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Thrilla At Villa!

11/15/2008 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since many people are waiting for the big UFC fight tonight, let us begin the face smashing with a major b**chfest brawl outside Villa.

This has been the best action seen at that club in ages.


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this crazzy nut interviewed for a job at my company. She was considered for a meeting planner position, and picked her nose in the interview. I was on the committee that sat in on interviews and she was NUTS. Her resume listed her name as Maria but she sent "thank you" emails with the name CiCi. None of her references knew who she was. She was far too nutty for the Valley, and apparantly too nutty for LA. HAHA

2166 days ago

afraid of Jan    

bottom line..the B**tch in the car took her friend's purse..I would kicke her azz too....It's funny the arabian or white chick is a thief that proves that white/arabian people steal TOO!!!!haha

true story::5 years ago my friends purse was also stolen when we went to a club...and the last person to sit on our table was white! is this the same girl or group of friends?
apparently we have whitetrash going to these clubs!!

2165 days ago


I see u, you need to wear your helmet more often.

2165 days ago


she is crazy trying to fight for her friends money i would kill her if she smashed my face like

2165 days ago


OMG, That's me getting punched in the face by the Trannie!! she looks like a SCIENCE PROJECT in real life too! My face still hurts and THAT SHIM COULD PUNCH! WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS

2164 days ago


The drama of Hollywoood...I love it! This stuff makes for such great TV, or in the case, awesome online videos! Dude, not that you deserved the smackdown, but does it surprise you? Look at the people you surround yourself with, it's a simple matter of probability and statistics.

It's clear assualt and battery and should not be tolerated. An attorney shoud be contacted immediately. Best of luck.

2164 days ago


I know the girl that punched the dude. She actually has a ton of cash and was just defending a friend that had their money stolen. Bottom line, the beyotch that stole the money deserved to be ran over ( not punched ). You can't be sympathetic to a thief and the dude that brought the thief around, F that whole car.

2163 days ago


I'd venture a guess that dim-wit Justice is fishing for some free sex with that hyper-idiot comment. And a ton (2,000 lbs) of cash shows the bad economy hasn't yet affected the whore-for-hire trade. Bottom line, you're a pandering douche bag.

2163 days ago


Was that Alexis Arquette?

2163 days ago


This Brazillian lady was in her rights to attack the carload of idiots that tried to pull a fast one on her friend. She worked her way up the hard way and deserves everything she has. I hate how people judge people by what they see and not what they actually know to be the truth. Only one person can judge and that is God Almighty! Get a life . . .

2162 days ago


This brazilian lady "worked her way up, the hard way." She is a part-time escort, and not a good one at that. 2 of my buddies tagged teamed her one night and they both got herpes from her. She is nuts and disgusting, she has this huge scar down her torso. She is a nasty tranny.

2150 days ago
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