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Sam Ronson -- Furious About Flour

11/15/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson is coming to her woman's defense and telling PETA to back off.

"I'm pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night" railed Samantha Ronson on her blog today. She added that the woman who doused Lindsay not only "acted liked an animal herself" but that it was actually an "insult to animals to group her in with them."

Sam also calls PETA's previous apologies too little too late, and insists they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant.

Sam doesn't mince words when it comes to her lil' LiLo!


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Who/what is Sam Ronson and why do we care?

2167 days ago

who cares in ohio    

im surprised linz didnt grab a straw and start snorting!!

2167 days ago

frogs and gravel    

PETA = Criminals = Rich kids with too much money that should be parachuted into Bangladesh to
appreciate how good they have it.

2167 days ago


Keep up the good work PETA. Hopefully people like Lindsay will one day stop killing little animals in the name of fashion.

2167 days ago


I respect what PETA stands for but I know if some crazy bitch threw something (flour fake blood etc) on me I beat some @$$ for sure! They make peta look like a bunch of crazy people.

2167 days ago


I guess peta would flour GOD since he gave furs to Adam and Eve. This organization should funnel their efforts to stopping abortion. What a waste of space these people are.

2167 days ago


Amen, #36

2167 days ago


I applaud the woman for dousing the flour, hopefully lindsay will think twice before sportin the fur.

2167 days ago



I wouldn't be surprised if it was you who threw the flour.

2167 days ago


Um farm raised makes it so much better? You are stupid if you believe that.

Did I say that? Someone made a comment about ENDANGERED SPECIES, I replied that the fur people wear does not come from ENDANGERED SPECIES. Neither of us said anything about being farm raised-for good or bad

2167 days ago

vile comments    

sam's words are quite eloquent. best is that she says only fur wearing celebs keep the agency relevant. hahaha!

2167 days ago


I eat meat, with no apologies. I have a stunningly beautiful, full length red fox coat that I happily wear, with no apologies. I believe animals were put on this earth to serve humans. If you don't feel the same way, I'm cool with that. I won't try to impress my thoughts and values on you, if you don't try to impress yours upon me.

2167 days ago

nira k    

To the idiot who wrote about getting "floured" and Lindsay's supposed breathing problem, I suppose all of that other "white powder" that the bitch sticks up her nose doesn't bother her. Someone needs to tell those two d-bags they should keep their mouths on each other's crotches so we don't have to hear what comes out of them.

2167 days ago

Surgery Alert    


What about the rights of the LIFE of another creature.

It takes 30 electrocuted 'dumb animals' to make a fur coat, and
only one to wear one.

And this worthless, self centered bimbo is bitching about
flour dousing..??!!
What a clueless idiot. Just like the rest of
the dumb idiots who defend and wear fur.
Fur wearers might as well stamp
'self centured'
'low self esteem'
'Im a worthless bimbo'
on their forheads because everyone
that wears fur KNOWING the horrible deaths
this poor animals go thru are all the above.

We are talking about another life that has no

do SOMETHING in your life for others..
set an example in SOME area.
Grow a heart girl, and a clue.

2167 days ago


If I wear Lindsey's pelt around my neck does that make me more relevant?

2167 days ago
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