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McGraw Loses Faith in the Hills

11/16/2008 12:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For those looking to take advantage of the crappy housing market and trade up -- you're in luck.

Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill have just listed their 10,500 sq. ft., 6 bedroom, 7.5 bath Beverly Park Mediterranean Village for a mere 14.8 mil, according to the L.A. Times. For that you get a gym, pool and an extra 4 acres of land to raise sheep and cattle.

The country crooner, who's said to be pissed with his label for cranking out yet another greatest hits album, is pulling a reverse-hillbilly by "packing up his stuff and moving away from Beverly."

Our advice to buyers? Wait a week and see if you can shave off another mil.


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Where are Tim and Faith moving?

2135 days ago

Zed Lepplin    

I dress like a cowboy even though I've never touched a cow. Yee Haw! I'm a friggin' MoRon.

2135 days ago

Becka Bec    

OMG, TMZ...You people are professional photographers, you couldnt find a better picture of Faith and Tim in your files? These pics look like CRAP!

2135 days ago


Good. We were without a country station for a while here in LA and I was so hopeful we wouldn't get another one (we did--they took away one of our two classical stations, thanks a lot).

Country stars shouldn't be living in Beverly Hills. They don't want the pick up trucks out there. How can you be "country" and live in Los Angeles?

2135 days ago

Carrys F.    

I think that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have shown their true colors recently and they are not pretty. I think they are rude to their fans and ungrateful brats. I feel bad for the fans they've had for a long time because they're just wasting their money on these two snobs. They used to be so cute and then all they do is mouth off to their fans and act like jerks. Good-looking jerks.

2135 days ago


These two are a bunch of coke whores so yes they are a little hollyweird. TMZ should have shown the pool at this home that's shaped like a penis (no joke! - you can see it on the real estalker blog.)

2135 days ago

I Love Memphis    

Can't stand either one of them

2135 days ago


I totally agree with Sally #6. I USE to be a fan way back when they both started out. THEN I went to a concert and seen how rude they both treated the fans.Like kicking gifts fans gave them off the stage. And Faith not wanting to be vidioed to be put up on the screen because she thought she would fall over the wires. I gave them another chance and seen them again and that was the last time. They act like they are above everyone else. And it only gets worse as the years go by........good luck on selling your house, I'm sure the neighbors dont mind at all.

2135 days ago


It is that time of the year when I love the Christmas Carols Classics sung by icons such as Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Elvis Presley, Burl Ives, Jim Reeves, and others too numerous to mention here. They were the greatest singers. They are gone now.

Since 1985, the music business has bombarded us with a sound that is disappointing. These two - and many, many other younger noise-makers really turn me off. Why is their house sale even in the news? Perhaps Britney Spears could make a bid for it?

2134 days ago


I love them! They have kept their family together, toured together and put up with all the media crap that has been dished out to them! How many famous couples can you say that about? Celebrities are humans people, get over it!

2134 days ago


They should take the income and give to the poor people who supported their asses by buying tickets and CD's. I say Boycott all music shows and CD sales so these singers can get a reality check about the economy. I sending Faith and Tim a stinky country fart- Burp!

2134 days ago

elizabethe Rydan    

Maybe they're moving because their house just got broken into. Same thing happened to Hugh Laurie who also lives in the neighborhood. 14 million should buy a little more security.

2134 days ago


Hey #8. Not to continue off the beaten path of the original story here but I agree. In the past 50 years the last "classic" Christmas song was sung by the "Carpenters" believe it or not. I think it was called Merry Christmas darling. Other than that, everything since has been re-recorded Christmas song classics. There has been a move to make the song "last Christmas" by wham a classic. Recorded back in the 80's, it is pretty catchy!

2134 days ago


Don't buy Faith's Chrismas Album to make her and her family have a nice christmas. Hey American, the Radio is free! Also, she had lipsuction, no one can look like that without being surgically enhance. Country Christmas Fart to you Faith!

2134 days ago


I don't know what concerts you have been to . . . but I have been to many for both Tim & Faith over the years and have never witnessed people being treated badly. The few incidents of late were recognized and the fans have gone "way" overboard. That does not mean that Tim & Faith always treat their fans poorly because they do not. there are many, many things that are not publicized that they do to honor their following.

Unfortunately there are many hateful people in this world and this blog . . . If more people would be like Tim & Faith and their family maybe the world would be a better place for all of us.

2133 days ago
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