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Barack Wants You, Unless You Did 63 Bad Things

11/13/2008 11:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a questionnaire circulating from Barack Obama's peeps that everyone gets if they're up for a Presidential appointment. The short story -- Obama wants all the skeletons out on the table before he nominates anyone.

There are 63 questions prospective nominees must answer. Barack wants to know if the person has sent embarrassing emails, whether that person has been accused of sexual harassment, late in paying child or spousal support. He always wants to know about arrests, and, of course, those pesky housekeepers.

Click to read questionnaire.


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I seriously doubt that Obama could pass his own test. Of course he's the special ONE. He gets a free ride on everything.

2169 days ago


What a JOKE Obama is when he WOULDN'T answer questions about is past associates!!!!!!!roflmao

2169 days ago


Obomination, as I clearly stated, I will be more than happy to give you a bevy of positives that Barack has done for the people in the U.S. if you tell me what McCain has done ..... it's as simple as that ..... I am an honest person and will comply ..... just as you have the right to ask a question I have the right to ask one of you ...... but I won't go back and forth .... I am ready with my trigger finger when you are ....

2169 days ago

Dyna ™    

The man hasn't even taken office yet and all ready the folks that lost their vote are complaining. Give him a chance, then IF you voted, bitch if he doesn't come through. Why build up the ulcer now? I feel better knowing that Jan. 20th will be here soon. 8 years of a mess has been 8 years too long!

2169 days ago


What a hypocrite! Obama refused to release his complete medical records, his college and law school records, his complete bar application, and his state senate records; yet, he wants low-level appointments to spill the beans by releasing their records. The stupid voters who voted for the idiot Obama know nothing about the real Obama. he is going to be the President with nuclear codes. It's a travesty that the Media and Hollywood created this image of Obama that is completely false. Obama and Dumocrat cronies just want the 411 on the secrets of everyone, but Obama's past is shrouded in mystery. Complete morons.

2169 days ago



2169 days ago

Get Real    

Note he didn’t ask the question "Do you associate with known terrorists to the United State, foreign or domestic?".......trying to avoid hypocrisy perhaps?

2169 days ago

bite me    

ok ONpoint, I can answer that.

He has been a Congressman and Senator for a combined 20 years +. He was also a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is a standing committee of the House of Representatives, which is in charge of bills and investigations related to the foreign affairs of the United States. He also joined the the Commerce Committee and the Indian Affairs Committee. McCain was also a strong supporter of the Gramm-Rudman legislation that enforced automatic spending cuts in the case of budget deficits. In 1994, he worked with Democratic Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform, the same agreement that Obama agreed to abide by in the beginning of the campaign but Obama "changed his mind" (must be part of the change he is looking for). In 1997, McCain became chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee. In 1998, McCain proposed legislation that would increase cigarette taxes in order to fund anti-smoking campaigns, discourage teenage smokers, increase money for health research studies, and help states pay for smoking-related health care costs. McCain received a PROFILE IN COURAGE AWARD.

All this in addition to his selfless heroism as a US war hero, I think should be sufficient for now, but I could go on.

OK Onpoint, your turn

2169 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Obama's accomplishments? He was born to a single mother and managed to get himself(without Affirmative Action) through Harvard Law School and was president of the Harvard Law Review. He could have gone to New York and become a hot shot Wall Street lawyer, but he chose to go to Chicago and become an inner city community organizer. He then ran for state senate and became a US Senator in 2004. All of the right wingers laughed at his community organizer position, but it is now obvious that those skills are what won him the election, the ground campaign. He is a VERY intellegent, methodical thinker, and has the perfect temperment to lead this country. We have all seen what kind of hot headed, shot first kind of temperment McCain showed. That was why he lost - erratic and confusing decision making. All of the Palin supporters wanted "joe'six pack" hockey Mom" "just like you and me" kind of VP..then why are acoomplishements such a big deal?? Obama has never cheated on his wife, Michelle never had a drug problem, there are no teenage pregnancies, no Keating Five...there are questions of accomplishements and judgement on BOTH sides, it is done and Obama won. The majority of Americans trust Obama's judgement and temperment more - he will do just fine.

2169 days ago


Only reason they havent been in a scandal yet is because american public wanted a black president to prove how much we as a nation have grown and how open minded we are. He had a terrorist as a roomamte his aunt is living in america illegally he has only been in any kindof of office for 6 months. But instead of those being big issues how much sarah palin spent on her wardrobe was the hot topic issue. Not to mention that obama spent millions more pushing back the world series game and having 30 minutes of political commercials on the three major networks. No one really talked about how in this economy that was a flagrant misuse of funds somehow palins 150k on clothes was so much more unsuitable for our tastes. This country has been blinded by money and flash and when Obama gets into office and is completely unprepared we have no one to blame but ourselves.

2169 days ago


Bottom line is Barack has won and it cannot be reversed. I for one wish him all of the success in cleaning up the massive mess that Bush is leaving behind. Talk about what credentials does Barack have ..... Bush had none and he did not try to hide it.

Questioning anyone about his accomplishments or his experience is obsurd especially when Sarah Palin had even less than Barack and McCain was on the same level as Barack both held the title senator .... McCain for years and Barack for about 3 and now he has elevated himself by winning the presidency ..... so when people attempt to attack they should really be fair on all levels ......

2169 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Oh, and let's not forget McCain's other "accomplishements - he voted with America's all time worst president - "W" - 90% of the time (no maverick) and also pretty much deregulated every major bank and mortage institution (he also wanted to deregulate social security). That, my friends, is what got us into this mess!

2169 days ago


beep beep jeep,

You have been reading the garbage propaganda of the Obama campaign. Obama had a massive drug problem that included cocaine. He was a spoiled rich kid who went to private schools that were paid for by his VP Bank grandmother and Palestinian Sugar Daddies like al-Mansour. His mother dumped him in Hawaii. She nver raised him. She was a whore who slept with Muslim men. His grades were crappy in college; that is why he never released them but he did state in his book that his grades in college sucked. His community organizing jobs were a joke. He did it to join the corrupt Chicago political machine. You are an idiot for voting for Uhbama.

2169 days ago

Independent for Barack    

You all need to just get over it. Election over......Obama is president elect. Btw, Jindal/Romney 2012!!!!

2169 days ago


You people are pathetic. The guy hasn't even taken office and you're already bitching and moaning -- about what, I don't know. I think you guys just want to keep up with the hate and vitriolic behavior pre-election, becuase it makes you sad people happy. What are you going to do when Obama gets in office and truly kicks ass to get this country on the right path again? I am getting the true realization that Republicans are truly unAmerican. Give the guy a chance at least. You've heard and hurled the phrase "love it or leave it?" I think its beginning to apply to you sore Republican losers.

2169 days ago
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