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11/16/2008 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Throw out the hair dye -- gray never looked so good.
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Anderson Cooper is as GAY as Brarrick Obama. Being Gay is so KOOL.

2146 days ago


what, exactly is wrong with gray hair?

2146 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The State Run DNC Media can not stop demonizing anyone who disagree with the New Democrats , The State Run Democrat Media (like the AP ,CBS, NBC, CNN,BBC) will 'take out' people who disagree with the Brave New 'Socialist' Democrat Way.

2146 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The AP (Associated Press) has become a press dedicated to 'race hustlers'. The AP weeks before an election has suggested in a AP/yahoo poll that whites were really Not going to vote for Obama ,basically, they were jusy saying it to the pollisters. As it turned out the AP was very Wrong. The AP ,again, through an article writtten by Jesse Washington suggeted that we did not really turn the corner on race because after the election their were many racial rants & threats. In that article the AP did Not mention that there were an equal about of rants & threats towards McCain supporters. These actions prove that the AP among othere media outlets have become the problem when we talk about social issues such as racism. Tome Curley the CEO of the AP has made numerous of political bigoted remarks towards people who disagree with democrats in wahington and it appears as if they are 'playing' groups against groups (through lies & other means) to advance a political ideolgy.

2146 days ago


U mean gay never looked so good...but i still like him

2146 days ago


Anderson Cooper is one handsome gray-haired man. It is very, very attractive and sexy on him.

I'm a happyily married 55 yr old grandma. My whole family of females young and old, thinks he is handsome.

2146 days ago


He was born with a BIG FAT SILVER SPOON IN HIS MOUTH. It's not that difficult to become successful when your related to Gloria Vanderbilt! Lets reward people who overcame things like poverty. I'm so sick and tired of these rich brats being handed everything to them. I think he needs to spend a year living on the streets without any help. Yes, I know he voluntarily went to some worn torn country on his own to report some story. But, that was ages ago. I have more respect for Connie Chung.

2145 days ago


Sorry he's gay--sorry for all us women! He is a class act, intelligent as well as being passionate about what is happening to people in the world around him. Some straight guys could take a lesson from him!

2145 days ago


I love Richard Gere but it's intersting to me how he always dyes his hair for a movie role...

2145 days ago

no thanks    

eww, not attractive... inside or out.

2145 days ago


This is one insanely gorgeous man! Gay or not... he is highly attractive. His intelligence, his smile, his sense of humor. I so could go on and on. Who cares if he was born rich... what does that have to do with anything? Oh... and the silver hair suits him well. :)

2142 days ago
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