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Heather Locklear

Charged with Crime

11/17/2008 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1113_heather_ex_00-1Heather Locklear has just been charged with one count of driving under the influence of drugs....prescription medications.

No alcohol and no illegal narcotics were found in Heather's system.

Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter tells us they believe the prescription medications found in her system "could have impaired her ability to safely drive a motor vehicle."

Locklear was busted September 27.


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Blair Lexington    

Maybe she should stop feeling sorry for herself and face reality; AARON SPELLING IS DEAD HONEY....Your career is OVER. Boo Hoo. Try working a regular job making in a whole week what you spend on your nails in one hour. Face it America HEATHER LOCKLEAR IS A DRUG ADDICT....prescription or otherwise. Maybe that is why Richey ditched her for her best friend and was doing his personal assistant too. Maybe the assistant wasn't wasted on "legal" drugs all the time. COME CLEAN Heather, admit to your fans how you have been a drunk and a pill addict for YEARS....everyone in Hollywood knows it. Maybe it is time your fans had the truth too.

2131 days ago


Heather is a stupid bitch. One stupid white bitch. When are they going to break that she is pregnant. Bet she had it cut out. Stupid Bitch.

2131 days ago

Blair Lexington    

OHeather: How do you know she is pregnant? I did notice she was looking a little chunky through the middle. She is too old to be pregnant tho isn't she? Wonder who the father is? That will be interesting. If that is the case are you supposed to be taking downers when you are pregnant? I dont think so.

2131 days ago


she's probably abusing her prescription meds! Remember the Hollywood doctors will give their patients anything they want. Hey Heather! Remember what happened to Ana Nicole! Yes, I feel she should do time in jail. If one stinking judge just stands up to one or all of these freaking Hollywood types. Maybe they won't do it anymore. I also, don't believe addiction is a disease. I think the doctors say it so they can make money off of people especially the insurance companies!

2131 days ago


She was acting strangely but at least it is not illegal - what was she taking prescriptions for in the lst place? I beleive you need help at times but don't overdo it.

2131 days ago


The sleazy stalkarazi who called the cops. She's trash and deserves to be locked up with all the crap she's pulled in Hollywood. Looks like Heather was having a bad day. I'm sure jealous Denise Richards is behind this some how. She can't hold a candle to Heather. Glad Charlie is rid of her!

2131 days ago


To Post #15 Par--

You did what!!?! How shallow can you be? "Amanda" was nothing but a coniving, scathing, witch on the TV show. Surely you didn't name your daughter after the character in that way.

2131 days ago


one way to get her back in the spot light, paging Dr Drew!

2131 days ago


Heather is not trash. She has an addiction. That addiction does not make her a bad person, mother, friend. It's a disease. If she had cancer would you make the same comments? Clearly those of you who are making those terrible comments have a lack of education. While I was in law school, I worked as a flight attendant. I dealt with many famous people, Heather was so kind. She could have been a complete bitch. She never was. I had her on my flight five times Stay strong Heather! God Bless!

2131 days ago


Hey 38 she was nice to you because you were bringing her booze. Heather is a loser that needs to just go away. I get tired of these stars one minute wanting and tipping off the media where they are and complaining the next. Heather is a poor example of a human being and she is one step above Anna Nicole but not too far away. My pity goes where it is deserved like the people who lost their homes. Heather could afford a driver but she is too stuck up to think she needs anyone. Have you ever heard of a cab. Her people are a phone call away and could have brought a limo to her rescue. What if she killed someone or worse like the hogan kid. You people who support her really need help. When she is done with her prison time she could make "Chained Heat 2"

2131 days ago


She won't go to jail. She'll probably have her drivers license revoked for a year the same as a drunk driver. Her attorney and handlers will take care of it for her. She'll have to call a cab or car and driver when she wants to go somewhere, but she can afford this. In the mean time, she getting free publicity and in Hollywood, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

2131 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Just another example that you can have fame and fortune but if your not grounded by the belief of faith in a higher power, happiness will always be out of reach. Godless people are more often than not, miserable souls. They will always deny it but the truth is the truth. With her Rock n Roll boyfriends, I doubt she ever gives thanks to anything other than herself.

2131 days ago

George William Gockel    

I really really am madly deeply continuously passionately and romanticly in love with Heather Locklear. I really really love enjoy crave honor cherish respect and obey all of Heather Locklear from head to toe. I really really do care about Heather Locklear. I really really am concerned about Heather Locklear. To see Heather Locklear totally nude is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Heather Locklear. I have a 1st cousin Heather Leigh Gockel-Bucell and she lives near Boston,MA. One day Heather Locklear and I will meet each other. I am a true fan of Heather Locklear. I also am a huge fan of Heather Locklear. I hope that Heather Locklear is found is innocent and not found guilty. If Heather Locklear is found guilty? And I will bail Heather Locklear out of jail.

2131 days ago


Number 40. I feel sorry for you. Ms; Locklear never, not once did she ask for alcohol. She did however bring Mcdonald's on the flight. The last time I checked that doesn't make you a loser. Do yourself a favor and get yourself an education. Read up on addiction. That is, if you can read. From reading your post It's doubtful. I'm sure that TMZ is your limit with regards to literature (literature means actual books) I needed to explain that to you because you are a fool. Just so you know, even trailor trash, such as yourself can go to college.

2131 days ago


Well, if it was prescription or over the counter meds, SHE is a grown lady and should know better. BESIDES folks, think about it, look at how many bigrigs travel the U.S. each day, what percent of those drivers are under the influence of SOMETHING??? Would you rather be in a wreck with a dingy blonde in a LITTLE sportscar or TONS of metal...NOW, COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING SENSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2131 days ago
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