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Heather Locklear

Charged with Crime

11/17/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113_heather_ex_00-1Heather Locklear has just been charged with one count of driving under the influence of drugs....prescription medications.

No alcohol and no illegal narcotics were found in Heather's system.

Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter tells us they believe the prescription medications found in her system "could have impaired her ability to safely drive a motor vehicle."

Locklear was busted September 27.


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I really like Heather. I named my daughter, Amanda, after her character from Melrose Place. It upsets me to see this happening to her.

2168 days ago


Posted at 3:12PM on Nov 17th 2008 by Sencho

You're a retard.

2168 days ago


All of you people commenting on what I said are the stupid ones! I took half a pill of Xanax that was prescribed to me and it was the lowest dosage you could get in the first place. It made me feel so doped up. I never took another one. My doctor prescribed it when I was going through a divorce from a rash I developed supposedly from my nerves. It was not ILLEGAL to drive while on this drug. Yet, I only took a half. Give me a break all you idiots out there. Maybe Heather is too thin to handle the dosage she was prescribed and didn't realize it!!!

2168 days ago


Okay Pamela. My apologies.

2168 days ago


Why should she have to do time? For crying out loud people.....she was taking presciption drugs that were prescribed in her name. Gee, maybe we all need to get doctor's notes to carry in our vehicles showing they were actually prescribed to us. "Yes officer, I am under the influence of Nexium because I have a bad stomach". What are they gonna do, cuff ya? This is total BS!! They are only doing this because she is a celeb and we all know it. How many of you drive under the influence of Xanax or anti-depressants? Yeah, that's what I thought.

2168 days ago

Tangie are a dunce. Pill bottles don't say it is illegal to drive, but if you know you are impaired by anything..... pills, pot, drinking and drive ----- that is illegal. Get it, dunce? No wonder you are divorced!

2168 days ago


yeah now after that cop got caught taking her pic how unprofessional

2168 days ago


It must be really tough to get old in Hollywood.
I always really liked Heather but I saw her in something not too long ago and her face
looked like a plastic mask! She didn't look like a natural beauty anymore.
So sad.
I guess she can't handle it very well.
All the fame and fortune in the world can't make her happy.
Sounds like little Ava has two parents with big problems.

2168 days ago

2% MILK    


2168 days ago


there are some drugs like AMBIEN that seem very harmless but have weird side effectts like sleep walking sleep eating sleep driving and the person never remembers
also other antiy axiety drugs
lets not judge her so quickly you dont know her or her private life., very well be her divorce was extreamly difficult and still is to deal with they had a child together they still have to deal with each other
its none of anyones biz ness.,even if she was abusing them .like no one here has every in there life gotten high or drunk or drunk drove
your just pissed becasue she is famous and thrilled to see her fall. Its not like she has a record of drunk driving.
I only hope she gets better if she is ill or if depressed and sad comes through it because she is a human being and never did a thing to harm any of you has she, its sad when famous people are exploited for being human and how the press laps it up dishes it out and everyone feasts on it
howd you like to be followed around 24 - 7 by a gang of people with cameras and everything you did written about like not wearing make up or sneezing or eating or going through a divorce Imagine the whole world pointing at you and snooping around How screwed up is that

2168 days ago

So much for being a virgin    

This is all denise richards fault..sleeping with Heather's husband richy, that stick ass c**T! let heather be. Love mellrose place

2168 days ago

Jack Yard    

OH Pleeeeez. You people don't really think these celebs have PRESCRIIIPPPTIONSSSS for their vicodin and xanax, klonopin, valium, soma, you??? They PAY crooked doctors to dole out the scrips for MONEY$$$$ or they buy them from "drug store cowboys" OR have their minions do it for them. These, so called, "legal" drugs are damn strong and just as dangerous as the illegal ones. You see just as many celebs in Hollywood hit the wall on Vicodin, Xanax and Oxycontin as you do on Heroine and Coke, and everyone thinks it's OK because it's "LEGAL".....Hey alcohol is LEGAL and it is NOT legal to drive wasted on it. Face it, the chicks FFFFF'd up bad. And according to her so-called "friends" around town, she has been FOR A LOOONG TIME. She is known as a chronic BLAMER who takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for her actions whatsoever. I don't think it is Denise's fault, or Tommy's fault, or Richy's fault......Clearly she is doing it to herself. Admitting you have a problem, Heather, is the first step to recovery. I'll be really surprised if she ever ADMITS she had ANYTHING TO DO WITH her own demise. Maybe Richy snuck in in the middle of the night and shoved the pills down her throat. yeah, that's what happened.

2168 days ago


Diabetics who go low blood sugar don't know until they are acting drunk until they are almost passed out and many other drugs have different effects based on sleep or diet or emotional state.

The prosecuitor who decided to charge her is in for a long ride if she fights the charge but then those guys love having their teeth kicked in AKA Britney proved this. I'm sure this one is going to be fun to watch and read about.

I notice there is no notice about their negotiating with her before the charges but in California this is also part of the OZ legal system. I would have offered her: surender your license until your no longer on the drug for the charges not being filed but in that state common sense is also a chargeable offense.

2168 days ago

Illinois person    

If they're prescription, then I don't get the charge? Did the prescription call for a "not to drive while taking"?

2168 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    


2168 days ago
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