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What a Moll

11/15/2008 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 65-year-old resurfaced at a premiere recently looking devilishly good.
Richard Moll
After "Night Court" went off the air in 1992, Moll married Susan Brown -- a fashion designer and stepdaughter of Milton Berle.

Moll is an avid antique collector.


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2167 days ago


Wow! I had no idea he was 65. Time flies, and he's aged pretty well.

2167 days ago


I don't get the 'first' thing. Do you guys really think that's some sort of accomplishment? Whatever.
This guy looks exactly the same. :-)

2167 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    


2167 days ago


fifth, bitches!!!!!!

2167 days ago

M H    

why wasn't he on 30 Rock this wk, with the rest of the old night court cast??????

2167 days ago


7th bitches! Oooh 7th, must mean I'm super lucky. whatever losers. ANYWAY, I LOVE this guy! I remember watching that show as a kid. Is it on DVD?

2167 days ago


1,326 Bitches!

2167 days ago


9th Bitches!! He's aging well. Didn't expect him to look that good.

2167 days ago


Recently TMZ? The movie advertised in the background is a film Mr. Moll was in, yes; but premiered OVER a year ago. That's hardly recent. Musta been a slow newsday and someone went digging through some old files which is fine, but at least be honest about it

2166 days ago


He looks downright great! Actually...sort of yummy! He's aged well. Very well

2166 days ago


Poor guy, since I've been told he married the 2nd worst insincere maybe ho' around. First being the 70 year old widow and ex wife of Milton Berle who was in bankruptcy soon after they me and cheated his son out of his inheritance. With a face and body lift Lorna Adams made her way to riches marrying an old man Milton Berle after she asked him if he wanted a drink at Nicky Blair's on Sunset when Miltie was so old he looked like afterbirth. But she was interested in money and so was her daughter. Lorna married Milton and made sure Susan was set up to marry Mole who was an unknowing victim now fortunately for him, divorced from her. He doesn't know how lucky he is for 'one' of Lorna's husbands was Josh Adams who helped pay her way with Susan and her half sister. Susan Brown Moll and Lorna Adams Berle had an affair with the same bartender .. at the same swinging time.. well that's another story isn't it Mrs Berle & ex Mrs. Moll .. he was a nice bartender in Toluca Lake. Richard Moll is lucky to be single again... or at leaast away from his bitchy wife who was married and divorced and had other kids before him. If Moll had only known first he would have run from Susan but he didn't have a clue and her mother who was simply seeking money with the lies she could flip. Ask Lorna about the nice black man who made chickens well and gave her the condo below his at the Sunset Towers where she lived and they had a fling .. hmm... all for money

2111 days ago


Is all of that true? No wayy. Well how did i stumble onto this

1012 days ago

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