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Barack Wants You, Unless You Did 63 Bad Things

11/13/2008 11:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a questionnaire circulating from Barack Obama's peeps that everyone gets if they're up for a Presidential appointment. The short story -- Obama wants all the skeletons out on the table before he nominates anyone.

There are 63 questions prospective nominees must answer. Barack wants to know if the person has sent embarrassing emails, whether that person has been accused of sexual harassment, late in paying child or spousal support. He always wants to know about arrests, and, of course, those pesky housekeepers.

Click to read questionnaire.


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Why is the name "Clinton" scrawled around #'s 30-31 ? (hand written)

2133 days ago


This is funny considering Obama would never pass a low level national security test.

2133 days ago


He thinks he can fool-proof his cabinet threw 63 questions? Nice attempt so he can say in the end "I didn't know about it", but it won't make whatever scandal comes up go away. Plus just b/c they haven't been in a scandal yet, doesn't mean they won't

2133 days ago


I heard yesterday that Obama gets his hair cut weekly and will be moving his barber to DC. Will he move into the white house?
Maybe he could camp out in the Lincoln bedroom!

2133 days ago


Nobody is going to work for the man. Everyone has skeletons. And no one in their right mind is going to put what they're hiding on paper. I mean, this questionare was exposed on this site. Just imagine something embarrassing getting out. I believe this man is going to be worst than Ford was. He's all flash, no substance, and it isn't going to take long for even the most jaded voter to see that.

2133 days ago


Why is the name "Clinton" written beside question #31? Hmmmmmmm...

2133 days ago


Charlie are you copying me?

2133 days ago


I think Obama will be good for this country! I assist in the hiring process at the small office I work at -- and he's just doing the same thing we do, albeit more thorough. Prospective employees put their best foot forward, exaggerate their qualifications, and gloss over faults. We have to pick through and find who we feel is the best fit, the one least likely to embarrass our small office, the one least likely to draw customer complaints, the one most likely to work hard . . .who you hire is a reflection upon your office (or presidency, as the case may be). I admire him for starting off with this . . .letting people know that he is trying to pick the most moral, and the person most qualified for the job.

I think it's great that he is doing it so publicly, so that we, who hired him, have the opportunity to oversee his work.

Any other presidents you know of who set up a website inviting the public for their feedback? Until now, US presidency has been a bit of a dictatorship --- not really caring what the public wnats/thinks/needs . . .they just do what they want (right, Georgie? Guy started a war based mainly on the fact that "these guys went after my daddy!")

Hurrah for Obama!!

2133 days ago

Dyna ™    

January 20th, 2009.... the end of an error!!!

2133 days ago

Off The Rack    

Abby, Hemline University? There's no such thing. Before you copy and paste your adopted rhetoric perhaps you should check its validity?

2133 days ago


Yeah, I'm sure they are going to answer the questionnaire honestly right???

2133 days ago


So? What is wrong with asking a few questions to make sure someone is fit for office? Sounds like he is on the ball to me.

2133 days ago


abby #10, to re-iterate what Ya Lemming posted, check your facts. A simple check to snopes will show that the numbers are completely inaccurate (along with the corresponding conclusion), the university name is inaccurate, and that Professor Olson confirmed he didn't write the piece

2133 days ago


Sen. Obama's experience at a world class law firm is going to come in handy for all of us! THIS IS HOW YOU GO ABOUT HAVING ETHICAL PEOPLE AROUND YOU - you check them out throughly! It the type of vetting you go through to be on a WORLD CLASS TEAM - GO AMERICA! GO OBAMA!

2133 days ago


well said Starby! Here, Here!

2133 days ago
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