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Jennifer Aniston:

I Am So Dating John Mayer

11/13/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Oprah today, and she actually talked. And smiled!

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 9.17.56 AM

The two not only discussed Jen dating John Mayer, but they also talked about her feelings toward Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile. Oprah definitely has the power to get people to talk about anything.


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nira k    

Manipulative bitch. Talking about Brad whenever she has a sorry movie due out. She has had her day and its now time for her to go home. She's too old to be playing the cutsie little girl. Its sickening. She cant keep a man, can't sell a movie without linking her name to Pitt/Jolie and can't seem to keep her ego in check. She is pathetic. People thought John Mayer was a user? Well he's met his match.

2138 days ago

ready for change    

Hated Friends, can't stand Aniston .. Brad moved on, wanted a family and now has one..

2138 days ago


Jen is a hot woman, esp for her age. You people that criticize her are either brainwashed by that bitch or you are jealous . She looked totally adorable here and down to earth. There is no way a person with any sense could prefer angelina . I used to like angelina till i realized she's an attention whore just adopting kids to make herself and her insecurities feel better. Her kids always look dirty and she always is treating her adopted kids better. She's a sick c***. Not only that but she doesn't have any female friends, why? Cause all she cares about is running around and ruining women's life for a challenge. You wait brad will dump that bitch and will be sorry he lost jen. Jen is the marrying type. Angelina is the F and Dump type.

2138 days ago


Jen is pathetic...attention seeker want-a-be A-lister. For all the Brad bashers...think of it...Jen has relationship issues, period!..Not close to her own Mother or Father...guys run for the hills after a short time with her. If she wants to stay in the limelight she needs to produce some good movie roles where we can take her seriously

2138 days ago


Way to go Jen to go back to the man that dumped you in the most humiliating way before. But then, it seems you are no prize since no one stays with you and your "talent" ended with friends.

2138 days ago


Also you women try to get over being cheated on and left for another woman , when you are married, not just dating the a**. Then you say that she should just get over it. It's not easy to be married to someone and have a woman who people say is the most beautiful esp, but not only that, any woman come in and sweep your man off his feet and take him away. Whether you were having trouble or not. Four years, I don't care, it still affects you somewhat. YOu just want to pick on jen. If it was you or your family member or close friend you would understand and be supportive.

2138 days ago


Hey, at least john mayer dumps women instead of cheats. I'd rather have a serial dumper than a cheater!

2138 days ago


And for those who say jen has relationship issues, if jen does well so does angelina, she doesn't speak to her father, she has went after at least TWO married men, she doesn't have any close women friends really, it doesn't seem anyway, oh and Jen was married for years to Brad so not all men run. I'm also sure jen had long relationships before hollywood, tons of people in hollywood have short relationships. Her relationship with brad was long for hollywood. Now i'm done.

2138 days ago

truthfully yours    

On know what is the funniest? She hates her dad becasue he cheated on her should she hate herself and Brad. Evil woman...poor Jon Voigt would love to see the grandkids, and she has refused to speak to him, or forgive for something that happened 20+ years forgive Jen if it takes a while for her to get over being publically humiliated by a blood vial wearing, brother frenching HO.... Seems like the tables have been turned, huh, Angelina???? Jen is probably more pissed about the betrayal and humilitation than losing a cheating hubby.But pleae, don't make another mistake with a boytoy like John, go find a real man.

2138 days ago


jen is a selfish b. and someone should sit her down and make her
understand that she looks and sounds like a desperate woman.
she should work on her acting skills instead because she stinks.

she can promote all she wants , id rather see micky mouse!!

2138 days ago


One more thing, just because angelina does what she does as far as children go, doesn't give her a free pass to mess up families over and over. Some people seem to think that gives her the right to come in between married people, not just once, but twice or more. It's not that she did it once, but she did it twice or more. And she doesn't even feel bad about it, you can tell. She feels it's her right to take what she wants. That's not how things work, you do something good for the world, you get a free pass to hurt others in a major way, but that's how she seems to think it works. Also some of her fans think that too. But this is pointless because some idiot will just call me an idiot and will love her even more. Really my point wasn't to make people hate her, it was more about saying there is no reason at all to bash jennifer. But lately I've been hating angelina more and more and can't help it. I can't understand why anyone would bash the victim, even if it is four years later. If she was on tv trying to get attention everyday about it, then i would. But she's not. IT comes up in her iterviews maybe twice a year. That's pretty good considering a slut stole her husband. And yes I know if it wasn't angelina it would probably be someone else. But that doesn't mean that angelina had to do it.

2138 days ago

What does everyone see in this idiot?    

Feel sorry for all of them...As the saying goes....It's easier to thread a camel through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven".

2138 days ago

showers of Blessings    

I used to watch every single episode of Friends. I used to look at what Jen wears and I will go to the store and find the same thing. At that time, I didnt know anything about this Brad/Angie/Jen saga.

I therefore did my research. I put a lot of weight on their personal interviews particularly on the interviews before they announced their separation. . I try to get a gut feel of each of them. Beleive me, I separated tabloids and facts. I have come to the conclusion that Angie is brutally honest. I respected her giving 1/3 to charity. I did a search on oprah’s site, there was a picture of Brad with all the African children surrounding him, I was so disappointed that Jen was NOT in the picture. I looked at the date of that pic and it was taken before they were separated. We see pictures of Jen with Brad on every red carpet event yet she didnt accompany her then husband to Africa. Why???

I saw pictures of Jen smoking. We saw Jen at Oprah, at Diane Sawyer, at Access Hollywood, claiming a baby is on the way. Why cant she tell the truth? Why lied? Some people called her a fraud. Well, I call this misleading the public. Honesty is important to me. Once you lose this trust, it’s hard to gain that back.

There is this Vanity Fair interview. This interview is the one which I am fuming. This is the deciding factor that I believe Jen is responsible for all the things printed. Even though her publicist mis-guided her. But an employer is responsible for her agent’s actions. She knew what was going on. She should take accountability of this.

then, there are more…..

2138 days ago

showers of Blessings    

Why Does Everyone Feel Sorry For Jennifer Aniston?

Every tabloid article I have read so far has expressed such deep sympathy for Jennifer Aniston. Why? I do not understand it. Jennifer Aniston has exactly what Jennifer Aniston wanted. A booming movie career. Jennifer made being a movie start her top priority. It has paid off handsomely. Yes, at the expense of her marriage, but her marriage has not appeared to be much of a priority to her anyway. So why all the pity for pity’s sake?

A very wise book says that where you heart lies, there is where your treasure lies. Or something to that effect. We all have choices to make in life. We can choose to be whatever we want to be in this country. A movie start, a wife, a mother. Jennifer Aniston had choices to make. She had priorities to set. And set them she did. Nobody but Jennifer made the bed she is lying in now. She chose fame, stardom and money. Now she has it. Good for her! She has everything she ever dreamed of. She has the treasure she so desperately sought. What a lucky lady.

Now let’s all lay off Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Aren’t the tabloids really just picking on Brad & Angelina because they are possibly the hottest two people around? Aren’t the papers really just sticking up for “poor Jen” because she’s the ugly duckling of the trio? And it is so easy to hate pretty people.

Really. What has Brad done to Jennifer that is so bad? Besides expect a family with his life mate? Is that so wrong? I can think of worse things. Isn’t it really awful of a mate to take a vow to love, honor and cherish forever, with the promise of better or worse, and the dream of a family, only to spend years and years developing a career instead of keeping the promise of children and family? Isn’t that “bait and switch”? Isn’t that the real crime? Aren’t men who focus on career ignoring family called selfish or shallow? And then when a family man begins to give up hope of ever receiving a real family from his efforts, can we blame him when he begins to veer off to the wrong path? What is a good wife to do? Divorce him?? Not exactly a valiant effort to salvage what Jen has done to her own marriage.

Apparently Jennifer Aniston knows about as much of what it takes to be a good wife as she has maternal instinct. Hardly a poor innocent victim. Let us take a closer look at who the real bad girl is here. The way I see it the name does start with a “J”, but it’s the first name not the last name.

2138 days ago


she is still so pathetically i love with Brad P.......body laungage says a lot........john Meyer is going to break her heart.

2138 days ago
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