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Jen to Ang -- You Back-Door B***h

11/12/2008 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keep Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie out of the same room, if at all possible.

Aniston calls out the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her in a Vogue sitdown, saying it was "really uncool" Angie kept yapping about "how she couldn't wait to get to work every day" to see Bradley. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," says Jen.

Meanwhile, Jen says John Mayer has "matured" since they started hooking up.


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God you people are so stupid if you think a man can be "stolen". He obviously was not happy in his marriage a long time before he met Angelina. I hadn't seen him smile being out with Jennifer in a long time. Yes, he went right from his marriage to another woman but for a long time they wouldn't even stand by each other in the same room. They were trying to make it an easier transition. And TWO YEARS after it all happened and TWO YEARS ago she gave this interview. And all she said was she couldn't wait to get to work each day. She didn't say they were screwing on the set or anything intimate, just that she liked going to work. And this is what Jen is so upset about? My God woman, MOVE ON! She handled all of this with such class and now she's going to act like a pouty bitch? Angelina didn't say anything really personal. But to bring up an interview that was two years ago? Maybe she's the one that needs to shut her mouth and get over the past and herself.

2179 days ago


Ok. There are two sides to every story. I have to agree that I believe thier marriage was on the rocks before he hooked up w/Angelina. I don't think Angelina tried to rub it in Jen's face at all. They were both low key and I agree...Brad found a woman who was everything Jen wasn't. Marriage is a constant thing you must work on, and it seems that that wasn't the case w/them. I think Angelina is a beautiful woman both glamed up or dressed down. She has come a long way from where she use to be. If she wants to start her own country w/all different children from around the world...more power to her. Perhaps a Russian baby would be next on her list? Saw a show on orphans over there and it was heartbreaking(aren't they all?), Bottom line..Brad is happy w/Angelina and they are totally dedicated to the kids and Jen is all about her career and doing whatever it is that Jen likes. John Mayer and her do not match at all by the way. Let the past stay in the past or you have no future. Oh...Angie could kick Jens a$$ in a second. Just say'n.

2179 days ago


Would any of you stay in a marriage that you were not happy in? Would you still stay with someone if you no longer love them? How many just on this site have been divorced? Why didn't you stay in your marriage? How many are still stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere and want to get out? Should you stay and be miserable for the rest of your life? Leave Brad and Angie alone. They truly love each other and isn't that what it is all about?

2179 days ago


i absolutely agree w/Firefly on this. As for AJ being excited about going to work, who hasn't developed a crush on a co-worker? BUT i firmly believe, if Jennifer Aniston had given Brad Pitt a baby, he wouldn't have looked twice at AJ. life is life and it works out the way it is suppose to. Brad went on to make some beautiful babies w/AJ and JA still has her gorgeous body. and her boytoy.

2179 days ago


Jen concocted a little story in her head about how it happened, and by Angie's saying a few things that does not mesh with her story, she gets upset. Face it, Jen, Brad did fall in love with Angie and dumped you and flew into Angie's arms. It is a fact, it happens to women all the time. Just get on with your life.
Also, therapy should have taught you that you CANNOT control what other people say and do. Angie can say whatever she wants to say. The big question might be, why did Angie say this now? What provoked her??? Inquiring minds want to know.

2179 days ago

don't do it    

Actually if you read the article, Jen said that as a passing thing. This is taken way out of context. She said the rag mags have totally have blown it with her life story. She is very happy and her and Brad are not enemies, she just thought the comment was uncool. So would most normal women. She wishes him the best and she is happy in her life. End of story....but to drum up business they print a sentence here and there and make it sound like she it bitter. That is also not cool!!

2179 days ago


Jeez people, why don't you actually read the interview. Jen is not talking about the marriage or the divorce, she was referring to Angelina telling the media just last month that her & Brad did fall in love while making the movie-while he was still married. It was an extremely rude and tasteless thing to bring. And you know if you were Jen, you would fight back too.

Besides, Angelinas never been anything besides a low class whore anyway.

2179 days ago


So has nobody ever been a little thrilled to get to work because they admire someone, even though that person is unavailable to them? I think Jen is rehashing stuff that is best left alone. If Brad wanted her, he would have stayed with her. If Jen is so happy NOW and all that is a "dim memory".....then why bring it up? Who cares if Brad and Angie are happy or not together? it is their life and their choice, same as every other couple in the world...they just happen to be famous. I think it is perfectly natural that Angie had a "crush" on her co-worker, as per Jen's words....Angie stated that "he was with with his best friend and loved her" so wasn't for her at the time. So? She liked him and it gave her a thrill to get to work to see him! Big deal, it happens to almost everyone. Just not everyone gets to end up with the thrill eventually.

2179 days ago


The public (me included) are too obsessed over this. If a man cheats on his wife, the issue is between the MARRIED parties at the time. Angelina may have been the other woman, however, it was up to BRAD to stay faithful, in mind and heart. If he coudn't, then Jennifer and Brad needed to address the issue regarding their marriage. Heck, most women would throw themselves at Pitt; it's up to HIM to decline, if he is married to someone. At this stage, the whole world should move on by now. Yeah, the timing of that break up/hook up was so obvious. Too bad Jenn will be linked to him for the rest of her life, being in the public eye.

2179 days ago


Brad made a decision three years and six kids ago.
Go away Jen and shut up. now.

2179 days ago


Seriously i do think Angelina needs to knock it off in sharing so much intimate details with the media. They want privacy, yet they can't stop telling the media about their lives.

2179 days ago


Chips, i disagree with you. A woman SHOULD NOT have a baby just to keep a man by her side. And if Brad left Jennifer just for that reason and he's with Angelina just because of the babies, he's a pathetic man. Basically Brad loves a woman just because she gives him babies, if not, he leaves them? It's ridiculous to think or to be this way.

2179 days ago


Good Grief - take John Boy Oscar Meyer and take an extended vacation already. I never like Friends - you suck as an actress - please just go away! So sick of Aniston!

2179 days ago


Jenn is just a has-been sitcom actress, trying to stay in the limelight. She imply does not have international star power like Angelina.

The scene at LAX last year, where photogs supposedly swamped her at her arrival, was as staged as it gets.
She should buy herself a gigolo and retire. At least she is rich.

2179 days ago


OMG, that was so three years ago. Get over it Aniston and you all need to get over it too.

2179 days ago
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