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Sam Ronson -- Furious About Flour

11/15/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson is coming to her woman's defense and telling PETA to back off.

"I'm pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night" railed Samantha Ronson on her blog today. She added that the woman who doused Lindsay not only "acted liked an animal herself" but that it was actually an "insult to animals to group her in with them."

Sam also calls PETA's previous apologies too little too late, and insists they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant.

Sam doesn't mince words when it comes to her lil' LiLo!


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PETA compares treatment of animals to the african slave trade, stating, 'we are all animals". Biologically, yes we as humans are animals in the sense that we are not: plants. One huge difference however between the animal world and us. We have the ability to think, make decisions, feel, prepare. I know I know most animals are capable of this as well, but its called the food chain. When an amoeba or a cow for that matter is elected into public office I re think my stance. In the meantime, stop wasting food and throwing at people, its just rude not to mention juvenile. Some folks think that any publicity is good publicity; wake up PETA, that just ain't true. Gotta run......time for my bacon and eggs....YUM

2174 days ago


Quite frankly, in case the PETA sucking morons haven't thought of it.. animals die EVERY day of natural causes.. HOW do you know the leather she wore wasn't a cow who dropped dead in a field..
So.. its better.. if there is a dead one.. to just landfill them all?
PETA doesn't of course remind you of common sense things.. that would make it so much less media wonderful.
I personally think PETA has outlived its usefulness.
THe same people who are applauding the flouring and the bombings that PETA's money allegedly helps to finance.. the same cretins who think its okay to assault people violently on the streets like this.. are the cry babies whining to "bring our boys h ome..
VIOLENCE IS VIOLENCE people.. it solves nothing..
PETA are cavemen, who havent' yet realized that incidence of attacking people on the street are no different in the SLIGHTEST way than going to war and using violence to achieve something.
If you get it by being violent.. by FORCING people to choke down your viewpoint.. then you become something less than the person who is wearing the fur..
and in point of fact.. you didn't make a change.. you forced one and as soon as your sorry ass is not around to force it anymore.. those changes won't last.
PETA needs to grow up and move with the times.. this isn't 1960 anymore...

2174 days ago


shadowbelief: I appreciate your sacrifice by expending your entire intellect on that one comment. Now wrap your exhausted head in bacon and take a well earned nap.

2174 days ago


Sam is an idiot. And fur is murder Lindsey deserved everything she got. And as for Lindsey's breathing problems caused by the flour maybe she should quit smoking and then worry about that. Don't apologize PETA !

2174 days ago


I love animals.Their delicious

2174 days ago


Sam, I am a gay man. And lets be honest. You and I both know Linsay is not a lesbian. She is doing her thing at the moment. And as the "trying to be a man" lesbian, you are holding onto every last bit of lindsay in the romance department as you can before she goes back to dating men. I have been in your shoes. And I know you realise it will happen. So please stop fooling yourself into thinking it will be forever. Being gay you know what I am talking about. The str8 ones who slide to the other side for a bit, always go back. Its their nature, they are not gay. You know when you are gay. Its natural. Sam you are gay. Lindsay is not. Stop kiding yourself and making an embarrassment out of yourself and the rest of the gay community.

2174 days ago


Good news, Funny #142. I just spoke with PETA and they have authorized your euthanasia. Please report to the chamber asap and bring a BLT.

2174 days ago


**Giggles.** at # 143." Good news, Funny #142. I just spoke with PETA and they have authorized your euthanasia. Please report to the chamber asap and bring a BLT."

Heres the thing.. PETA doesn't USE chambers.. I think.. as I recall. that they simply kill them off. then steal the services of others to dump the bodies in someone elses dumpster..
Not only dishonest.. but CHEAP..LOL.. you will note THAT sh!t got hushed up remarkably quickly...

2173 days ago


So, Angel 27, is your brilliant insight original or did you piece it together from other earlier comments? Now be a good little butt-wipe and stop fondling your pet bed bug for now or you'll miss your school bus.

2173 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! I ONLY WISH I WERE THE ONE TO THROW A BAG OF FLOUR AT LOHAN!!!!!!! PETA People might be "insults to animals", but Lohan is an insult to fake gays and cokeheads everywhere!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA, What a freakin loserrrrrrr!

2172 days ago

San Francisco    

140. I love animals.Their delicious
> You present an intelligent argument..... except it's "they're" as in - they are.

2172 days ago


"...they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant." SHABANG! so freakin true. that ones got a brain on her!

2171 days ago
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