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Brad Tells Jen to Shut It

11/13/2008 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt allegedly was none too happy about Jen Aniston slamming his baby mama in Vogue mag.

The Chicago Sun-Times cites a "very close source" of Brangelina who says AJ and BP were "totally thrown" by the Aniston interview, in which she said Ange was "uncool" for yapping about the beginnings of Brangelina in public. So much so, a source tells the paper, Brad actually called Jen to complain.

Aniston's people say any communication between Brad and Jen is "nobody's business."


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Angelina Jolie has brought this upon herself by talking about the subject in the first place and if it is true that Pitt complained to his former wife, then he should place the blame in the right place - with his current partner. Of course Aniston herself knew that her husband had cheated with another woman but to the public it was always unclear as to whether their relationship had actually started then of not. I am not a fan of Ms. Aniston but she has behaved with great dignity throughout this entire period and is getting on with her life. She still has to deal with ongoing abuse on the boards from people who nothing about her, her marriage or the divorce.

It would be in the interests of Pitt and Jolie with he could persuade her to talk less about their personal life. No one needs to know all the personal aspects of her life, every detail about the children, the endless talk of more children etc. etc. It is tasteless and unnecessary.

2171 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

Sorry to say this but Brad Pitt's life seems to have changed for the better ever since he dumped Jen because he's become a father, found a sense of purpose in raising awareness of international issues, gotten more into architecture and helped raise money and rebuilt New Orleans. Jen's still in the same place she was four years ago, and if Brad was still with her he'd be too.

Brad's star shines too bright for Jen to tarnish it. I don't think it helps anybody for her to keep talking up whether or not his break with her was clean. It just kind of gives her a woman scorned persona going that is never going to be as popular as the girl next door persona she had as Rachel Green.

2171 days ago


Go Jen!!! If anyone in that group of three has the right to say anything...I believe it's Jennifer Aniston. Had that been me, I would have blown it out a long time ago. need to shut it! What you and Ange did was wrong and immoral. You broke the wedding vows you took not Jen. What Brad...can't handle the fact that the general public doesn't really believe that Angelina is a Saint!

2171 days ago


All you guys need to F@#k up and come out of people lives. Things like these are happening everyday to millions of people in the world and you all know it so why the big commotion? Oh, is it because these folks are celebrities so you expect them to be like angels amongst men? They are humans like you and me, stuff happen and they are living with it, you all should too and stop complaining as if they give a F@$k about you!!!!!

2171 days ago


Angelina Jolie ROCKS. Let Jennifer Aniston try to copy her Vogue cover...that's all she CAN do! She's still trying to break into good movies while Jolie is about to get nominated for an Oscar for 'Changeling'! AND Aniston is still not married and she's almost 40---weird. I just don't see how people can get angry that Jolie and Pitt fell in love, when it's so obvious their priorities are the same. Didn't ANYONE see that interview of Pitt and Aniston when he got teary about wanting children and she just sat their with that cold-stone facial expression?!? TEAM JOLIE ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYYY.

2171 days ago


to al you people that are stating Jen should move on.....uhhh excuse me she has and is trying's the mighty Jolie that should stop trying to prove to the world how saint herunion with brad is , we all know how it came about, if i were you i would not re hash it
how dare you take a married man........insist there was nothing going on during his marrage to jennifer...then have half a dozen kids with him and feel its ok to say what she me she is trying constantly togive value to something that we all know was VERY UNCOOL!!!!!!!
just shut up......if you can comment on something that jennifer was involved in and was very dear to her...uh hello Jennifer was VERY cool and polite with her statement...

2171 days ago

Di from Chey    

See, that’s the difference between Brad and Jennifer. Brad, as is reported, called the ex to voice his concerns over her Vogue interview. On the other hand, Jennifer would much rather tell her complaint to the entire world than go directly to Brad and Angelina. What a coward Jennifer Aniston is. Another thing….Aniston is the one who isn’t much of an actor. Those dumb comedies she’s been in are duds. She can’t act in a dramatic role to save her pitiful black soul. Jolie and Pitt are the great actors….not Aniston.

2171 days ago


#67, if this bothers you so much stop reading the comments or better, stop coming on tmz...where it is all about celeverties...hellooooooooooo

2171 days ago


I didn't think Brad had a license anymore to tell Jenny what to say or do anymore. Hey Angelina, does he tell you what to say? Oh that's right, he doesn't have a license for that either!

2171 days ago


I think Angelian Jolie and Brad Pitt shup up about cheating, not Jen.

2171 days ago


I think Angelian Jolie and Brad Pitt shup up about cheating, not Jen.

2171 days ago


Frankly I am sick to death of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and jennifer Aniston. Not one of then can act decently. None of us really know what went on between Aniston and Pitt during their marriage other than what the media has said and the media is really not reliable with the truth. As for Jolie, she strikes me as a truly sick individual. Having babies and adopting children does not make you a parent. Whether Jolie and Pitt stay together is yet to be seen. I for one doubt they will...hell they can't even committ to a marriage. It all comes down to Pitt was still very much married to Aniston when he took up with Jolie. He was not even man enough to end his marriage before taking up with Jolie. As for Jolie, she is horrible and a hypocrite. Aniston needs to let it go. So she may not have wanted children...that does not make her a bad wife. I find it very honest when someone does not have children they do not want. You bring children into the world you really don't want only makes the lives of the children worse. But frankly Jolie, Pitt and Aniston all need to just forget it. It is over and done. Pitt will eventually go his way and Jolie will eventually go hers. Aniston needs to get some therapy and maybe just retire and enjoy her millions.

2171 days ago


I'm sorry, but if Brad really did do that, he is a pompous ass !! That wasnt cool of Angelina to broadcast all over the globe in a well known magazine how her and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr&Mrs. Smith while he was married to Jennifer Aniston, her all along not knowing what was going on. Give me a break. If it was okay for Angelina to rub it in Jens face, then it's okay for Jen to voice her opinion on how her marriage was ruined by another woman, (husband stealer Angelina - who by the way also broke up the marriage of Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton), in a very adult way. F' Brad. I swear I dont care how many kids they adopt, how how many houses they build in New Orleans, or good will ambassador aside, it's just to make themselves look good for the crap they pulled on blindsiding his wife at the time Jennifer. F the two of them !! Angelina is fun to look at, but Jennifer by far is way better looking, and her attitude now about what she went through years ago, she should be given some credit, and let be to say what she wants. She is finally ready to talk about it, in a very nice way, so let the woman talk !! Screw Brad and Angelina.

2171 days ago


I believe Jen was just nicely telling the homewrecking whore to shut her trap. All that woman does is continue to throw it in Jen's face about how in love they are and how they have a nice litter of children and everything's so perfect. I think she has to keep convincing the public that even though she broke up a marriage, we should all praise her. Please.

Brad, tell your skank to shut her trap and open her legs, it's the only thing she's good for anyway.

2171 days ago

people are so ignorant    

1. If this story is true then poooh on Brad. Angie shouldn't have disrespected Jennifer by saying anything about how their relationship started. We all know he cheated and it's just a slap in the face for it to be annouced to the world like it's something romantic. There is nothing romantic about cheating!!!!!! If I was Jennifer, I wouldn't have been so classy as she has up to this point. And I don't think it's wrong of her to finally say how she feels. She has kept quiet for so long and was probably hounded over and over again to make a statement then everyone is surprized when she finally open up???

Message to Brad: If your not happy in a relationship then you leave BEFORE you start another one. Besides, Jennifer
didn't say anything bad or hateful about you. Even now she still has warm wishes for you. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Message to Angie: Nothing to say to the other woman except having six kids does not make you a saint!!

Posted at 8:33AM on Nov 13th 2008 by littlebigmomma

AMEN! I couldn't have said it better... angelina is no saint...lost all the respect I had for that woman when she did what she did with Brad.

She's disgusting.

2171 days ago
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