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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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To Firefly #15. Your comment is the most intelligent one posted to date! Aniston has repeatedly knocked herself out to appear in every news magazine, TV talk, Internet comments, Blogs and on, and on, and on. She selfishly denied giving her husband children , and yet, she doesn't mind using precious St. Jude children, by posing with one, to give the appearance she "really" cares. Sure, there is a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy for $5.00, too. Brad has finally become a father with a woman who is highly intelligent, and one Aniston cannot begin to compete with. It all boils down to "jealously" on her part. Surely, she will continue to make "headlines?" Fortunately, the savvy public doesn't buy it, nor do they care anymore.

2172 days ago


Brad and Angelina are the ones who need to shut the hell up. They are both disgusting and Jen deserves credit for keeping quiet for so long! Angelina is nothing more than a whore who collects children. What does she do, go kid shopping with swatches.."ooohh, I need one this color now". Jen is a class act and I hope she told Brad to shove it up his ass!

2172 days ago


Brad Pitt should blow it out his UGLY ass. He has alot of balls to tell Jennifer to shut up, when his UGLY, SKANKY, WHORE OF A HOMEWRECKER, just keeps on blabbing about everyrthing and everything. and rubbing it in Jennifers face, so she is only defending herself because of all the LIES BRAD told her about him"F--King the mother of all HOMEWRECKERS. Isn't he the one rubbing it her face as well with the UGLY ASS photo of that crazy bitch he's calls the love of his life. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM TO BREAK UP, WHAT GOES ROUND COMES AROUND AND THESE TWO SKANKS DESERVE EVERYTHING THATS COMING TO THEM.

2172 days ago


#73 sandanna - "Everyone gets away with this behavior, it's a natural part of human culture." Interesting projection of your own mentality onto "everybody". It probably seems that way to you because the people you attract think like you and that makes it seem universal. Healthier people wouldn't hang around with you. The world is bigger then you can apparently grasp, and I pity the fool that gets tangled up with you.

2172 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is the most pathetic person. She claims she over the whole "thing" & wants no pity. If she was over the whole "thing" & was not wanting pity she'd shut her mouth and move on; meaning, she would be living in the present instead of whining about the past. I'd say the reason she can't have a healthy relationship is because she is living in the past. Jennifer, shut up & grow up!

2172 days ago


Angelina never say they cheated while Brad was still married to Jennifer. All that was said was that they fell in love during the making of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and she couldn't wait to get to work. You can fall in love with somebody without having sex. So Angelina is right when she says that she didn't want to be like her father and cheat with a married person.

Yes, Angelina and Brad fell in love when he was still married but isn't it possible that sex wasn't involved early on -- not until Jennifer filed for a divorce?

2172 days ago


I hear he wears that helmet to bed because Jolie has gumball fantasies.

2172 days ago


How Brad and Angelina got hooked up is no ones business. They are both equally as guilty. But You can't stop who you fall for. We are all guilty at one point or another. So let it be.

2172 days ago


Ok, if this story is even remotely true, Brad Pitt is a bigger jerk than I originally thought. You cheat on your wife with a skank who thinks that she can go around spouting off about your relationship WHILE you were married, and your EX-WIFE, who YOU CHEATED ON, should just stay silent? That's such garbage. I think Brad and Angelina are both pieces of sh*t and I feel sorry for their kids. Jen took the high road and wished them well, I would have hung them both out to dry. Anyone who thinks Jen should move on, Wake up, she was Angelina who brought it back up AGAIN...I guess the newest adoption to keep her in the spotlight is taking longer than usual.....GO TEAM ANISTON

2172 days ago


Butterfly, you throw the word intelligent around as if you know what it means. Shrewd and manipulative fool some people into thinking it's intelligence, but it's not.

2172 days ago


I completely agree with Aniston's comments that she made in the Vogue interview, but I can also see where Pitt is coming from. He's with Angelina now, so he's gonna have to take her side. Although Jennifer was very kind to him in the interview, the comments she made does bring that whole "Jolie is a Homewrecker, Brad is an Adulterer" arguments back in full force. And seeing as they both have movies coming out, I'm sure that's not what they want audiences to think about when they go to the theaters. That being said, I do think Jolie started it by making all the comments she's made over the years about how she fell for Brad, while at the same time (possibly unintentionally) casting Aniston as a loser. I think Brad and Angelina are great together, but come on, they do seem like they're really starting to believe the crazy hype that they're "saints." Someone, anyone, needs to give them a reality check.
So the timing of her comments, while helping her movie, will probably hurt theirs, (especially since Angelina's movie is out now). She's hitting them in the pocketbooks, and I personally think that's brilliant.

2172 days ago


good for Jen for finally saying something. angie - shut up and go have another baby or something!

2172 days ago


I love Angeleina as an actor and humanitarian but I have to side with Jen on this one. She has done amazingly well with keeping her opinions to herself and maintaining her composure thru a very public and humiliating divorce. Not only that but Angelina rubs it in her face every chance she gets with those kids and her life with Brad. Jen said one thing. Finally let the world know how she felt and this is what she gets. Pooh on you Brangelina. Pooh on you.

2172 days ago


I'm sure Angie will be right where Jen was, so as she finds out about Brads B*tt budy George C.....its only a matter of time before Brad and Angie have whats coming to them, those poor kids,

2172 days ago

Pretty Vegas    

How can any person of integrity defend or justify the actions of an adulterer?

Firefly, you must spend alot of time on your back with someone else's've got it all figured out...of course from the stand point of a selfish pig. If the love is gone then leave before you takes on a whore. That's the right thing to do. But I"m sure you wouldn't know anything about the right thing to do, since you just drop your knickers for every married cheater that states "the love is gone."

AJ and BP are both nasty, diseased white trash. And could anyone go where Billy Bob Thornton has been? GROSS!

BP should be telling his slut to shut up.

Brangelina should also keep in mind that they are putting a ton of weight in the high and mighty chair, eventually the legs will give under the pressure....the bigger they are the harder they fall. I just hope 3 or 4 of those nasty rugrats are under the chair when it falls.

They have nothing to be proud of and there is no amount of UN work that can be done to change the fact that AJ is a bimbo and a husband stealer. She needs to quit trying to be something she ain't.....a lady.

JA has shown so much grace and class since Brad left her, way more than either of those 2 losers deserve. If he called her, I hope she ripped him a new one.

2172 days ago
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