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Sam Ronson -- Furious About Flour

11/15/2008 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson is coming to her woman's defense and telling PETA to back off.

"I'm pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night" railed Samantha Ronson on her blog today. She added that the woman who doused Lindsay not only "acted liked an animal herself" but that it was actually an "insult to animals to group her in with them."

Sam also calls PETA's previous apologies too little too late, and insists they should actually thank celebrities who wear fur since they are one of the only things keeping the agency relevant.

Sam doesn't mince words when it comes to her lil' LiLo!


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Surgery Alert    

"Fur keeps you warm cavemen and woman figured that out I guess people who listen to PETA propaganda like to be cold and hungry. In protest to PETA I am going to kill and wear a cat for a hat."

Comparing 2008 to caveman evolved ;)
Didn't men hit women over the head with clubs too and
drag them into caves to have their way with them too?..
it's now called rape.

These days there are alternatives to staying in warm.
Flannel, synthetic, a handknit sweater, perhaps.

None of which involve killing another life in ways
so barbaric, when I saw footage on what is done
to these defenselss souls, I vomited and had nightmares for weeks.

No one wears fur to keep warm in this day and're got to be kidding.
it's a white trash mentality status symbol.
Plain ole stupidity and insensitivity.
If you're proud to put another life thru this horrific and brutal torture
for status..I pity you and your children.

I hope to teach my future children compassion through
And I hope I still enough self esteem in them that
they will be happy in their own skin.

PETA and Lindsey do have one thing in common..
they both use shock value in the media for a cause..

PETA: to speak for those who can't and to bring attention
and educate those on animal welfare.

Lindsey: to show the world that a talentless, clueless,
implanted coke addicted bimbo can be a star.
And no, Im not mistaking you for Paris.

So they both used each other, and both
revealed what each is about.
Mission accomplished :)

2136 days ago

James Pro    

Samantha Ronson is as big a flop as Lindsey is. FACT IS FACT!

2136 days ago


Lindsay doesn't have "fur". Her pink taco is shaved.

2136 days ago


jpiofjapwoejtn' qa3 tv

2136 days ago

Ihma Khunt    

Well Sam likes HIS furs, and fur CARPETS too!

2136 days ago


I would like to commend PETA for dousing no-talent Lindsay with flour. I only wish it was oil or something that would get stuck on that crazy now-gay but maybe tomorrow not-gay no talent idiot.


2136 days ago

Triple Play    

Who cares what this homely BITZH has to saay. She is on a carpet munching scholarship and is being used by L for publicity. Sam go home and continue trading fur with L until she realizes that you are a pig. Funny how that the L word keeps comung up

2136 days ago


Sam is completely spot-on! PETA is effin' crazy. I don't know how anyone can take them seriously. There should be consequences for that person's actions. It is so beyond crossing the line.

2136 days ago


Peta u dont need to deface people property to get your point across. These people should go to jail for assault and batter(pun).Also, if Lynsey kinapped 3 grown guys, I will eat her fur. These stories are so ridiulous, Im ready to get a life so I want have to read them anymorel

2136 days ago


I have to side with PETA on this one. Can you imagine what it's like to be placed in a bag full of flour and then tossed all about before being thoughtlessly thrown into a boiler full of grease? She's lucky they didn't cram a big ball of dressing up her ungabunga.

2136 days ago


It seems that people are taking Peta's side due to the fact that Lindsay is gay, bi, or whatever she is. There are more post about her and Sam being "carpet munchers". Peta goes overboard. If some other organization performed the same tactics as Peta they would not be take serious or even rescpected. Peta's leaders need to get their memebers in line.

2136 days ago


The bigger question is how they selectively protest. Why didn't they dump flour or paint on SARAH PALIN who shoots innocent wolves from helicopters, then cuts off their forearms and hangs them up in her house anf dtakes pictures smiling in front of dead moose?????

2136 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Hey. This just gives anyone the perfect opportunity to throw buckets of pigs blood on random PETA members/activists. That should be just as fun.

2136 days ago


I would comment on this, but Sam Ronson is such a Z-lister than it doesn't seem worth it.

Besides, Lohan's career is over.

I'll just say... ugly and stupid. For both.

2136 days ago


Some of the people commenting must be delusional! I do not fault PETA for having a beleif and standing by it. What my issue is why does PETA have to assault people to prove a point? Who is PETA to destroy a piece of clothing that someone worked and paid for? I have met many people who support PETA yet eat honey, which is usually procuded by the harming and smoking of bees. PETA is a bunch of hypocrites. I would respect PETA if they sent a package of craziness to Lindsay in response, but to attack her with flour? When will PETA realize these guerilla tactics are damn near criminal,or you loons that support this madness? If nothing, this article and #37 (hey there lol) have helped me decide I am looking up the best ANTI PETA organization in New York City and donating my time to stop this mania. I have also sent emails to my public officals. Maybe PETA will keep going and the government will have the balls to finally make these fools accountable for their actions by legislation! Humans ARE carnivores. DEAL WITH IT. I am going to start carriyng lemon juice and just spray PETA members at events because I BELIEVE I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EAT AND WEAR WHAT I WANT.

2136 days ago
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