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What's in a Name? A Possible Payday for Linda

11/14/2008 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan's lawyers are taking another vicious swing at Hulk, because Linda says he's purposely sold his many trademarks -- including his wrestling names -- to his best friend to keep her greedy cougar paws off the profits.

In a pile of papers filed in Pinellas County Court, Linda says Hulk handed over the rights to his Hulk Hogan brands (like Hollywood Hulk, Hulkster, Hulkamania), grill, energy drink and more to his best friend Eric Bischoff for an insane discount. Linda's pissed because these are tons of assets she now can't cash in on.

Hulk's attorney, David Houston, told us: "There has been no siphoning of money -- if Linda has to ask again, we'll be more than happy to provide the same answer."

Linda's also trying to keep Hulk's handlebar mustache the hell away from her mother -- because the Hulkster is convinced Linda's been sending their old furniture (from her many remodels of their Florida home) to mommy dearest to keep ... and he wants 'em back.

We're convinced the money fight between these two will never see a three count.


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Ha Ha Bitches!!!!!

2177 days ago

damn ur dumb    

Hulk is a smart man. And her? Just another silly bitch. That's what you get when you rely solely on a man for your well being. I suggest she finds a job other than robbing the cradle.

2177 days ago

two cents    

Hey Linda!!
Here's a thought....GET A JOB!! What a bloodsucking leech. Doesn't she have any self respect. LOL I pity the next fool that marries her. What a stupid, lazy b!tch.

2177 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

How much of this money is going to the Graziano family?

2177 days ago


Linda is disgusting, get a job and get your boy toy to get one also, You are so gross!!!

2177 days ago


thanks to linda theres little going to the Graziano family, she receives more than the family do to the stupid courts giving her an insane monthy "living" amount. i live in pinellas county, so i see all sides of the story. Hogan was spending all his money on the hospital bills and a place for the mother of Graziano to live after her husband left her shortly after the accident. Linda doesnt care about any of that and wants all the money for herself. GOLD DIGGING CLOWN

2177 days ago


Wouldn't it be cool if she sold the Hollywood Hulk name to Peewee Herman? Think about it...Hollywood Hulk Herman. And he could threaten to sue the host of whatever show he was on if they didn't call him by that name.

2177 days ago

northern gypsy    

H.W.G.A. (here we go again) L.H. needs to give her head a shake...just cause you spread em & pop out 2 for H.H. does not give you full access (not anymore) to the $$$...prove us wrong...make some of your own $$$ !!!

2177 days ago

Illinois person    

Well stop whoring around with those young bucks and get yourself a job! On the other hand, I agree with #4, this is probably more of an attempt to keep the Graziano's from getting it in their lawsuit. I have new for Hulk, this may not work either if a judge still allow the Graziano's to put in a claim for it. Finally, why does Linda (the slut) slam Hulk but still wants his money? Oh wait, that's what all whores do.

2177 days ago


linda is a money grubbing whore. she has a boy friend and she still wants a piece of the pie. i had a husband that had lots of money and i never milked his bones like this and that's why he just gave me some. if she was so gold strucked he'd probably give her something

2177 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

GO HULK! Don't let that dim-wit ex of yours get anything. Serves her right - she's such an ingrate.

2177 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

As far as the Grazianos go - I am stull unclear why the boy in a coma isn't being held accountable for getting in a car and willingly participating in a drag race without a seatbelt on? Yes - Hulk's son is at fault as the driver but it's not like his friend didn't know what was going on or was held hostage. He's not completely innocent in this and people are too willing to over look this fact. Don't participate in stupid choices and you won't end up in a coma - and if you're going to be in a drag race - WEAR A SEAT BELT.

2177 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

#12 - Jennifa O Jenny - John Graziano has paid a much higher price for his choice to get in Nick's car. From what I remember reading and hearing, the emergency room doctors said that Graziano had abrasions on his lower body that were consistent with those of someone wearing a seatbelt. It was the Hogans who originally stated that Graziano was not wearing a seat belt, and we all know what liars they turned out to be. Plus, I think Graziano was found inside the car. If he was not wearing his seat belt, and, given the condition and position of the car when it was found, it seems that he would have been ejected and probably died at the scene. And, how do we know that at some point, Graziano didn't ask Nick to slow down or pull over?

If I am hearing your last comment correctly, are you saying that if someone makes a conscious decision to use public transportation and the driver gets into an accident in which they are put into a coma, they would be to blame for their situation because they made the decision to ride the bus or train or take a taxi?

2176 days ago


To #13 hitman, well said! I could not have put it better. And just one more point if I may. Even if Graziano was not wearing a seat belt, and heaven knows he was not forced into the car, it is still the drivers responsibilty while behind the wheel to drive in a safe manner. What in the hell does Jennifa want? How much more punishment does she feel Graziano should get? Hell Nick got a 8 month jail sentence. Graziano got a sentence of the living death. Obviously Jennifa knows nothing about that. Clearly should Graziano come out of his coma he will be a vegetable until his body shuts down. For Nick his life will go on for better or worse. That is entirely up to him. Graziano has no choice. No one is neglecting the fact that John made a poor choice to pal around with a rich young punk. But he is paying for it in the worst possible way. Think about it Jennifa. As for the parents of Nick...they are 2 of the biggest idiots ever. They cannot even have the dignity for the sake of their kids to settle their divorce amicably. And Linda and her 19 year old boy toy...makes me sick. Grow up Linda. You just might get the respect and love of your daughter again.

2176 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#13 Don't be a moron - if you know the driver is going DRAG RACE and you choose to be in the car during the DRAG RACE, you are not completely without blame if you get hurt as a resulf of a dangerous DRAG RACE. And my main point wasn't about the seat belt but the fact that he chose to be part of a DRAG RACE. You engage in dangerous behavior and you're likely to get hurt. He's not an innocent victim is all I'm saying - he made a stupid choice.

2176 days ago
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