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The Day The Music Television Died

11/16/2008 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since "Total Request Live" will officially be defunct after tonight's final episode, MTV should consider changing its name to "Real World/Road Rules Challenge Reruns TV."

Just a suggestion.


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I agree with all of the posters so far. MTV used to be really cool. You could watch the latest videos 24/7. Now, it's just a bunch of whiny, self-absorbed, self-indulgent reality tripe!!! Who cares about Paris's BFF? Who cares about spoiled brats on My Super Sweet 16? Do I really care about Tia Taquila or endless Real World/Road Rules? NO!!! Live up to your name an play some music! No wonder our youger adults are so messed up with the stuff you put on for them to watch MTV! Even VH1 hardly plays music anymore. It's all this D-list celebrity nonsense! Sad and disgusting!

2169 days ago


MTV died y-e-a-r-s ago. When MTV started out, it was a must-see to watch the new music videos come out. Now it's just a land of trash.

2169 days ago


"Music TV" yeah right, not since 1989!!!

2169 days ago


mtv killed the video star

2169 days ago


I remember when MTV was great, nothing but music videos, that I watched every morning before I went to school back in the 80's with friends, NOW IT F***** SUCKS!!!!!!

2169 days ago


I was at a party at a girl's house, when the first video premeired(Video Killed the Radio Star) it was cool. Once Viacom bought the dang network it changed from music videos that were inovative(thriller) to straight rock and roll(van halen) to every other network. It goes to show you that having a college degree means little in the world of entertainment. When The Real World came on the air, it was the first reality show. new and exciting, creative. But like all networks, they went crazy with the concept and killed it. The show went from, I wonder if they're going to start dating, to everybody having sex with each other.(bad taste). It should be laid to rest, R.I.P MTV. Viacom Killed the Video Star.(circle of life)

2169 days ago

The Radio Star was killed by Reality Shows and everything else!!    

MTV should be ashamed of themselves I was there glued to my TV in the early 80s waiting for it to come on it was amazing such an experience. The idiots who stopped playing classic videos Like madness Madonna and the stones should be jailed, what moron thought we cared about the real world and that other crap they put on, what happened to head bangers ball. RIP MTV

2169 days ago


MTV sux. Has for years! It was good when they had MUSIC VIDEO'S round the clock but those dayz are long gone.

2169 days ago


What is old is new again. MTV should go back to it's original format -- videos. I'm sure it would be a hit with the tweens, teens and 20-somethings who haven't a clue as to how the station use to be. It's become a sad joke with all it's crap programming.

2169 days ago


Thank God it's over. They didn't know what videos were for the longest time.
We need to bring videos back!

2169 days ago


Get back to you roots MTV! The Hills and the rest of that garbage will get picked up by another station.....vh1, you too!

2169 days ago


Watch FUSE channel. It Rocks! They play videos all the time! MTV knows what they need to do to save the network. They are obviously not willing to do it.

2169 days ago

misses what mtv used to be    

TRL was still on??? wow! I didn't know that. everytime I flipped to mtv it was always that stupid real world crap so I gave up watching mtv long ago I think the last time I watched TRL Daly and Burton were hosting some of the shows they have on there now are just free cheesy porn I will watch the last TRL but after that I am thinking bout blocking mtv

2169 days ago


#15 I dont think the MTV generation even has an idea of who Todd Rundgren is. Although Utopia came out in 74 or so? I remember 1979 very well and I played it until it wore out. MTV ushered in crap that was all fluff and no substance..other then a few stand out bands since 81 has anything stood out? Nope.

2169 days ago


No, MTV died when TRL was started! Maybe one day there will be a music station that actually shows music instead of fake reality tv.

2169 days ago
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