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Jen to Ang -- You Back-Door B***h

11/12/2008 4:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keep Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie out of the same room, if at all possible.

Aniston calls out the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her in a Vogue sitdown, saying it was "really uncool" Angie kept yapping about "how she couldn't wait to get to work every day" to see Bradley. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss," says Jen.

Meanwhile, Jen says John Mayer has "matured" since they started hooking up.


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Angie CADNNOT adopt in the US. Psych and drug past.

2150 days ago


Jenny made millions and millions off brad so he can F who he wants too-she only wanted his money and she does!.She is dead at the box office and brad was her only shoe in-she can`t replace the PR she got from being with bart so she`s over next hollywood hotpuss

2150 days ago


Just remember Jen, Karma's a B***H! Angelina and Brad will get what's coming to them.

2150 days ago

Goldie B    

I have to agree with Jen. Angis is just tacky. Wanting to show the kids the movie that their mommy and daddy fell in love on. That is gross.

2150 days ago


Angelina is a homewrecker. I don't even see the beauty people see in her. I asked my ex boyfriend what was so attractive about her because he was so in love with her and all he could say was her lips. She has DSL...that's why guys are so attracted to her. She knew Brad was married. Married people are off limits! Shows what kind of person Angie is; also shows what kind of person Brad is. They're perfect for each other... they're filth! Jennifer is way better off without him if he's that kind of person.

2150 days ago


The breakup with Pitt is all she really has to hold on to these day's...she say's she's over it, yet it's all she ever talk's's over, he's moved on...get back to work already

2150 days ago


Jolie can be quite the self-serving jerk. Maybe she's doing these good things now trying to undo all her bad karma.

2150 days ago


Why is this horseface loser given any publicity? She must wonder why no one wants to marry her. It's no surprise why Brad left this pitiful, ignorant, bitch. Get a life and leave your horseface nonsense for John Mayer. By the way, poor John looks like he is facing a prison sentence.

2150 days ago


Jen is only making these comments NOW because she has a moving coming out. So predictable. She needs to get over it!

2150 days ago


Angie said they fell in love while shooting the film. She did NOT say they had sex. It is possible that they waited until his marriage ended before having sex. Oh, and if Jen had paid more attention to her marriage instead of her B movie career she might still have Brad.

2150 days ago


You go Jen!! This is long overdue. Brad is a dog for doing it and Angelina is and always was a whore.

2150 days ago


#56 - Hello, Jen was on friends when she was married to Brad, and she was making 1 Mill and episode ! Brad made, what
2 movies while they were married. She was the money maker !! Duhhh !!! And also noticed in an interview I saw on the internet last night with Brad. He said he is exhausted, and sleep is non existent. He looked like hell, and like he was about to crack. As much as he wanted kids, I somehow dont think he realized what Angelina was going to get him into. Regardless of who your parents are, I feel bad for those kids cause none of them are grounded, schooling is little to none, and how do you pay attention to each one. Someone is always going to feel left out or unloved. Just how it goes in big families. 1 or 2 of them is going to resent Brad & Angie when they get older. Guaranteed. As for Jen, I dont think she would have said anything abut Brad and Angelina had the interviewer not asked her, and not to mention it was the same mag Angelina was on, where she spilled on those secrets. Anyone else kinda think Vogue is stiring things up. Jennifer is way over Brad, not like Brad has a long history of keeping partners either. Sooo, I do also think it's a matter of time before Angelin tires of Brad. He's much older then her, and he'll start to crap out. She I think has a fixation with all these kids so she is never alone. Think about it. All these kids keep you company till your dieing day, man or no man.

2150 days ago


Jen has been a class act for the past few years keeping it quiet. She's only human and deserves an opportunity to speak her mind -- especially since Angelina crossed the line. I never cared for Angelina and her recent comments about the relationship make her come across as desperately insecure. Jen is looking fabulous and deserves some of the spot light. Sorry Angie -- you can't have it all. As for Brad, he has aged considerably since he's been with Angie. Good luck with that!

2150 days ago

Lee Ann    

Jen's starving for attention. She's laughable. BTW, she was married to BRAD, not ANGELINA!!

2150 days ago

I Agree...........    

Hey.........Aniston had her chance, Brad wanted kids and she didn't!!! So now she just better suck it up and quit crying about it! I think Brad and Angie make a beautiful couple and they have a lovely family.

2150 days ago
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