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11/13/2008 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One day after her alleged stalker, Paula Goodspeed, was found dead in a car near Paula Abdul's house, the "American Idol" judge was spotted chit-chatting on her cell phone.


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Wow, you guys at TMZ must be hard up for stories. The nerve of 'chit chat' on her cell phone. Big deal. Even people who have lost loved ones make cell calls. Does that mean they're being insensitive? I mean, the others said.....what is she supposed to do? Hold a memorial service for her stalker?

2167 days ago


Paula has just been weirded out, so not only should she be talking it out, she should go down to the beach with some friends and toss a frisbee around and have some fun. It's damned sad and it's real but it's not going to result in Paula being abused with anxiety! SHAKE IT OUT!

2167 days ago


I hope she didn't drive A CAR!

That poor girl died in a car!

What did you want her to do TMZ, stay in her house sitting shiva?

2167 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I join the chorus of 'what is she supposed to do? She's using a cell phone, not that there is anything wrong with that.

2167 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Are you telling me that one day - 24 hours - after that woman was found dead, that Paula Abdul was seen talking on her cell phone? Are you kidding me? She was actually talking? Did she walk at the same time or could you tell from where you were standing? Unbelievable. I heard that another Web site is reporting that she was also seen eating a meal within 24 hours of the woman's death. This is cutting edge stuff you are reporting here. Good work, TMZ. Take the rest of the day off.

2167 days ago


#5 - She's got a sweater hung over her handbag! Where do you see fur??? Call your eye doctor ASAP

2167 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I can't believe this ungreatful B!TCH isn't in seclusion after the death of her ..dare I say "Number one fan?"

That poor woman idolized Paula and begged Paula to reach out to her.

Wonder if Paula lost one wink of sleep last night?

2167 days ago


Hey, TMZ, you feel that Paula Abdul using a cellphone is somehow worthy of comment after what happened. And you obviously feel that is wrong or you wouldn't have posted such an idiotic comment.

So, tell us, what exactly would you do the day after something like this happened to you?

You people are idiots.

2167 days ago



I suppose you think she should have been with the girl's family, paying for the funeral. BE FOR REAL and don't just post things for the sake of POSTING!

2167 days ago


Will you look at that?! What a woman! Have you ever seen anything so fine in your life? I've got to get with that. Paula, call me, girl!

2167 days ago


Paula don't give a Rats @ss about that Dead Girl, as long as it was'nt Her, WHO Cares, right. Thats the problem with this world. People only care about themselves..Paula was probably on the phone with her bank, checking on all of those Millions she has...

2167 days ago


Please fire the person who posted this "story" what a waste of 5 seconds. Come on, you guys are supposed to be pros. It's just stupid. You can't even get away with saying it was a joke, because that is even worse. Sure the woman was a whack job, but she did have a family who cared about her and is feeling some serious pain now. Pathetic whoever wrote that up, and you know it.

2167 days ago


Its so sad for what happen to the young lady its apparent that she was sick and i hope that American Idol would tone down there foolishness just to make rating cause people really taking it serious they really want this they have that stuck in the closet simon think he is funny i my self thought it was funny at time but i caught my self no one is laughing now they need to call it a rap no excitment no more seriouslly but they using him and paula making a ass out of her self and randy the real one its sad its so ancient with paula and her one hit wonder who would want to die for her she did not save the world come on.

2167 days ago

Bob Booie    

Paulas singing is a major cause for wanting to kill yourself

2167 days ago


So, a disturbed person chose to commit suicide in front of Paula's house, and it's some sort of gossip that she talked on her phone the next day? What is she supposed to do, hide in mourning?

2167 days ago
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