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The Day The Music Television Died

11/16/2008 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since "Total Request Live" will officially be defunct after tonight's final episode, MTV should consider changing its name to "Real World/Road Rules Challenge Reruns TV."

Just a suggestion.


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MTV has become a huge joke. I stopped watching it a long time ago, but then became real disgusted when they brought their own series of reality shows. The Hills is a joke and don't even get me started on Date my Mom or the other one where the person between their current partner or the new ones mom and dad picked out!! WTF?? They have officially sold their soul to the reality show market and apparently they aren't coming back. Damn Shame!!

2145 days ago


I remeber being about 10 yrs old watching MTV I loved it! We would stay up all night watching videos and were so in love with all the VJs back then. Then the TV shows atarted and all the videos started. VH1 was the same way and CMT bring back the music!!!!!

2145 days ago

kjk(hates american idol auditions)    

I stopped watching mtv a long time ago. They turned into a non music video channel. nothing on mtv is hardly about music anymore. where's martha quinn that's the mtv i remember.

2145 days ago

kjk(hates american idol auditions)    

and remember to when mtv banned Madonna's video Justify my Love, now look at the stuff they show on that channel...omg

2145 days ago


Bring back Martha Quinn

2145 days ago


Simply said MTV is not what it usd to be when it first appeared on tv. It 3as music videos, rock,pop headbanger videos,rap and so on. Then yhey started with this rules of the road bs and all the other ridiculous ultra materialistic crap and their stupid getting along issues. It left a really bad impression of MTV. I think MTV.needs an overhaul really bad. The sooner the better. Maybe then I'll start watching it again. It SUCKS as it is right now! Angell jr

2145 days ago


i remember watchng mtv back with vjs like kennedy, idalis, tabitha soren and kurt loder.... back when it was only real world, then road rules popped up... mtv now? more like empty-v...

2145 days ago


IT'S RIDICULOUS........they call themselves a music channel and havent really played music in years.......I was there when it first started years was they should be ashamed of themselves ........theres no music at all.

2145 days ago


ya know, i remember when mtv just ran videos and NO commercials!..its just garbage now. the games, and the stupid drunkin beach parties, and reruns of reality crap. mtv died years ago, and they sooooo lost their appeal. too bad. maybe we should go back to the radio.

2145 days ago


MTV used to be about cutting edge and being an individual. Was great from 1981-91. Then 'The Real World" and the rest is its historical decline. Now they promote 'corporate confomrity' with unattainable beauty and status standards. The fluff head reality shows of spoiled rich kids and mean dating shows like 'dissmissed".

Kids think show biz and fame [or being famous for nothing] are the only ways to "make it." . And all that matters is first impressions or your out.

OTOH, while 80's teens loved Music Videos, today's kids dont like seeing them over again. Music and artists are disposable. So, more status consciece garbage.

Parents should now block the channel to kids under 18.

2145 days ago


Mtv died when it became booty shakin rump video channel a few years back- horrible since then. Horrible. I love to watch retro hour and see the real videos from the 80s.

2145 days ago

Kobe Hatters are pathetic.    

The last time I even watched MTV on a regular basis was in the mid 90's when I was in High School. Since about 97', though, it really has become a POS.

2145 days ago


another member of the 27 club......

2145 days ago


I remember when MTV played music as well. I stopped watching years ago after MTV started playing mostly Reality shows and it was hard to find any music programming. Hell.. even Beavis and Butthead had some music in the programming that still made it appropriate for a channel called Music Television. Bring back the music, and creativity .. and I'll start watching again.

2145 days ago

Jay D    

MTV has a couple of channels just for music videos, MTV Hits and MTV Jams, also VH1 has two music video channels just for music vidoes as well so I don't understand why you say MTV doesn't play music videos anymore, they have two channels devoted just to music videos and that's all they play on those channels. So what's wrong with having a channel for reality shows as well? If you want to watch music videos tune into MTV Hits or MTV Jams.

2145 days ago
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