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Rivers Runs Through

Michelle O's Wardrobe

11/12/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers tore into the First Lady-Elect's wardrobe yesterday, whining that Michelle O needs to start channeling Jackie O -- stat! Then again, what the hell does Joan Rivers know about fashion?!
Joan Rivers: Click to watch


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damn ur dumb    

When will it become a race thing?

Posted at 8:09AM on Nov 12th 2008 by Lenn K.

That came from nowhere, Funny that those who complain about the race card are the first ones to even mention it.

2178 days ago


The majority of these comments = Perfect examples of a major problem in the world right now.... People are losing their families (In Iraq), their homes (to foreclosure), and their jobs - and a bunch of you bitches want to sit here criticizing the dress she wore.
Pull your heads out of your ass for awhile and get some fresh air.

2178 days ago

northern gypsy    

couldn't help but think that black & red number M.O. was wearing on election night was less than flattering...altho...all through the campaign she was flawless...hey...we all have a few slip ups !!!

2178 days ago

Roxanne F.    

Michelle Obama never was and never will be anything like Jackie O. Jackie O had style, class and grace, and those are the few things that money can't buy. Michelle Obama is a militant and hates white people. It is a travesty of our times that she is even allowed to be in the White House. She is not my First Lady!

2178 days ago

blues fan    

I'm a lot more concerned with what Michelle is going to do, than with what she wears....although I agree, the red-and-black number was a definite "miss". Mrs. Obama has a brilliant mind and I can't wait to see which cause she chooses to support -- I have already written to her and asked her to consider lending her support as First Lady to our nation's foster-care system.

2178 days ago


I don't usually agree with Joan Rivers on much, but Michelle Obama is not much of a dresser. She needs to step it up.

2178 days ago


I don't like this Obama woman at all! "America is mean" will always be how I think of her. And her clothing is atrocious. She is very masculine and unattractive. She is just ugly on the inside. No makeover is going to change that. I'm just waiting until the real Obama's emerge.....

2178 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

This from the Sarah Coventry of QVC.

2178 days ago


I agree. Michelle CAN NOT dress. I know someone said she was "statuesque" and I definitely don't buy it. Don't try to be nice. She looks very manly. She has very harsh features.

Does it really matter what she looks like though? I mean, honestly, shouldn't we care more about her actions and plans than what she wears? I also do not think that she is a communist because she wore a red and black dress. Wearing an ugly dress was her only offense.

2178 days ago


Politics aside, that particular dress made her look like a used panty liner.

2178 days ago


Maybe the dress was a little out there, but usually.. Michelle dresses very classy. Do we all dress perfect? NO!
Joan Rivers and her fugly daughter, shouldnt comment on anyone. Who knows what Joan really looks like, if she continues with the surgeries, she will be sporting a Michael Jackson face mask next. I never uderstood how two ugly women, where fashion authorities.

2178 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #17 (disturbed)
my breathing is fine...thxs...i go on this site to get alittle entertainment...before...ventureing out into the world & have to deal with all the issues you've stated above...sooo relax...ok???

2178 days ago


I would like to hear what Michelle Obama thinks of Joan's FACE.

2178 days ago


Do you think Michelle gives a darn what Joan Rivers thinks? She wouldn't recognize her if she fell over her, because she's a strong woman with an executive career and a great family, not a Hollywood floozie.

2178 days ago


I HATE Joan Rivers, and her daughter, but for once in her life, she is right about something. Have to agree with Joan on this one, although she could stand a complete overhaul herself. Michelle Obama compared to Jackie Kennedy - WHAT A JOKE! Jackie is spinning in her grave!

2178 days ago
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