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11/14/2008 12:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dude called the cops on Kanye over that!? Are you frickin kidding?! We believe the appropriate word to describe this guy could be defined as "another way to call a cat a kitten."


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Assault is assault, TMZ. You'd be upset if it had been one of YOUR guys.

2146 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Every time that I hear someone in the FRAUDbama's "inner circle" call a white person a racist I LAUGH OUT LOUD! These conniving, scheming LIARS went to a racist church for TWENTY friggin' YEARS! Pot calling the kettle black INDEED! You simpletons elected a prick who is going to destroy this country. As Jack Nicholson decreed, "Son?" "All you did was weaken a country today." "That's all you did."

2146 days ago


Kanye is a real TOOL! One of these days he's gonna mess with the wong person!

2146 days ago

Husker Fanz Rule    

How did this conversation get to Obama??? Trust me, I am no fan of the new prez. but give it a rest FRAUD, there is nothing you can do to change it. Yes, Kanye is a racist and a bigot but I do not think Obama is at all. Personally I think more of his white side comes out. That's all for now....

2146 days ago

Jack Yard    

It has NOTHING to do with race!!! the stupid Pap was in Kanye's face. The only thing that should have been done differently was Kanye should have given him more than a little cut on his nose. Paparazzi deserve anything they get. If you are such a snivler that you can't take a punch or two, don't be a paparazzi. The paps think the law will protect them, but they are like little kids who tease and tease and poke at a dog through a chain link fence then when the gate opens and the dog goes for their throat, they whine like little babies. If ya can't take a punch, don't be a fighter and if you don't want to get bitten, don't tease dogs. lol. Try, interesting anti-paparazzi info.

2146 days ago


Ha! Chelsey, that was funny. Sure it's assault but come on! The pap's a puss.

2146 days ago


Kanye is a douche!!!!! Who cares about anything having to do with him!

2146 days ago


Does Anybody Really Like This Guy??? He disgusts me and his comment that he's the Michael Jordan of Music ... OMG what an ego.I call for a boycot of his new CD

2146 days ago


Kanye is such a diva. He will earn good money as the bottom boy in prison.

2146 days ago


Photographers,,,,,,,,Boycot this Jerk,,,,,,,,,,Lay your camera down every time you see him,,,,,, Dont give him any publicity ,,,,,,,,Dont go to his press meetings,,,,,,,he will go away then,,,,

2146 days ago


WTF if "stars" didn't punch they wouldn't see a judge, or the police. What gives them the right. They are only people. They want attention, cause if they didn't get attention, their movies and songs would not sell and where would they be, just a grocery clerk.

2146 days ago


courtesy Michael Jackson/LTB:

For gangs, clubs and nations.
Causing grief in human relations.
Its a turf war,
On a global scale.
I'd rather hear both sides of the tale.
See, its not about races,
Just places, faces.
Where your blood comes from,
It's where your space is.
I've seen the bright get duller.
Im not going to spend my life being a color.

2146 days ago


It's not ok for Kanye to keep doing this. The guy was right to call the cops, would you be cool if someone did that to you?? No, so stop acting like you'd be excited that Kanye effed up your face.

2146 days ago

northern gypsy    

#27 R.A.C.E. to heaven...
right-on !!! those lyrics speak volumes about our of my fav song !!!

2146 days ago

Jon Bodack    

A shame.

2146 days ago
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