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Seth To Crown Bar:

I Can Buy You, B**ch!

11/15/2008 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seth MacFarlane just got a little more awesome. The "Family Guy" creator was majorly dissed outside Crown Bar last week by a cocky doorman. But instead of whining about his experience, he took the classy route and sent three bouquets totaling $5,000 to the bar last night.

Seth signed a $100 mil deal with Fox earlier this year, and can pretty much buy Crown Bar -- and all the lame employees in it.


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I'm not sure how many kids Seth has, but I'm sure he hasn't crapped out more than he can afford like they do in pretty much every impoverished spot on the planet.

We need to stop sending poor people food and start injecting Norplant via blowgun.

Seth pays way more in taxes in both percentage and dollars than 99% of the population.
Demanding that he give more is robbery plain and simple.

It's all about cause and effect.... Your cause will have no real effect on improving the world... You can't possibly
give enough money to offset stupidity.

2133 days ago


I wonder what TV show/movie he ripped off for that idea

2133 days ago


Awesome. I hate it when security guards play God at the door. I'd be more apt to buy the bar, fire the guy then sell it. But Seth obviously has a lot more class than I do.

2133 days ago


Would have preferred to see a donation made to charity in the bars name - AA perhaps? I agree you can spend your money on anything you want...but if you're trying to make a point, why not make a better one?


2133 days ago


15. #2 and #7 are right. It's like Oprah sending her dogs to the Four Seasons. Such irresponsible excess when so many are suffering is disgusting. This country is headed for serious class warfare.

Yep, and you just assume that the flower shop owner wasn't hurting in the economy and happy for the extra profit, or the Flower supplier who is now going to get full payment for his delivery of flowers, which means the fertilizer salesman, the farm hands that picked the flowers, the delivery driver who supports his family, etc.... Don't be so ignorant. The $5000 he spent wouldn't have gone to whatever starving people you had in mind, it would have been in the bank.

2133 days ago


Ha, all you complaining, I bet you spend every bit of you frivolous spending on feeding the poor, instead of a cell phone you donate to charities, candy bars not I rather donate, Buy flowers (even one dollar ones) no I donate a dollar instead.

Give me a break you whining morons, it is his money just like it is yours, to do with what you want

2133 days ago


#34 right on. I also heard him say that he saw a rat in the bar. He's probably trying to do damage control.

2133 days ago


Sending a doorman flowers? How femme, does Seth want to date the doorman?

2133 days ago


Sending a doorman flowers? How femme, does Seth want to date the doorman?

2133 days ago


What gives? How can someone think that dribble is funny? I thought the Simpsons or King of the Hill was as low as this country could go. But Family Guy?, and American Dad? What the F is wrong with people? Smart shows like Veronica Mars, John Doe get the axe, but Seth McFarlane is rewarded with a $100 million? Yup, God's dead.

2133 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

What the hell kind of flowers cost 5K?

2132 days ago


They should let him in when he makes an episode of Family Guy that doesn't use references to anything of pop culture in the past 30 years

2132 days ago


Some of you guys are idiots. It's better that Seth wastes $5000 on flowers, then to horde it all in a bank. Flowers are about the greenest purchases in which to return money back into the economy. Any spending what so ever it good spending. The worse thing rich people can do with there money is save it. At least from an economical whole point of view.

2131 days ago
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