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Rivers Runs Through

Michelle O's Wardrobe

11/12/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers tore into the First Lady-Elect's wardrobe yesterday, whining that Michelle O needs to start channeling Jackie O -- stat! Then again, what the hell does Joan Rivers know about fashion?!
Joan Rivers: Click to watch


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Michelle Obama needs a personality makeover, and plastic surgery to remove that angry hateful expression

2179 days ago


Who cares what some ugly old blowhard has to say anyway? Joan Rivers and her spawn used up their 15 minutes of fame long ago.

2179 days ago


#38- I believe Obama will do the best job he can, as would any of the candidates, but really nimrod, the slogans and mindless chants of change, hope and unity are getting stale. That was campaign rhetoric that you'll see even Obama will drop. This country, and the world, is facing many complicated problems to manage, and there is no snappy sayings or taunting that will help. I'm sure you're a major contributor to decent society, the economy and productivity, but if you want to claim change is in the air, start with the changing the air around your own head.

2179 days ago


Michelle Obama is ugly and has no fashion sense...Cindy McCain would have been a nicer and classier first lady!

2179 days ago


#29 Roxanne f.

Right On!!

She is not my first lady either......
they both scare the shi$ out of me.

2179 days ago


Does the world really care what some old dried out c*nt like Joan Rivers has to say?? No wonder her husband offed himself.

2179 days ago

bite me    

Elaine, here is the possible scenarios for Mrs Durhams passing.
#1 she passed 2 weeks before the election, hence the reason O went to Hawaii. maybe/maybe not if ture, there was a lie perpetrated for sympathy votes
#1 she passed Nov 3rd, the night before the election. maybe/maybe not, He hasnt been back to Hawaii, so O didnt feel it necessary to give the departed his precious time for a memorial or funeral

So either way, sounds like an uncaring person for a for his own family, how should he care about the rest of us. Answer HE DOESNT, it is all about HIM!!

2179 days ago


Is she still alive? Joan Rivers needs to go sit down somewhere, I remember being plastic when I was 8 yrs. old now I'm 35 yrs. old. She looks like a muppet.

2179 days ago


No this old bitch didn't...I thought she was dead already?

2179 days ago


Bryon Wolf Joan Rivers tore into the Bryon Wolf First Lady-Elect's wardrobe yesterday, whining that Michelle O needs to start channeling Jackie O -- stat! Then again, what t Bryon Wolf he hell does Joan Rivers know about fashion?! Bryon Wolf

2179 days ago


# 50 You must be a pill popper too. Cause you can relate to how high she was on stage. Cindy Mccain is a plastic face pill addict and a whore who had a affair with Mccain while his wife was sick and you call that class, go get a head scan.

2179 days ago


Joan Rivers has been channeling Indian shrunken heads for years. Someone stuff a sock in that flapping jowl of hers.

2179 days ago


When does the change and unity kick in?

2179 days ago


Once again Americans show how superficial they are. Worrying about a dress and whether Michelle Obama is beautiful, a militant, has style, has no style, needs a makeover, etc. etc. Why don't you get your shallow heads out of your lame asses and worry about something that counts, the fact that your country is in a mess, over a million people have lost their jobs, are losing their homes by the thousands and more of this to follow. Instead of finding fault with the first family, try SUPPORTING them.

2179 days ago


There's no pleasing you folks. If she wore super-expensive designer clothes made just for her, you'd complain. If she wears not so expensive clothes available to the non-rich - you complain. If she's not grinning all the time, she's "angry". If she were grinning all the time, she would be "fake". I'm sure there is no color she could wear that would please you, either. You would come up with some insidious ulterior motive and obnoxious connection with something...

You all are going to have to get used to Presidential wives who have a life beyond standing around "looking pretty", who actually think about more than what to wear the next day, who are as highly educated and have as many marketable skills as their husbands, and who have nothing in common with the likes of Joan Rivers and the Hollywood set. (Remember Hillary Clinton? The ex-Presidential wife who was qualified to be President herself and had the votes to prove it?) This one has a lot more on her mind (and in it) than trying to please the unpleasable.

One of these days we're going to have a "First Lady" who actually just politely declines the role entirely, saying she's too busy with her own work (totally unrelated to her husband's political activities). In other words, the "twofer" deal (elect the man, get the woman for free) won't last forever. Whatever will you do then? You'll have to just snark at the guy's choice of suits.

2179 days ago
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