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The Day The Music Television Died

11/16/2008 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since "Total Request Live" will officially be defunct after tonight's final episode, MTV should consider changing its name to "Real World/Road Rules Challenge Reruns TV."

Just a suggestion.


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MTV is for idiots.... they stopped being a music channel years ago....

2175 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

...and too many commercials doesn't help viewership either. Those commercial breaks were 10 minutes sometimes. Sheesh!

2175 days ago


Hmmmm....I remember the first MTV broadcast, then came the rap/hiphop era, then the "reality era". But each time it was declared dead, the corpse rose from the ashes and began to suck the blood of the living once again. I wonder what transformation is next for the changeling?

2175 days ago


Yes, MTV died many years ago, ever since they started putting on these stupid reality shows. MTV- is suppose to be MUSIC TELEVISION. I missed going to MTV watching the lastest videos and could always have a good song playing. They need to go back to what they started with and take all this garbage off that their playing now. MTV needs to have a request line for videos like they used to, Yo MTV RAPS, Headbangers Ball, TRL, MTV NEWS that's what should be MTV.

BRING BACK THE MUSIC AND THE VIDEOS 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2175 days ago

Just a Bill    

MTV makes my ass hurt.

2175 days ago


You mean there was muisc on Music Televion?

2175 days ago


MTV used to be wonderful when videos told stories, not all of this hyper-choreographed crap. It peaked a long time ago.

2175 days ago

JJ NYC    

Oh please MTV died years ago. I remember when it was MUSIC TELEVISION. Now they have garbage like Paris Hilton's BFF. WTF???? Is this the best they can come up with? Where are the videos? Where's the music? Oh that's right MTV dumped that concept years ago. Whomever is in charge of programming at MTV should ALL be fired. It's no wonder that people don't watch this channel anymore. Hello???? MTV are you listening???? Oh that's right they're all dead over there. RIP MTV.

2175 days ago


I remember seeing the very first video played...VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR by the buggles. The 80's had the best videos, and it was all music back then. Stopped watching mtv many many years ago. At least vh1 has some flashback shows once in a while.

2175 days ago


I loved MTV but it just got really dumb. I have to go to VH1 or other music chandels to go see some good videos. If it wasnt for the video I wouldnt have bough have the music i have bought. Who remembes MTV2? That was where all the videos had gone, then it suddenly became exactly like MTV (all reality shows). You couldnt even see videos if you tried? 1am - nope, 2am - nope.

MTV, thanks for killing the video!! I hate you!!

2175 days ago


Is My TRL on MTV3 gone as well?

2175 days ago


MTV is too busy trying to influence teens with their agendas to play music videos

2175 days ago


MTV was awesome when it first came out. Nothing but MUSIC and it gave all the artists a good reason to make some awesome, creative videos. Too bad they don't do all their reality BS and crap shows on a spin off station and leave the real MTV to what made it great and made people watch - MUSIC. I haven't bothered to watch in forever.

2175 days ago

Tess T Cull    

In the words of Todd Rundgren "god damn MTV" Let this be a lesson. Do NOT piss off Todd!!!!

2175 days ago

Carrys F.    

I very rarely say this, but I agree with you, tmz. I don't even watch MTV anymore. It's not relevant.

2175 days ago
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