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Jared Leto

Raises the Bar

... Just Barely

11/12/2008 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A low weight, high rep workout will get you cut -- but wearing sunglasses to the gym will get you labeled a douche!

Actor turned goth rocker Jared Leto wore his lifting glasses during a low impact workout in L.A. on Tuesday.

Perhaps his hipster shades blinded the 36-year-old from seeing there was no weight on the bar.


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Actually, I was at the gym that day and I saw what Jared was doing. It's a pretty intense workout combining both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in one set. First using plyometric movements you push the bar as fast as you can five times followed by 5 reps taking a full 5 seconds each direction (both the concentric and eccentric contractions) followed by 5 at a normal pace involving all available muscle fibers. This is a workout that does not require much weight to be effective and is much safer at a lower weight. This is great for getting over plateaus and for shocking the muscles. Try it, it's hard!

2167 days ago


This just shows AGAIN what a STUPID LOSER DOUCEBAG he is! Jared Leto is the MOST HATED joke of a man in Hollywood! He's such a little emo wanna be LOSER! Jared Leto = P-U-S-S-Y

No weight on the bar and a spotter standing over him. Too funny!

I agree with you Toby. Jared Leto = THE SUCK!!

2129 days ago


it amazes me how many of you seem to hate jared leto but you still took the time to type something about this really talented actor which has been in movies like requiem for a dream an oscar nomineed film.alexander,fightclub,panic room,switchback,girl interrupted,american psycho,urban legend,lord of war, and has worked with colin farrell, angelina jolie,jenifer connelly the list is endless of a grade actors. yes he is a bit of a diva but when you have spent 10 years of being passionate about something as he has with 30 seconds to mars which i might add is a world wide acclaimed group now {i'm from australia}he can afford to do what the hell he wants ,he deserves to. So stop bagging jared leto unless you have all the facts and stop listening to silly gossip, this one pic does not speak for the whole story.

2125 days ago


Chezburn you're just a lovesick fan that would support "Jay" girly puss Leto even if he
killed someone! You said Jared Leto is a BIT of a diva? Please! MAJOR
UNDERSTATEMENT! He's the MOST whiney puss there is!! Jared "Loser"
Leto even attacks his own fans! And other celebrities who don't like his band EITHER! LoL
YOU NEED TO GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT! "Diva" Leto has NEVER WON AN OSCAR OR AN EMMY! He's just an average actor! There's hundreds of them in Hollywood. 30 STD's may be big in Australia, but they are NOTHING in the U.S. Just a one-hit wonder. A picture is worth a thousand words! And this one speaks volumes. Leto's a douce!

2122 days ago


There's a simple answer to all you morons bagging on Jared...Don't f***ing read about him, or respond on these things. Christ are you that stupid you can't figure it out for yourselves?! So he's wearing sunglasses in a gym, big freakin' whoop! Has he murdered someone? Is he a paedophile?! I would think the answer to that is NO! It amazes me how so many of you feel you have the right to publicly insult someone, yet if the roles were reversed you'd soon be bitching that they were "picking on you". Get over yourselves, get out there, and maybe do some of the things that Jared has done in his career, and then maybe you'll have earned the right to say something. But until then, try doing what mother told you and shut the hell up!

2106 days ago


He has not cheated on anyone, he does charity work, he dosent hate his family, and he has created award winning music!
The only thing he did that was bad was beeting up that gay ass Frodo guy and someone was bound to do it.
haha but jared is kinda week but still has eyes of a angel

2099 days ago


To Anon. It's so clear WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Leto's a DOUCEBAG because he is SO F***ING ARROGANT and calls himself a Prophet. LMAO! He thinks he can go around beating up people just because he is a D-list celebrity. Haha. Everyone knows what a STUPID IDIOTIC LOSER Jay is!! You and Jay need to get over your f***ing selves! Btw, I work for the make a wish foundation, am a volunteer at children's hospital (children with cancer), and visit the elderly at nurseing homes. So don't tell me how to run my life! I've NEVER seen or heard of LOSER LETO, the lead singer of 30 STD'S doing ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! Why? Because he ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF! That's why EVERYONE HATES JARED LETO a**hole!!! Now try doing what mother told you and shut the hell up!

2091 days ago


stop please he is an amazing actor end one incredible person he has done more things for the people and the enviroment than anybody else what have you done ...

1653 days ago
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