong with him..Has he never lifted a weight in his life. His band is a bunch of posers as well.

2173 days ago

artie help    

why is she working out with bai ling??

2173 days ago


Actor, musician, gym rat.

Three things Jared Leto sucks at.

2173 days ago

thats right    

i loved him in Requiem Of A Dream. what a freaky movie.

2173 days ago

Jared Freak    

You are just jealous that you cant be as sexy as Jared Leto. He hasnt been in anything since My so calle dlife, because he is a musician now, you big loser. You need to get a life instead a sitting at your computer and making fun of other people. How do you know that he wasnt just working on his form? But you dont care becasue your just jerks that jump to ignorant comclusions.

2173 days ago


That's hilarious, TMZ! No weight on the bar and a spotter standing over him. Truly funny stuff!

2173 days ago

Black Teef    

The word that comes to mind is P-U-S-S-Y.

2173 days ago

Johnny C    

When I was a freshman in college, even the women in our mandatory PE class did at least a plate on each side.

2173 days ago


Regardless of your opinion of him as a person, you have to admit he is a really good actor. I've never seen him in a movie where his acting was bad, which is more than can be said for most actors these days.

2173 days ago


He's HUGE! He must be in training to bulk up.

Never going to get there that way, spaghetti arms.......

2173 days ago


This form of "weight lifting" is great for strength and length of the muscles. Palates uses your own body weight for strength training.. He is not a huge guy, so lifting large amounts of weight is not going to change that. He would just look funny. He has a eight-pack and the stamina of a teenager. I don't need for my actor/musicians to have huge muscles. Fit is good enough for me. As for what he has done since MSCL, he has been in several films, some with critical acclaim. Requiem for a Dream, Lord of War and Chapter 27, as of recent. The band has won over 10 awards on their last album, A Beautiful Lie and created the first "green tour" buy using busses that run on vegetable oil instead of gasoline. Check out abeautifullie dot org for more good works from this band.

2173 days ago


i used to think he was good actor when he was acting. his band had that hit, it was alright. but from the stories i hear lately, he is turning into a BTDB(big time douche bag). shades in a gym? c'mon now.

2173 days ago
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