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Killer Odds In Vegas -- for Suicide!?

11/13/2008 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Las Vegas is scientifically proven to make you want to kill yourself -- and shockingly, it has nothing to do with the Carrot Top show.

People who visit Sin City are twice as likely to off themselves as those who just stay home, says a new Temple-Harvard study examining suicides between 1979 to 2004.

And the news is even worse if you actually live in Vegas: You're 60 percent more likely to commit suicide than other Americans.

In case you were wondering if it was the people or the city -- suicide risk goes way down when people leave.


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Your sources are incorrect!!! i've seen the "Carrot Top" show, and that is the real reason!!!!!!
Just saying.............

2147 days ago

fish taco    

I hate Vegas! It is all a scam to your money........... they get you drunk and get you to play fools games.

2147 days ago

your mother    

Hey fish taco, they don't get you drunk. When I went, no one was pouring drinks down my throat. It's an entertaining place to visit, but I can understand why all the morons who piss their money away on games would want to off themselves. Go for the sights and shows and leave the gaming to the idiots.

2147 days ago


That's wild, I figured Vegas would be the town of procreation, with all the parties, drinks, strippers, uninhibited sexual meetups, socializing, sultry music, dancers, entertainers, comedians, wow, shouldn't everyone be 'Sittin on top of the world"?

OK, everyone go to Vegas, and make love to someone before the end of this weekend, they all need to be cheered up! Play safe, but PLAY PLAY PLAY.

2147 days ago


Life's not for everybody.

2147 days ago


it's the STD's that are contracted from the skanks screwing the married men that make you want to jump out the window! :P

2147 days ago

Double Down-Dead-Ender    

This is true...Vegas is a sh!thole as soon as you get past the lights, sounds and facade of cheesy stucco and cultureless crap that draws people in. Macau has surpassed Vegas as the global gaming Mecca for obvious reasons. Downtown Vegas is just the pasture of exiled losers who's dreams where doused on the Uptown strip. Meth-heads, Craigslist hookers and BJ dealer zombies in foreclosed homes in Summerlin...People living beyond their means...Just watch one episode of " Rehab" the pool party at the Hard Rock and then go have a drink at the "Western" at 10 am...that just about covers the real Vegas. A house of cards! Everyone in the arrivals at McCarran are all giddy and excited - picking up their luggage...And the departures? Sad faced, grumpy and depressed losers
....the cycle continues.

2147 days ago


I agree......if you are weak, this is not the place for you. A couple just killed themselves because of the foreclosure crisis and left their friends a note as to where to find their bodies in the desert the other day.

2147 days ago

Knock It Off    

I would rather kill myself at TMZ. Please let me die there. Thanks

2147 days ago


i've never been to vegas.

2147 days ago


To Double Down-Dead-Ender: STFU - I live in Summerlin and am completely offended by what you just said. I am a normal middle class citizen with a completely normal life not living beyond my means. Married, 2 kids, very happy here. Not everyone here is a meth-head or hooker, loser. Sounds like you've got a huge chip on your shoulder.

2147 days ago

Coni Wein    

I wonder if this could be true. My sister who l lived in Montana State all her live moved to Vegas in 1992. December of 1994 she commtted suicide. She left no notes so no one knows the real reason, just interesting you would post this article. Thank you.

2147 days ago


It's the whole pyramid thing - bad vibes. I lived there a long time ago and the whole atmosphere changed when they built the pyramid. Vegas used to be a fun place, now it is really depressing - and ugly.

2147 days ago

Double Down-Dead-Ender    

TO Summerlin resident -LMAO!
I did not author the study that shows your desert digs is top haven for suicide...I did not compile the foreclosure statistics that shows your destert digs as ground zero for foreclosure and depreciation...I did not help those Mexican drug dealers kidnap that little boy over meth-money madness a month ago...

You might be blissfully ignorant of what goes on in your city...and that might be a good thing...Just keep your kids safe from the ice dealers and pimps that permeate your beloved city.

2147 days ago


True That! I presently live in Vegas but I'm from Miami & Lived in LA. Vegas has NO energy, culture, & personality! Living in Vegas for about 6 months isn't that bad but after that it sucks. It is as if you were a dead rock stuck in the middle of the desert. Many magicians here will tell you it's very difficult to find energy around them even in their shows! When it's hot out it totally drains you & you have no energy to do anything & while America enjoys the summer outside we hide inside for the AC. The winters get very windy & bone chilling cold! Everybody who moves here investigates the housing market & not the Job market. Housing is fairly priced especially if your coming from LA. But the job market really doesn't pay out unless you work on the strip as a bartender, stripper, or call girl. Other than that you can go work for franchises such as Home Depot, Jamba, mall stores ect...but no super major corporations. You can be a realtor but the economy sucks now! If you have ever lived in NY or Miami the night life in Vegas is overplayed but then again LA's night life is like a college town! However if you put gambling & drug problems aside I think the suicide rate has more to do with the erie feeling of the lonely desert, lack of energy, & maybe OD on vitamin D. Think about it Many cities have the same drug problems as vegas.

2147 days ago
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